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Jamie Oliver Everyday super food review TV series and book

New July 2016 – Jamie cookbook – Jamie’s Super Food Family Classics

From Jamie Oliver at last some really Everyday Super Food in Jamie’s new cookbook where there are loads of healthy recipes – with the super foods already included!! Read the cook book review of what is in fact Jamie’s guide to improving Men and Women’s health.

Based on recipes that you can enjoy everyday but more than that – a lifestyle change!!!

Are we listening to the advice from Jamie? This is potentially a book that can change our lives. Overall excellent!

Best selling cookbooks now

After reading – I recommend this new book from Jamie Oliver – Everyday Super Food.


Because of the very thorough work by Jamie and what this book can do for us all. We follow the recipes – Jamie has used his skills and knowledge to design super food recipes that stills tastes fabulous but packs in all that goodness that our bodies need.

To see more about the book and how much it costs to order – click the image for our best half-price offer:

Notice the clever play on words, Superfood meaning those foods that have super-charged nutrition and Super Food relating to the tasty and delicious conconctions Jamie has developed…………..

While reading all the new ‘stuff’ from our stars, celebrities and chefs I know there is justification for watching what we eat.

Cut back sugar, select the correct fat, watch for gluten free foods, sort out your gut get your microbiome under control. There are many of us who need to watch our diet.

A major concern is of course diabetes and we don’t seem to know how to avoid this major health concern.

All these new ideas are based on studies that are trying to contribute to the furthering of our knowledge about what we are – what we eat and how what we eat affects us and our bodies.

Good food, that is nutritious – do we have the time to be aware of all these factors?

So what is in the book? I have my copy now – note publication is on 27 August 2015.

The book is, as usual, beautifully produced. Great pictures.

There are sections on Breakfast, Lunch,  Dinner,  Snacks and Drinks.

Jamie has a section explaining his study for a nutrition diploma. He has consulted with all the experts and studied current knowledge about health, nutrition and wellbeing.

Recipes include dairy-free, gluten free and vegan.

See list of sample recipes below.

His guidance is distilled down into the changes we can make, some small and the new habits we could take on board.

Jamie discusses the food groups, what they are and the portions that we should eat. Calories, fat and sugar and their daily limits are given. The recipes in the book are all structured to show the calories,  fat, saturated fat, protein, carbohydrates, sugar, fibre and cooking time.

Each foodgroup is then discussed in detail and the quality and quantity of each that we need. For example carbs, fats – what is good – what is bad.

How do so many of the Greeks in Ikaria live to 90 with great healthy lives?

Simply – by every day – eating wonderful and natural food.

Milk and it’s benefits – healthy alternatives!

The liquid we all need and the effects of alcohol.

Jamie gives a guide to shopping and the way to make good choices.

Another very important factor is sleep! I would suggest we ignore a good night’s sleep at our peril. Try a week of seven and a half hours sleep and see the benefits.

There is an app that can help if we are serious about our bodies our lives and feeling well.


  • Baked eggs in popped beans
  • Granola dust
  • Poached egg smashed avocado
  • Smoothie Pancakes
  • Mexican pan-cooked breakfast
  • Black rice pudding
  • Fig banana bread
  • Silken omelette
  • Fruit pots
  • Protein porridge
  • Vegeree
  • Fruit soups
  • Harisa waffles
  • Rye soda
  • Perfect porridge
  • Popovers
  • Berry egg bread
  • Wrap salad and beans
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Tortillas
  • Oats and fruit
  • Potato muffins
  • Bombay Chicken and cauli, poppadoms, rice and spinach
  • Grilled corn and quinoa salad, mango, tomatoes, herbs, avo and feta
  • Lemon sole and olive sauce, sweetcourgettes and Jersey royals
  • Super-protein loaf, wheat free gluten free and tasty
  • Seared tuna, Sicilian couscous and greens
  • Fro-yo fun fruit, yoghurt, nuts and seeds
  • Ripe banana and brown bread Fro-yo
  • Mango, lime and ginger Fro-yo
  • Berry and brown bread Fro-yo
  • Strawberry balsamaic and basil Fro-yo

Jamie will help by providing a series of recipies in the new book with the superfoods built in and he really has some lovely, healthy and easy to rustle up recipes.

Jamie’s (see a link to the new book) Everyday Super Food makes eating well exciting, delicious, easy and fun.

Find Jamie’s new book in your country………….

Again Jamie is aware of our busy lives and lack of free time, so no matter how busy you are, this new book is designed to provide us with healthy eating solutions the Jamie. He has designed a way that is both straightforward and achievable, making it super easy to choose and make exactly the kind of meals that suit you.

You know, Jamie’s heart is certainly in the right place, his concern for our potential to become overweight and trend to ill health is not misplaced. He does make alot of money – yes- but Jamie is in the position of being able to help influence people and he is trying hard to get the healthy message across. An honest approach that I think gives Jamie the grounds for some attention and respect.

Amazon Book Review:

“The book is divided into breakfasts, lunches and dinners, and every tasty meal is nutritionally balanced so that any combination over the day will bring you in under your recommended daily allowance of calories, allowing you to enjoy snacks and drinks on the side. You can eat Smoothie Pancakes with Berries, Banana, Yoghurt and Nuts for breakfast, Tasty Fish Tacos with Game-Changing Kiwi, Lime and Chilli Salsa for lunch and Griddled Steak and Peppers with Herby-Jewelled Tabbouleh Rice for dinner, and still be healthy! Whether you dip in and out of it, eat from the book Monday to Friday or use it faithfully every day for a month, it’s totally up to you.

In Everyday Super Food, Jamie’s done all the hard work for you – all you need to do is choose a delicious recipe, cook it up and, most importantly, enjoy it.

Every meal in this book is a good choice and will bring you a step closer to a healthier, happier you.”

I suppose this is a plea for us to be careful about what we eat. Does it not make sense that the food that we eat – its quality, its component constituents and their efficiacy – our sleep and generally how we take care of our selves will affect our bodies gradually each day? All adding up to wear and tear over the weeks and years.

If we maximise the care and attention we give to our food and to our bodies, sleep and relaxation, then should we expect to live longer and perhaps have a better quality of life?

Or can we really eat anything and not be affected?

To read more and see the new book visit Everyday Super Food and see full details.

See Jamie on This Morning here!

His new approach to eating, is very helpful and the new book Super Food is a great guide to the new healthy way of eating….

Sea Bass recipe

Jamie Oliver Super food every day

The accompanying TV program has started see Channel 4 watch Jamie Superfood – Squash Daal with Fried Egg, and Griddled steak Episode 1

Supplementing your diet is one thing, however getting these health providing foods is sooo much better….  Jamie’s recipes include nuts, seeds, greens, coloured veg and minimal fruit, examples of gluten free, wheat free choices and low in sugar and only healthy fats.

Try looking after yourself, eat well, keep fit, keep active and most of all get 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Better moods, memory, perfomance are all possible examples of good nutrition.

Hopefully we can assist our body to will retain as long as possible the youthful health that we all had? Keep well and change your life.

More blog articles about Jamie oliver and Jamie’s 15 Minute meals recipes

The book is pubished by Penguin press £26.00: read a brief synopsis of Jamie Oliver Everyday Super food at Penguin press.

Some links for the latest healthy cooking ideas:

Cookbook store for all types of books on cooking

Some new approaches to healthy eating:

Lorraine Pascal Eating Well Made Easy published 27 August 2015

Simply Nigella Feel Good Food published 8 Oct 2015

Rick Stein From Venice to Istanbul published 30 Jul 2015


The sugar detox Daily Mail Saturday 18 Jan 2014

The new advice on how to reduce sugar in your diet, lower your weight and improve health.

The sugar detox – in the Saturday edition of the Daily Mail the 18 January 2014, by Dr Brooke Alpert:

The theory is that sugar is much more harmful than we think, perhaps there is too much sugar in our diets. It is in fruit, many drinks and added to the foods we eat. Each day as we eat the amount of sugar adds up and it is the overall total that is the problem.

The new series in the Daily Mail all week summarises the book by Dr Alpert and outlines the dangers of too much sugar and the action we can take. It is in fact a detox – as we crave sugary foods and need to re educate our bodies to do without or do with a lot less.

There are recipes to help you detox, with a wonderful detox rice pudding.

There is a book available called The Sugar Detox: Lose Weight, Feel Great and Look Years Younger by Dr Brooke Alpert and Patricia Farris.

Starchy foods also present a problem, so a full inventory or check or what we buy and eat is necessary.

Combined with a 5:2 diet, we could be onto the secret of much better health and a longer life.

Sarah Wilson I quit Sugar cookbook review blog read more from the Daily Mail on sugar and detoxifying and how Sarah Wilson changed her diet and her life:

Roll back the years with The Sugar Detox by Brooke Alpert  in Daily Mail with a recipe for a DIY moisturising antioxidant mask.

See the 5:2 diet in You magazine

The Official 5:2 fast diet Mimi Spencer in Mail you mag 19 Jan 2014

A question – of all the people who you know and have lived to a really old age, how thin were they?


The Hairy Bikers’ Great Curries cook book review recipes

The Hairy Bikers – The Hairy Bikers’ Great Curries
The one-stop cookbook for the best curries, rice, breads and chutneys you’ve ever tasted by Si King and Dave Myers.

The new cookbook from the Hairy Bikers. This is a big book and full of excellent curry recipes, including help and advice on how to make a great curry. Just published 28 February 2013 from Si and Dave.

To read reviews and comments see The Hairy Bikers’ Great Curries

The amazing curry is the favourite British food – from a Korma to a lamb biryani.

The new book is a large and heavy book at 384 pages, with high quality pictures of the recipes.


This a good value cookbook and I think this is a book that everyone will like and want to keep handy in the kitchen.

Contents – the Hairy Bikers Great Curry book :

Starters and snacks – includes pakoras and so much more including tikkas. An amazing 40 pages of starter recipes.

Light curries – masalas, kormas and coconut curries.

Chicken curry – tandoori, jalfrezi, masala.

Fish and shellfish– mussels, crab, prawns.

Lamb beef and pork – biryani, koftas, balti.

Vegetable – coconut, paneer, pad Thai.

Cooking curry for a large number of people.

The different side dishes – Saab Aloo, potato dishes.

Breads – chapatis, Naan bread, puris.

Types of rice – basmati, pilau, rice and peas.

Pickles, chutneys

Choices of sweet dishes

The fundamentals of a curry, spices chillies, leaves, garlic, ginger and more.

How a beer can make a curry special.

Meal suggestions.

An awesome book – sure to become an iconic reference text!

Read reviews and comments in the UK The Hairy Bikers’ Great Curries and buy post fee for £10.

In the USA Hairy Bikers Great Curries click and read more, see best prices.

In Canada The Hairy Bikers’ Great Curries

More comments about Great Curries:

As Si and Dave show us – a curry can be a superbly fragrant dish, with delicate flavours  and the Hairy Bikers show us how to cook delicious, authentic curries.

In the book, Si and Dave cook many brand-new recipes from around the world.

Recipes are developed with the tips, techniques and secrets Si and Dave have discovered on their travels in Asia as well as years of cooking curries themselves.

There is a run of new curry books just published by well known chefs.

Atul Kochar, Rick Stein, Madhur Jaffrey and the Hairy Bikers.

All great chefs – so it will be very interesting to compare recipes and cookbooks.

Super seasonal offers from Amazon
Hairy Bikers Dieters £7.00 – How to love food and lose weight + recipes – What is in the cook book?

Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Nation Britain’s 100 favourite Curries UK TV Food episode recipes

Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Nation Britain’s 100 recipes – favourite Curries- the new TV series and cookbook.

Madhur Jaffrey has 30 years of experience of bringing the delights of Indian food to the UK and is very well known as the UK television’s most-loved Indian chef.

For reviews of the new cook book and more information including cost – see Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Nation book offers and reviews of this new cookbook

Also New book – The Chiappa Sisters Simply Italian

TV Series:

Madhur is back with a new TV series for the first time in 17 years and a new cookbook, the new series will be broadcast on the UKTV Good Food Channel at 9.00 pm from Sunday 4 November 2012. It will consist of 10 episodes of 30 minutes each details below. 

The shows main quest is to draw a curry food map of the UK. Read more about Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Nation at the UKTV Food Channel.

Madhur will visit local Indian and South Asian communities and amazing though it seems – Madhur shows how we can taste every type of Indian cuisine without ever leaving the British Isles. From London to Birmingham and Glasgow to Leicester, Madhur will develop a food map of the UK South Asian cuisine that has made its home here.

Series 1 Episode 1 State of the Nation
1/10: Madhur explores the role of curry in modern-day Britain, three decades after alerting the nation to the delights of Indian food.

Broadcast again at 8.00am on Saturday, 17th November on Good Food Channel.

Series 1 Episode 2. Kashmiris in Yorkshire
2/10: Off to the Mirpuri community in Yorkshire where Madhur samples their richly spiced curries.

Broadcast again at 8.30am on Saturday, 17th November on Good Food Channel.

Series 1 – 3. South India
3/10: Madhur explores some of the best south Indian dishes the UK has to offer, with their mix of spice blends and masala.

Broadcast again at 9.00am on Saturday, 17th November on Good Food Channel.

Series 1 – 4. Gujaratis of Leicester
4/10: This time Madhur visits Leicester to explore the culinary history of of Gujaratis in the UK.

Broadcast again at 9.30am on Saturday, 17th November on Good Food Channel.

Series 1 – 5. Bangladeshi
5/10:  The famous food writer explores the diet of Bangladeshi households and enjoys some of their fish dishes.

Broadcast again at 10.00am on Saturday, 17th November on Good Food Channel.

Series 1 – 6. Nepalese/Sunday Lunch
6/10: Madhur an actress and food writer visits Aldershot, home to a community of Nepalese people, where she samples a selection of Himalayan curries.

Broadcast again at 10.30am on Saturday, 17th November on Good Food Channel.

Series 1 – 7. Southall Punjabis
7/10: The presenter heads to London’s Southall, where she meets members of the Punjabi community and samples a selection of Sikh cooking.

Broadcast again at 11.00am on Saturday, 17th November on Good Food Channel.

Series 1 – 8. Punjabis of Scotland
8/10: Our host arrives in Scotland, where she discovers haggis curries in Glasgow, and a cafe selling Punjabi food in Edinburgh.

Broadcast again at 11.30am on Saturday, 17th November on Good Food Channel.

Series 1 – 9. Pakistanis
9/10. Madhur’s tour leads her to try Pakistani food, exploring the community’s love of spiced meats and their tips for a perfect biryani.

Broadcast again at 12.00pm on Saturday, 17th November on Good Food Channel.

Series 1 – 10. The New Generation
10/10: Last episode where Madhur meets with a new generation of young British Indians to examine their culinary preferences and innovations.

Broadcast again at 12.30pm on Saturday, 17th November on Good Food Channel.

The transmission dates are confusing, please check the schedule at UKTV Good Food.

Full details of each episode at the Episode guide at UKTV Food.

Videos for Curry Nation by Madhur Jaffrey:

Recipes from the Curry Nation episodes:

Excellent series that just makes me so hungry!!!


Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Nation recipes Oct 2012 What is in the book?

Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Nation Britain’s 100 recipes – favourite Curries- the new TV series and cookbook – a review.

Madhur Jaffrey has 30 years of experience of bringing the delights of Indian food to the UK and is very well known as the UK television’s most-loved Indian chef.

For reviews and more information see Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Nation cookbook.

TV Series:

She is back with a new TV series for the first time in 17 years and a new cookbook, the new series will be broadcast on the UKTV Good Food Channel at 9.00 pm on Sunday 4 November 2012. It will consist of 10 episodes of 30 minutes each. 

The shows main quest is to draw a curry food map of the UK. Read more about Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Nation at the UKTV Food Channel.

So Madhur will visit local Indian and South Asian communities and amazing though it seems – Madhur shows how we can taste every type of Indian cuisine without ever leaving the British Isles. From London to Birmingham and Glasgow to Leicester, Madhur will develop a food map of the UK South Asian cuisine that has made its home here.

Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Nation cook book:

The new cookbook Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Nation accompanies the new TV series of 10 episodes of 30 minutes each. Recipes revealing the cuisine of the Punjabi, Goan, Parsi and Bengali districts are presented in all their vibrancy and colour.

A great benefit of our UK living Indian communities is the synergy between UK food and Indian. As an example the pairing Aloo Gobi with a British roast lamb.

There are 100 recipes from the Punjab, Kerala, Goa and Bengal, plus many other Indian states.

The book is divided into the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • Appetisers, snacks and soups
  • Lamb, pork and beef
  • Eggs and chicken
  • Fish and seafood
  • Vegetables
  • Dals
  • Rice, breads and pancakes
  • Salads, pickles, chutneys and relishes
  • Drinks and sweets
  • Spices and sweets
  • Spice mixes
  • Seasonings, techniques and kitchen equipment

A comprehensive collection of recipes, methods and equipment, presented with beautiful images and a modern clean look. A book that the moment you lift it – it looks good, has excellent recipes and just feels good.

Recipes are just amazing and include:

Other recipes incude:

  • spicy, lentil-based specialities of Rajesthan
  • kebabs and kormas from Delhi
  • coconut-infused curries from Kerala
  • fantastic desserts
  • special spice mixes – with Vivek Singh of the Cinnamon Club

The opportunity to buy the new Curry Nation cook book at Amazon:

So an amazing book from the expert, with Madhur’s experience – develop curry cooking skills quickly and prepare the most amazing food!

Exploring China – A Culinary Adventure cook book and tv series – Ken Hom and Ching He Huang

Exploring China by Ken Hom and Ching He Huang 100 recipes from our journey.

A new cookbook and tv series from the celebrated master chef of Chinese cooking in partnership with the very talented Ching He Huang featuring 100 recipes from their recent journey around China.

The two chefs arrive in Beijing and then to Sichuan province on their 5,000 mile journey. They visit the older countryside towns and the new megacities. Be ready for an exciting journey and see the innovative and stunning changes in China. We note that Sichuan provence – is the culinary centre of China.

With the recent resurgence of China in the world’s economy and culture, we have always been fascinated by Chinese food. Ken and Ching provide a unique opportunity to see China from the inside with their excellent choice of ingredients, recipes and knowledge of this energised country.

Eat Drink and Cook China – the TV series begins on BBC 2 on the 5 August at 20.00 or BBC HD at 0.00 on 6 August. Each programme is one hour long and there are four episodes.

See a video of Ching cook pork with wild mushrooms and pancakes.


We have a link to Amazon books with their new book at half price and post free.

Watch an Amazon video from Ken and Ching.




River Cottage Veg – everyday by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

We are now on Twitter @cook_bookreview, you can 

River Cottage Veg – everyday by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

A beautiful cookbook with photography by Simon Wheeler and illustrations by Mariko Jesse.
Would you believe that this is Hugh’s seventh River Cottage cookbook?

Hugh has been providing us with excellent cookbooks over the years including:

The River Cottage Cookbook,
The River Cottage Meat Book,
The River Cottage Fish Book,
The River Cottage Family Cookbook and
River Cottage Everyday.

Hugh’s approach to preparing and cooking vegetables, is as thorough as in any of his previous cookbooks and lects a wide variety of recipes, that have no meat or fish whatsoever. (Is this really Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall)?

The inference here is that perhaps this is a vegetarian cookbook – but as Hugh is careful to point out, this is – yes a vegetable only recipe book, but he makes no case for us all to turn completely vegetarian.

This is as he says a personal decision and not the remit of the book.

Eggs and dairy will be used, so we are not following a strictly vegetarian diet.

However, all of us need to consider increasing our intake of fresh vegetables and for that matter fruit – based on evidence that the vital nature, the vitamin and enzyme content of vegetables is what we need to keep healthy and help sustain our resources.

Please read Hugh’s marvellous introduction, it is a treatise on where we should be regarding the food we eat, the animals that we use for our food and the effects of what we eat on our own health and our planet’s health as well.

Is all the gas output from cows and factory farms affecting our environment? Can we reduce this by adopting a higher proportion of vegetables in what we eat? Look at the reduction in fish stocks – another source of concern. A no brainer as they say.

Another point is to maintain the vitamin and health content of food as much as possible.
So preparation is key – as is how the vegetables are cooked.
Another intelligent inclusion is that of the role of bread and all things related, e.g. naans, rotis and chapattis.

Well – on with the recipes, just amazing what Hugh has accomplished here!
Not a bit of wonder it is selling so well.

The book is divided into the following recipe sections:

Comfort food and feasts            an amazing selection of Curries and stews, pies and tarts.

No lightweight cooking here, substantial and filling – with unimaginable textures and flavours.
Just look at the colours!

Parmigianas, Chachouka, pintobean chilli, potato curry, cauliflower and chickpea curry, squash and chickpea stew, lasagnes – squash and fennel, kale and mushroom, lettuce, spring onion and cheese tart, baby beet tarte tatin, courgette and rice filo pie, swede and potato pasties, ragout, potato dauphinoise, sweet potato and peanut gratin, three root boulangere

Hearty Salads                            the idea of a salad becoming a meal, substantial – hearty!

Also – you can substitute different vegetables and one type of oil for another,one type of nut for another,etc. This varies the different tastes and textures available  – providing an infinite variety of combininations.

Salads with squash, fennel, courgette and green beans, potato, tomato and boiled egg salad, potato salad tatare. Lettuce, egg and fried bread, puy lentil salad, salad nioise, Panzanella, couscous salads.

Raw assemblies                           Yes, raw food.

I think many folks are aware of the thinking behind eating raw food, but hardly ever get the chance to prepare and eat mainly raw foods. Hugh makes a key point here, that it is the preparation and the presentation of raw foods that encourage us all to tuck in.
A good set of knifes and box grater with attachments are a must.

Shaved summer veg, radishes, fennel and goat’s cheese, crudités, cauliflower with toasted seeds.

Hefty soups                               Soups, not just for the winter

Flavoursome, full of variation and texture, some creamy, some thin, a great way of increasing our intake of healthy foods.

Vegetable stock, summer garden soup, cucumber and lettuce vichyssoise, Gazpacho, tomato and bean soup, pea and parsley soup, roasted beetroot soup with horseradish cream.

Bready things                          clean the plate and soak up the juice…

A wonderful, aromatic fresh loaf of bread, bread sticks, baguettes. I love to walk through the streets of French towns. The breads, cheese and wines… wonderful.

How to make bread dough, garlic flatbreas, crostini, beetroot pizza and cheddar, pizzas, foldovers, pitta pockets, bruchetta, toasties, rarebits, poached egg on toast

Store-cupboard suppers       In a hurry, don’t go back to meat or fish.

The simple solution is to stock up on tins of beans, noodles and eggs?

Tarts, olives, dips, curried bubble and squeak, frittata, lentils, Dhal, chickpea, ketchup curry, pastas, noodles.

Pasta and rice                    Pasta, rice and grains – easy to prepare.

A guide on how to select and cook pasta and rice. A great base for filling us up.

Various pastas, risonotto, macaroni peas, linguine, biryani, kedgeree a la vegetables, quinoa, kale speltotto, Swede speltotto, potato gnocchi, stir fry – egg fried rice,

Mezze and tapas                           a new way to eat…

Other Eastern cultures do it, a range of small dishes – in the Middle East it is mezze, Spanish tapas.

Dukka, guacamole, hummus, dips, tomatoes, Caponata, fritters, pasties.

Roast, grill and barbecue            Adding flavour…

When we roast and grill – we brown and develop the textures and flavours. Roasted vegetables in the oven – keep the goodness.

Halloumi, kebabs, roasted cherry tomatoes, roasted squash.

Side dishes                              adding value…

Steamed veg and a hint of garlic, runner beans, sesame cauliflower, celery gratin.

Veg on the go 

Dips, spreads, sandwich fillings, salads, coleslaws, pasties, pies, frittatas.


I hope this review or outline of River Cottage Veg – everyday will help you decide on an alternative way of eating and the foods you select to eat.

It is worth a try – not perhaps full vegetarianism, but we should consider reducing cooking i.e. boiling, roasting – eat more raw food and reduce meat and fish, drink more water and sleep well.

Then perhaps we will improve our health and make a start on the state of the planet… wish us good luck!