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DDP Travel youtube travel videos: Toronto New York Niagara Falls Singapore Dubai Doha Kyoto Stockholm Rostock Quebec

Hello All

Some news – I have opened a #youtube channel DDP Travel.

I have included the links to my new adventure below – some of the places we visit are:

Toronto, New York, Niagara Falls, Singapore, Dubai, Doha, Kyoto, Stockholm, Rostock, Quebec with London, Ireland, Spain and Portugal to follow in 4K in the comming months.

Have a look and like and subscribe to keep up with what will be an exciting set of videos.

1 Toronto Lakeshore Blvd Downtown

99 Art and Soul sculptures

3 New York stunning sunrise

4 Niagara Falls

5 Marina Bay Sands Hotel

6 Doha Qatar

7 Dubai Taxi ride

8 Japan Bullet Train Shinkansen

9 Sweden Islands of Stockholm

10 Cruise port St Petersburg Russia

11 Warnemunde Rostock cruise

12 Cute dog on horse drwan carriage Quebec

We hope you enjoy the videos and our new venture. Once travel gets more widespread again, there will be new videos frequently.

The best travel and experiences – Let’s go!

Ken Hom Ching He Huang Program Four 8.00 BBC2 Exploring China

Ken Hom Ching He Huang Program Four 8.00 BBC2 Exploring China – A Culinary Adventure: 100 recipes from our journey.

To night Ken Hom and Ching He Huang Exploring China a Culinary Adventure 8.00pm BBC2 in the final episode of the show when they visit their family connections.
They start off in Guangzhou, birthplace of Cantonese cuisine, sample Dim Sum.
Ken goes to Hong Kong and cooks for relatives he hasn’t seen for 23 years. Ching goes across the Taiwan strait toTaiwan and ending with a final meal in Hong Kong.

The fine book to go with the TV series…..

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Program Four review:

China is home to one in five of the world’s population… wow!! So on this final program Ching and Ken go to Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Taiwan….

Amazing quality of video in HD – such wonderful colours… captures the beauty of China so well.

Ken goes back to his parents home.. Guangdong and family not seen for 23 years. His parents left China for the US and left Guangdong, the home of South China’s largest sea food market. The variety of fish and other sea creatures available is stunning – they are alive and fresh. Not for the faint of heart let me add. Hard to watch.

Cooking scallops is demonstrated by Ken. Ching cooks a stir fry and it is unusual for a woman to be seen in the kitchens cooking.

A famous Cantonese food is Dim Sum so off to a restaurant to sample the authentic Dim Sum. Lotus leaves stuffed with sticky rice… drinking tea goes with Dim Sum and is a tradition.

Ken cooks sweet and sour pork and goes to a market to buy fresh food. Mangosteens and pork. Off to cook for Mrs Lau and many neighbours. The peace and availability of food is discussed and how the level of happiness has improved over the years. The feeling is that they haven’t ever had it so good.

Ching takes advice on an energy boosting tonic from a gynaecologist. In an interesting mix of old and new treatments. Gogi berries, angelica. A chicken broth is made.

Ken shows Ching Cantonese opera.. some performances are shown at restaurants.

Then Ching heads home to Taiwan 112 miles off the coast of China. Her parents left Taiwan and settled in London. Baihe village is home for her grandfather. Emotional to meet him again after her grandmother passed. Ching will cook for the family.

Ken’s relatives set up a restaurant and he goes to meet with them. They go to see the family ancestral village and where they worked in the rice paddy fields. Life was very hard then and the Chinese people are grateful for the benefits they experience today.

A clean up of the graves of his family, some interesting traditions. Then a family meal.

Very touching – particularly how Ken’s mother and father met, the loss of his father at a very young age…..

Yet the optimism they all share….

Then HONG KONG…. for a final dinner Ching and Ken together, looking at the harbour.. at night – wonderful. Reflections on their trip – how China has developed – new freedoms.

We learned how in cooking for someone – you give of yourself. We can learn alot about life, food, sharing, culture, family and cooking.

Cooking can heal us, bring us together and allows us to share…
Thanks to Ching and Ken for a real and honest program.
Watch the first program on BBC iplayer, Ken Hom and Ching He Huang Exploring China program 1, the second program Exploring China program 2 and the third program Ken and Ching Exploring China program 3.

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