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The Sourdough School: Sweet Baking: Nourishing the gut & the mind Hardcover published 3 Sept. 2020

The Sourdough School: Sweet Baking: Nourishing the gut & the mind Hardcover – 3 Sept. 2020 by Vanessa Kimbell

Healthy food, the key to a positive life and at its base should be good bread. Many benefits accrue to sourdough bread. The process of preparing sourdough involves a slow fermentation process. This in turn creates a healthier and lighter dough that is easier to digest. Personally I find this to be the case.

So this process can be applied to a range of breads, tarts, biscuits and others. They can all be made with sourdough. In Vanessa Kimbell’s new book you will find many recipes that will provide for for nourishing the gut but will also improve your mood.

In Vanessa’s book, you will use a variety of flours, including chestnut, spelt and einkorn, as well as blends you can make up. There is a wide variety of options including cakes, tarts and biscuits, to doughnuts, brioche and pretzels.

It is impossible to read this book without wanting to scuttle off into the kitchen.’ Nigella Lawson

Do you want to bake:

Morello Cherry Shortbread,

Chocolate, Tangerine & Pistachio Cakes,

Carrot & Walnut Cake, Doughnuts


Chocolate, Almond & Hazelnut Spread

Sourdough Vanilla Ice Cream?

The basis for the health benefits based upon gut microbiome considerations, are expained by Vanessa when she considers the health benefits of having diversity in your diet to the amazing work of enzymes.

A fundamental connection between our food, gut microbiome and the potential impact on our mental health. New studies are unveiling links between the microorganisms in our gut and our mood and behaviour, and Vanessa is at the forefront of this research.

‘Britain’s queen of sourdough.’ – Telegraph

‘Vanessa Kimbell wants to change the bread we eat, one loaf at a time. She’s the real deal: a total inspiration.’ – Diana Henry

Just five years ago if someone said to you that they were writing a book about sourdough bread and mental health you would have thought they needed psychiatric help. Today nobody is laughing as the latest science tells us that microbes are the key link between food and the health of our mind and bodies.’ – Tim Spector, author of The Diet Myth

To buy the book, see Amazon: (we receive a small remuneration if you choose to purchase)
The Sourdough School: Sweet Baking: Nourishing the gut & the mind

Ultimate Home Cooking recipes with Mail on Sunday 1 Sept 2013

Free in YOU magazine with Mail on Sunday 1 September 2013 Gordon on Toast, family freindly recipestaken from the NEW cookbook Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Home Cooking.

Recipes to tempt us:

The new 20 part television series begins September 2013 on channel 4.

A selection of family suppers in You magazine – taken from his new cookbook Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Home Cooking.

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Paul Hollywod’s Bread free 40 page booklet in Daily Telegraph 16 + 17 March

The Daily Telegraph presents two 40 page booklets this weekend, 16 and 17 March 2013 from his new series and book Paul Hollywod’s Bread.

Bread, desserts and pastries – baking made easy – we are guided by Paul Hollywood and his encouraging approach.

Booklet One: Saturday 16 March

Cob loaf and barm cakes, olive sticks, breakfast rolls. Danish pastries and savoury pastry.

Booklet Two: Sunday 17 March

Cottage rolls, brioche and sourdough. Wonderful croissants.

To read  more about Paul Hollywood’s Bread booklets.

See more about the new TV series Paul Hollywood’s Bread – new cookbook + TV series 8.30pm BBC2 18 March 2013 episode guide

Previous Daily Telegraph free Paul Hollywood booklets and cards  October 2012.

Baking becomes a family event and is exciting and evocative!

To read reviews in the US see Paul Hollywoods Bread US and for Canada Paul Hollywood’s Bread in Canada

Paul Hollywood’s Bread – cookbook and TV series 8.30pm BBC2 2013 episode guide

Paul Hollywood’s Bread

TV series started Monday 18 March 2013 with new book


Paul’s Bread TV series started 18 March at 7.30pm and consists of six episodes.

Use labelled links below for recipes and video clips from that episode.

We all find baking home made bread difficult and perhaps don’t have the time. So Britain’s favourite Master Baker, Paul Hollywood, is on a mission to share his passion for baking bread in this new series. Over six episodes Paul will reveal the secrets of breads from all over the world and how to transform bread into a grand accompaniment to a meal at any time of the day.

Read more about the baking cookbook that guides us through the series from Paul Hollywood, Paul Hollywood’s Bread. The new book was published 14 February 2013. A guide to baking many different types of bread -foolproof recipes and step by step guides. To read reviews in the US see Paul Hollywoods Bread US and for Canada Paul Hollywood’s Bread in Canada

Recipes for:

  • basic white bloomer -a savoury picnic loaf
  • stilton and bacon rolls -with celery soup; fluffy crumpets -the base for eggs Benedict
  • spinach doss – and chickpea masala; ciabatta, panzanella
  • pizza bases – use in fig, Parma ham and Gorgonzola pizzas
  • white chocolate and raspberry bread – for summer pudding

Free Paul Hollywood’s Bread booklets with Daily Telegraph March 2013

The son of a baker, The Great British Bake Off featured Paul Hollywood excelled as a judge alongside Mary Berry. He has worked as Head Baker at exclusive hotels including Cliveden and the Dorchester and is the genius behind The Paul Hollywood Artisan Bread Company, which now supplies Harrods among others. www.paulhollywood.com

Episode One: Classic Bread – Monday 18 March 2013 8.30pm BBC2
Click link for recipes, video and replays

Paul explains the basics of bread making by making a classic white bloomer, a crusty everyday bread that he changes into the perfect portable lunch. A colourful roasted vegetable picnic loaf.

We see British bread making from farm to miller, brewer and baker and Paul bakes his ultimate ploughman’s loaf, a rye, oat and ale round.

Tea is Paul’s honey glazed, fruit-packed malt loaf. Family dinner is a medieval-style rye and wholemeal trencher.

Episode Two: Flat Bread

Flat breads are simple, using cornflour and water, Paul makes authentic corn tortilla He add spicy roast chicken, guacamole and sour cream.

Followed by a Middle Eastern maneesh – dipped in baba ganoush.

Paul then bakes a traditional wafer thin Indian lentil dosa and a giant Caribbean supersize flat bread.

Looking to Cyprus, Paul shares his recipe for nigella scented pittas stuffed with pork souvlaki.

Episode Three: Continental Breads

Paul bakes a classic baguette and then turns it into the ultimate roasted garlic bread.

A crusty ciabatta is perfect for a panzanella salad.

How to bake crunchy biscotti that how to bake your own pizza? Paul shares his tossing tips and a delicious fig, ham and gorgonzola topping.

Episode Four: Sourdough Bread

Sourdough and Paul explains how to cultivate a sourdough starter, harnessing natural yeasts to leaven your bread.

A classic sourdough to the ultimate sweet bread, a white chocolate and raspberry sourdough and a fruit packed summer pudding.

A tuna nicoise salad with tapenade and a leaf shaped sourdough fougasse with olives.

Episode Five: Soda Bread

No kneading, no proving – just mix, shape and bake. Paul’s wholemeal soda bread topped with a cheese Irish rarebit is easy to make and also a full flavoured stout bread with smoked salmon pate.

What about home made crumpets on the griddle? A simple scone recipe to change a stew into hearty, fragrant beef cobbler

Episode Six: Enriched Bread

Paul show how to cook a Sicilian lemon and orange bread with a sweet almond glaze and goes on to teach a local baking club how to bake Lardy cake.

Then the wonders of Danish pastries how to make onion and mushroom swirls. But the best of all is Paul’s savoury brioche crown, with molten mozzarella and parma ham – topped with a spicy pumpkin salad.

Recipes by Paul Hollywood