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DDP Travel youtube travel videos: Toronto New York Niagara Falls Singapore Dubai Doha Kyoto Stockholm Rostock Quebec

Hello All

Some news – I have opened a #youtube channel DDP Travel.

I have included the links to my new adventure below – some of the places we visit are:

Toronto, New York, Niagara Falls, Singapore, Dubai, Doha, Kyoto, Stockholm, Rostock, Quebec with London, Ireland, Spain and Portugal to follow in 4K in the comming months.

Have a look and like and subscribe to keep up with what will be an exciting set of videos.

1 Toronto Lakeshore Blvd Downtown

99 Art and Soul sculptures

3 New York stunning sunrise

4 Niagara Falls

5 Marina Bay Sands Hotel

6 Doha Qatar

7 Dubai Taxi ride

8 Japan Bullet Train Shinkansen

9 Sweden Islands of Stockholm

10 Cruise port St Petersburg Russia

11 Warnemunde Rostock cruise

12 Cute dog on horse drwan carriage Quebec

We hope you enjoy the videos and our new venture. Once travel gets more widespread again, there will be new videos frequently.

The best travel and experiences – Let’s go!

Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Nation Britain’s 100 favourite Curries UK TV Food episode recipes

Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Nation Britain’s 100 recipes – favourite Curries- the new TV series and cookbook.

Madhur Jaffrey has 30 years of experience of bringing the delights of Indian food to the UK and is very well known as the UK television’s most-loved Indian chef.

For reviews of the new cook book and more information including cost – see Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Nation book offers and reviews of this new cookbook

Also New book – The Chiappa Sisters Simply Italian

TV Series:

Madhur is back with a new TV series for the first time in 17 years and a new cookbook, the new series will be broadcast on the UKTV Good Food Channel at 9.00 pm from Sunday 4 November 2012. It will consist of 10 episodes of 30 minutes each details below. 

The shows main quest is to draw a curry food map of the UK. Read more about Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Nation at the UKTV Food Channel.

Madhur will visit local Indian and South Asian communities and amazing though it seems – Madhur shows how we can taste every type of Indian cuisine without ever leaving the British Isles. From London to Birmingham and Glasgow to Leicester, Madhur will develop a food map of the UK South Asian cuisine that has made its home here.

Series 1 Episode 1 State of the Nation
1/10: Madhur explores the role of curry in modern-day Britain, three decades after alerting the nation to the delights of Indian food.

Broadcast again at 8.00am on Saturday, 17th November on Good Food Channel.

Series 1 Episode 2. Kashmiris in Yorkshire
2/10: Off to the Mirpuri community in Yorkshire where Madhur samples their richly spiced curries.

Broadcast again at 8.30am on Saturday, 17th November on Good Food Channel.

Series 1 – 3. South India
3/10: Madhur explores some of the best south Indian dishes the UK has to offer, with their mix of spice blends and masala.

Broadcast again at 9.00am on Saturday, 17th November on Good Food Channel.

Series 1 – 4. Gujaratis of Leicester
4/10: This time Madhur visits Leicester to explore the culinary history of of Gujaratis in the UK.

Broadcast again at 9.30am on Saturday, 17th November on Good Food Channel.

Series 1 – 5. Bangladeshi
5/10:  The famous food writer explores the diet of Bangladeshi households and enjoys some of their fish dishes.

Broadcast again at 10.00am on Saturday, 17th November on Good Food Channel.

Series 1 – 6. Nepalese/Sunday Lunch
6/10: Madhur an actress and food writer visits Aldershot, home to a community of Nepalese people, where she samples a selection of Himalayan curries.

Broadcast again at 10.30am on Saturday, 17th November on Good Food Channel.

Series 1 – 7. Southall Punjabis
7/10: The presenter heads to London’s Southall, where she meets members of the Punjabi community and samples a selection of Sikh cooking.

Broadcast again at 11.00am on Saturday, 17th November on Good Food Channel.

Series 1 – 8. Punjabis of Scotland
8/10: Our host arrives in Scotland, where she discovers haggis curries in Glasgow, and a cafe selling Punjabi food in Edinburgh.

Broadcast again at 11.30am on Saturday, 17th November on Good Food Channel.

Series 1 – 9. Pakistanis
9/10. Madhur’s tour leads her to try Pakistani food, exploring the community’s love of spiced meats and their tips for a perfect biryani.

Broadcast again at 12.00pm on Saturday, 17th November on Good Food Channel.

Series 1 – 10. The New Generation
10/10: Last episode where Madhur meets with a new generation of young British Indians to examine their culinary preferences and innovations.

Broadcast again at 12.30pm on Saturday, 17th November on Good Food Channel.

The transmission dates are confusing, please check the schedule at UKTV Good Food.

Full details of each episode at the Episode guide at UKTV Food.

Videos for Curry Nation by Madhur Jaffrey:

Recipes from the Curry Nation episodes:

Excellent series that just makes me so hungry!!!


Michela Chiappa CH4 Simply Italian Program 4 recipes and a wedding new book

Simply Italian Program 4 recipes by Michela Chiappa Channel 4: Ravioli in Uovo, Pappardelle, Beetroot Pasta, Tortelli and a wedding

At Home with the Chiappa Sisters: Easy Italian Cooking from the Heart book published now!!!

Fourth episode on the very popular TV series Simply Italian. This week we have Raviolo in Uovo, Pappardelle, Beetroot Pasta and Tortelli. (Clip of Ravioli). In this episode Michela and her sister are getting married. It is a joint wedding and the meal that Michela makes is Wedding Tortelli with Butternut Squash. What more can you ask for – a wedding in Italy…wonderful.

Visit the Channel 4 web site to view the place where Michela was married, Piacenza.

Other articles give advice on an Italian wedding, dress makers and other important information.

Very good series, last one I’m afraid.

The Chiappas watch Food Tube recipes on You Tube

Michela Chiappa Made in Italy: Top 10 Classic Dishes


See a clip of smoked salmon and spinach with pasta, i.e. ravioli with oozy egg and smoked salmon.

No book as yet… read more

Will you be writing a cookbook to accompany the series?
We are going to do a book, but it won’t be ready in time for the series…… see TV Choice magazine

Previous recipes:

See Linguine, Farfalle, Bologne and Ragu recipe on Ch4 scrapbook.

How to cook Ragu, and a visit to many people’s favourite place – Bologna to see specialist pasta. Also, lasagne verdi with walnut and sage pesto.

If you missed the show, follow at 4oD, Simply Italian Series 1 Ep 1 and Simply Italian Series 1 Ep 2  plus Simply Italian Series 1 Ep 3.

Pappardelle with a Gorgeously Rich Ragu from the first progam.

Clip of Tagliatelle with Clams and Cherry Tomatoes from the second progam due 6th August 2012.

Linguine with zesty spring vegetables.

Pasta reale in chicken and chilli broth recipe.

Thomasina Miers Wahaca Mexican food at home

A Mexican cook book – Thomasina Miers – Wahaca that has over 130 recipes from Thomasina Miers (or Tommi) who won Masterchef in 2005, has many exciting and mind blowing recipes. Any cookbook that has lots of avocado excites me! Thomasina went to Mexico when she was 18 and nine years later went back to run a cocktail bar in Mexico City.

Back to London and Thomasina and Mark Selby opened Wahaca as a joint venture. Wahaca is a Mexican food cantina that has sites across the south of Britain, Bluewater, Covent Garden, Canary Wharf, White City and Stratford.

As Tommi explains in the book Mexico is such an exciting and energetic country, with such a variety of foods and produce. 220 types of chilli, 100+ varieties of corn, various herbs and fruits we have never heard of….

We have to thank Mexico for giving us avocado, beans, tomatoes, pumpkins, courgettes, chocolate, vanilla pods….

Her new cook book Wahaca is filled with great new recipes:


Market Food

In the Cantina

  • Soups Salads
  • Lighter Dishes
  • Piatos fuerte
  • Side dishes
  • Puddings


  • Nibbles
  • Drinks
  • Salsas

Thomasina has appeared in a number of  her own tv programs The Wild Gourmets –The Wild Gourmets cook book and the acclaimed Mexican Food made simple Mexican Food made simple cook book made simple episode oneepisode twoepisode threeepisode fourepisode fiveepisode sixepisode sevenepisode eight. Broadcast Aug 2011.

Read news from Tommi on her website.

Tommi Miers recipes on Channel 4 from her Wild Gourmets series.

Thomasina Miers Cook – her original cook book.

Nigellissima and tv shows coming soon…..

Cookbooks and kitchen products for our friends in the USA