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Shona Vertue: The Vertue Method A Stronger Fitter Healthier You in 28 Days

The Vertue Method by Shona Vertue @shonavertue is a new approach, bringing together key components that unite to build a healthy mind and body as featured on This Morning @thismorning

A new book from the accomplished yoga teacher and personal trainer, Shona Vertue -brings a holistic view to health and fitness and the achievement of a new you.

“Shona changed my perspective on Yoga. Working with her made my aches and pains after playing disappear.” David Beckham

Change physically and mentally for a better life by following three key principles – lifting, lengthening and nourishing body and mind. Follow the links to Shona’s website and You Tube for more information while we wait for the book.

To order Shona’s new book – please review The Vertue Method: A stronger, fitter, healthier you – in 28 days the book is now published.

The new book provides:

  • a 28 day food and fitness plan
  • separate workouts for beginners and advanced movers
  • exercises based only a kettle bell and resistance band
  • a flexibility and mobility guides
  • a food plan to match the program.


The Vertue Method: A stronger, fitter, healthier you – in 28 days: Shona’s video to give you more information on what to expect from the Vertue Method book and a summary of what to expect.

A good butt workout, see an example of how to use the resistance bands and a kettle bell: Shona’s butt workout on RED


Shona Vertue on Instagram: Shona Vertue (@shona_vertue) • Instagram photos and videos


Shona Vertue on Twitter: Shona Vertue (@ShonaVertue) · Twitter


Shona Vertue on Vimeo: Watch Shona Vertue – The Vertue Method Online



Some additional health and exercise books currently showing promise:

Tom Kerridge’s Dopamine Diet: My low-carb, stay-happy way to lose weight

The Bikini Body 28-Day Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Guide: 200 Recipes, Weekly Menus, 4-Week Workout Plan

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Stanley Tucci This Morning The Tucci Cookbook Family, Friends and Food

As seen on This Morning ITV, Stanley Tucci the famous Hollywood actor with roles in The Devil Wears Prada, The Hunger Games and The Lovely Bones. Also, the foodie films of Big Night and Julie & Julia – and today the Emmy award-winning actor Stanley Tucci cooks up a wizz in the kitchen with his beef rolls.

Recipe for Beef Rolls by Stanley Tucci.

His new cook book by Stanley, Joan and Stan – a family affair, is called The Tucci Cookbook: Family, Friends and Food, click for reviews and offers.

As they say  “Most of the world eats to live, but Italians live to eat.”

In this wonderful book, Stanley Tucci  presents just under 200 recipes and the wines are paired as well.

Recipes include:

  • Venetian Seafood Salad
  • Lasagna with Polenta and Gorgonzola Cheese
  • Spaghetti with Tomato and Tuna
  • Pork Tenderloin with Fennel and Rosemary
  • Roast Duck with Fresh Figs
  • Baked Whole Fish in an Aromatic Salt Crust
  • Eggplant and Zucchini Casserole with Potatoes
  • buttery Plum and Polenta Cake
  • Timpano

Featuring nearly 200 irresistible recipes, perfectly paired with delicious wines, The Tucci Cookbook is brimming with robust flavors, beloved Italian traditions, mouthwatering photographs, and engaging, previously untold stories from the family’s kitchen.

Cooking, eating and enjoying food is definitely a family affair!

Hairy Bikers Dieters – How to love food and lose weight + recipes – What is in the cook book?

The Hairy Dieters – How to Love Food and Lose Weight – REPEATED on BBC1 Wed 2 Jan and Thurs 3 Jan 2013

OK So after an enjoyable set of TV episodes -what is in the book and what are typical recipes? I really think this is a brave thing for the Bikers to do and a very good programme series. What strikes me is when Si and Dave are told about what their extra weight is doing to them. They are startled by the revelations of the Doctor and dietician. How overwieght they are, how much fat they carry and what this means for their health and longevity. A reality check for them, it leads me to ask – what about me?

To read additional reviews of the new cook book and best buy offers see,  The Hairy Dieters: How to Love Food and Lose Weight and for Kindle versions see The Hairy Dieters: How to Love Food and Lose Weight Kindle download edition.

NEW: The Hairy Bikers’ Great Curries cook book

So here follows a summary of the contents of the book:

Dave Myers and Si King have been very clever in approaching this issue and from their perspective and for their health’s sake, it is vital they change their diet and loose weight.

But the guiding principle is to still maintain their love of food. Retain flavour and texture, but reduce the calories. Not hard to do for one or two meals, but difficult to re-adjust to a life time of proper eating – it takes will power. As we eat more we seem to need more!

Book Contents: the new book has sections on each of:

  • Breakfasts, Brunch
  • One-pan dishes
  • grills
  • roasts
  • pies
  • stews
  • vegetables
  • salads
  • pasta
  • rice
  • puddings
  • cakes
  • lunch boxes
  • snacks

So based on altering our meal content to reduce the total calories there is plenty of scope for us to amend any one of our meals. Nice ideas on how to replace ‘heavy’ i.e. calorific high ingredients with alternatives helps. Taste and texture do not suffer!

The guys give us a guide as to how to begin and advice on how to go about this change in eating that will help reduce weight and lower the intake of calories.

What about cranberry and almond muesli for breakfast? Or fruit compote with granola?

A lot of the changes require us to take control of what goes into our food and we will need to make some of these items from the basic ingredients. It will be a little more time consuming, but like everything in life it will be worth the extra effort.

Hard lesson: We take responsibility for our own relationship with food and realise what needs to be done before it is too late. We see the health dangers in others and we can try and change now – even if only in a small way.

So how about golden vegetable soup or salmon with ginger chilli sauce?

Some recipes include:

Overall a good and encouraging book, that tackles a difficult topic amongst us all. There is a sensitive spot in each one when it comes to what we eat and our weight, even our appearance. But there are benefits to be had by eating good but low fat – low calorie food. What about a longer and healthier life – for a start? Feeling better each day, better relationships….
Si and Dave are to be commended for taking on what should be counter to their thinking as cooks?

See previous blog:  The Hairy Dieters – How To Love Food And Lose Weight recipe links from the new cookbook  – for some additional recipes

The Hairy Dieters How to love food paperback ….

Remember the new Hairy Bikers Mississippi adventure!!

Highly recommended…for good lean food… I like this book very much….

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The Hairy Dieters – How To Love Food And Lose Weight recipe links from the new cookbook

BBC2 New Series – The Hairy Dieters: How To Love Food And Lose Weight with recipe links

Well over the past few series of Si (Simon King) and Dave’s (David Meyers) cooking shows, we have noticed a little bit of weight being added on – each episode…. The boys have recognised the need for change but will not compromise the quality of what they eat. The boys have adopted a no sacrifice of taste and quality to their recipes. Yet still have reduced the fat and calories… a timely warning of improper eating and the benefits of eating properly. We will enjoy four programs in the series.

To read additional reviews of the new cook book – The Hairy Dieters: How to Love Food and Lose Weight and for Kindle versions see The Hairy Dieters: How to Love Food and Lose Weight Kindle download edition.

NEW: The Hairy Bikers’ Great Curries cook book

We all want to live a bit longer and have good health so is it time to pay attention to what we eat…absolutely?

So the Hairy Bikers return to help Britain loose weight yet let us still enjoy cooking and our food. Watch a clip (while available) on the boys on ITV’s This Morning with Ruth and Eamon Holmes where they rustle up a lemony lamb kebabs and fruity rice salad.

Hairy Dieters recipes include:

Book offer from Amazon with post free option…

So what is in the Hairy Dieters lose weight book? Click to see some information about the Hairy Dieters Love Food and Lose weight book.

See Woman and Home for more Hairy Dieter’s recipes:

Follow the guys on BBC2,  follow Hairy Dieters via this link and the first episode started 20:00 Thursday 2nd August 2012, recipe links from BBC Food:

Program 1 of 4 review Thurs 2 Aug 2012 9.30pm  (blog review of TV show)

Program 2 of 4 review Thurs 9 Aug 2012 (blog review of TV show)

Program 3 of 4 review Thurs 16 Aug 2012  (blog review of TV show)

Program 4 of 4 review Thurs 23 Aug 2012  (blog review of TV show)

See the Hairy Bikers on their own website and information about their appearance on the One Show, BBC1.

The Hairy Dieters introduce their new book on You Tube.


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Magazines are a great way to keep in touch with all the developments in recipes, travel, ingredients and TV shows.
Consider, Olive, Good Food and EASY cook – each has wonderful recipes and chef specials –