The Clever Guts Diet Daily Mail Dr Michael Mosley Pull out Friday (@drmichaelmosley)

The final Clever Guts pull out with the Daily Mail by Dr Michael Mosley, on Friday looks at how we make decisions about what to eat.

A radical thought here, quite significant! Who or indeed what makes the decisions of what to eat, do we make that decision consciously or is it a subconscious process? Or is it the millions of neurons in our gut? Is it the microbes in our gut?

Dr Mosley suggests the microbes have more control and influence over us than we ever thought.

Makes one think doesn’t it! (No pun intended here).

Scary to imagine that it may not be our choice – but our microbiome?

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So if we have not so good microbes – does that predispose us to select foods that are in fact bad for our health? If we have good microbes then we crave foods that are healthy?

So the conclusion is that by feeding out gut, healthy gut-friendly foods, we are improving our health, our physical and mental well-being – reducing weight and benefiting in many ways.

Revolutionary – worth reading the book and grasping these concepts if it helps us avoid serious illness for as long as we can.

By the way the book is a fun read and really is full of great research and clear explanations. Dr Mosley has the gift of being an excellent communicator, he is inquisitive about our health and how to improve it… a great read!

Recipes today:

  • Lazy lemon and lime baked chicken
  • Seafood risotto
  • Turkey Bolognese
  • Crab linguine
  • Cheat’s cassoulet
  • Tuna and vegetable stir-fry
  • Anti inflammatory tumeric dressing
  • Cashew dressing
  • Oil and lemon dressing
  • Lemony vinaigrette
  • Hummus dressing

The great thing is the book is now available to buy!!

A large amount of very useful advice, guides and recipes can be found in the very well-written and amusing book – see the links to read more and consider buying the book as a reference volume to keep handy.

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Thanks to Dr Mosley for a great read.. enjoyed it very much!




Curries are a great health food  and can assist the microbiome, see the new books by Atul Kochhar and Dan Toombs for ideas on recipes, different curry powders and ingredients. Use Dr Mosleys approach to select the correct ingredients.

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