The Healthy Gut Diet Dr Michael Mosley @drmichaelmosley Daily Mail Monday

From the clever guts diet, a set of recipes showing the natural way to lose weight free pull-out in Monday’s Daily Mail.

Middle age can add weight to our bodies and a not so nice increase on the tummy front.

Fasting as in Dr Mosely’s best-selling books can and does have a role, however, did you know that the gut microbes in our digestive system can regulate our body weight, our energy levels, hunger signals we sense and how much our blood sugar spikes?

The recipes included today are:

  • Scrumptious salmon and tomato burgers
  • Healthy homemade granola
  • Raspberry chia jam
  • Classic Greek salad
  • Lamb and sweet stew potato stew
  • Poor man’s potatoes
  • Kashmiri chicken curry
  • Hummus five ways
  • Creamy cashew nut spread

The diet at a glance is included.

Dr Mosley The Healthy Gut Diet @drmichaelmosley Daily Mail Tuesday

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