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With the Sun Jamie Oliver Save with Jamie free recipes

Save with Jamie, Shop smart, Cook clever, Waste less – Money saving meals a new cook book by Jamie Oliver is published 29 August 2013. The Sun is currently offering recipe cards free each day, with recipes taken from the new book Save with Jamie.

Read about Save with Jamie: Shop Smart, Cook Clever, Waste Less at Amazon.

Example recipes:

  • Hit n run chicken
  • Sicilian squashand chickpea stew
  • Spiced beef tagine
  • Sweet pea fish pie
  • BBQ Bakedbeans, smashed sweet potatoes
  • Cypriot lamb kebabs
  • Sausage panzanella
  • Carbonara of smoked mackerel

The new TV series Money saving meals begins on channel 4 at 8.00 pm, Monday September 2, 2013.

We will provide commentary as the show progresses.

Details of program 1/6 Program One Nutritious meals on a budget for £1.80

Details of program 2/6 Program Two Jamie’s money saving meals for £1.30

Read about the new book Jamie Oliver – Save with Jamie shop smart cook clever waste less cookbook TV recipes in a previous blog.

Jamie Oliver cookbooks 

Nigellissima – An Italian Christmas Monday December 17 BBC2: 8.00 pm recipes

Nigellissima – An Italian Christmas recipes and links – Monday December 17 BBC2 and BBC HD: 8.00 pm 

***   The Taste with Nigella Lawson UK CH4 9pm 7 Jan 2014

The inspired Italian Christmas by Nigella, in tonight’s Christmas special when she throws a Nigellissima buffet party inspired by Venice.

It is off to the magical city of Venice to soak up the atmosphere and gain inspiration for dishes for a Christmas party with her Italian twist. It is a hard life for Nigella!

The book Nigellissima is wonderful, read about Nigellissima  – reviews and book information.

Returning home she creates a tasty buffet, including a Venetian cocktail with canapes that include Parmesan shortbreads and panettone stuffing squares.

Recipes include a crisp radicchio  “Renaissance salad”, Nigella’s Italian take on the traditional roast bird is to use turkey breast stuffing made from Italian sausages and cranberries steeped in Marsala and desserts include a marshmallow cappuccino pavlova using espresso powder and a Christmas pudding cake adorned with chocolate chips and pomegranate seeds.

Watch again Wed 19 Dec 11.20 pm BBC HD and Sat 22 Dec 3.00 pm BBC2.

Watch on BBC iPlayer.

Video recipes:

Previous Nigellissima episode guides:

Books and cookware:


Bill Granger Easy

Bill Granger Easy and 10 free recipes

100 strong and laidback recipes from the easy going chef, Bill Granger. View details of the book – Bill Granger Easy. Also a free Kindle edition Discover Bill Granger: 10 Delicious, Taster Recipes from ‘Easy’.

The most important comment made by Bill in his introduction – relates to the fast pace of life – yet the need for relationships – and how food and cooking can bring these seemingly incompatable environments together in a wonderful and meaningful way.

The essesnce of this blog is to help promote family time together, cooking, baking and eating. So we agree whole heartedly with these sentiments.

The cookbook is subdivided into food type -sections, piece of chicken, slab of steak, leg of lamb etc.

Within each section Bill provides a number of recipes that can be prepared from the food type.

Fish as a type can be cooked as –

  • baked fish with capers, potatoes and lemon
  • Spanish fish stew
  • yellow fish curry and cocnut rice
  • pan fried salmon with cucumber and lemon salsa
  • chunky fishcakes

An interesting approach that allows a cook to return to each food type from time to time, but a different style of recipe can be selected and prepared.

The cookbook is beautifully presented with amazing photography!

Comfort food with sausages, pastas, sphagetti, salads with chorizo, cumin and tomato rice.. wonderful fresh, healthy and the best of different countries, sometimes mixed – but always inventive.


Jamie Oliver Recipe Cards Daily Mail July 2012

NEW October 2012 Jamie’s 15 Minute meals TV series information

Jamie’s Daily Mail recipe cards included –

Sunday: Black and blushing Worcestershire fillet and Jamie’s favourite salad

Monday: Barbecue chicken thighs, grilled halloumi & apricot salad

Tuesday: Gnarly sausages with lentils and salsa rossa

Wednesday: Spicy BBQ pork with chilli-fried onion rings and BBQ spring vegetables

Thursday: Lovely lamb skewers and raspberry ripple ice cream

Friday: Lemon sole with a fiery kick and a strawberry fizz

Saturday: The ultimate pork belly sarnie and frozen yoghurt layer cake

Read more: Jamie Oliver Recipe cards Daily Mail July 2012

Try Jamie’s website for the BBQ recipes.

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