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Christmas Kitchen with James Martin recipes BBC1

A treat from James martin with Christmas Kitchen 2013.

For 2014 please see Christmas Kitchen James Martin Dec 2014

For 2015 James Martin Home Comforts at Christmas

The show runs all week at 3.45 pm BBC1 and has another 5 shows next week as well! A total of 10 episodes 45 minutes each.

Get a head start by recording the show and watching when you get home. From roast goose to biscotti! Beef bourguignon lovely.

James calls in help with recipes from Brian Turner, Gennaro Contaldo, Valentine Warner, Michel Roux Jr and Prue Leigh.

Yes this series will be a real treat! Watch out for our articles about what Christmas TV cooking programmes are on this Christmas!

watch again while available….


Episode 1: Monday 9 Dec 2013

James Martin is joined in the kitchen by Gennaro Contaldo and Brian Turner.



Episode 2: Tuesday 10 Dec 2013

Bryn Williams and Brian Turner join James for the second episode.

Lorraine Pascal cooks some filo pastry mince pies and festive biscotti.



Episode 3: Wednesday 11 Dec 2013

Daniel Galmiche is preparing duck.



Episode 4: Thursday 12 Dec 2013

James Martin is joined in the Christmas Kitchen by chefs Lawrence Keogh and Brian Turner.



Episode 5: Friday 13 Dec 2013

James Martin is joined in the Christmas Kitchen by chefs Vivek Singh and Brian Turner.



Episode 6: Monday 16 Dec 2013

James is joined by Ching-He Huang and Brian Turner, and John Torode cooks roast pork with polenta.



Episode 7: Tuesday 17 Dec 2013

James is joined by chefs Theo Randall, Brian Turner and Matthew Fort where Theo Randall cooks roast pheasant and Brian Turner is still cooking with turkey?



Episode 8: Wednesday 18 Dec 2013

Bill Granger demonstrates his Christmas favourites, and Brian Turner uses his favourite – NOT – leftover turkey.


Episode 9: Thursday 19 Dec 2013

James and Chefs Ben Tish and Brian Turner join James, and Tom Kerridge makes a venison scotch egg.


Episode 10: Friday 20 Dec 2013

Chefs Nathan Outlaw and Brian Turner join James, and Ken Hom cooks from his home in Paris as he brings a seasonal touch.


James Martin’s Food Map of Britain TV series and recipes

James Martin starts his new 10 part series, James Martin’s Food Map of Britain on Monday 16 September 2013 on BBC2 at 6.30pm.

James Martin the famous chef from Saturday Kitchen explores Britain not just as the place where we live, but investigates the foods available and grown around us.

Chef James gets into the skies to explore how the beautiful and unique landscape of the British Isles produces distinct and delicious regional ingredients.

Episode 1:

He starts the 10 episode series by visiting the sunny South East to find out why Kent’s cherries are so sweet and why his favourite flat fish thrives in the shallow warm waters of the South Coast.

Along the way he cooks Hastings Dover sole and a Kentish cherry trifle.

Read why British cherries have made a comeback


More recipes:
Pumpkin pasta with rosemary

James Martin’s United Cakes of America program all episodes + recipes 24 Feb 2013

James Martin’s United Cakes of America Good Food channel started – 24 Feb 2013

A new series on the Good Food channel HD 247 -Sky and 260 Virgin where James Martin gets to combine his love of food, cooking, the USA and driving.

Black Friday
Sweet – 8 Oct 2015 by James Martin

Jamie Oliver Everyday super food published 27 August 2015

There are 15 episodes where James visits Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, Baltimore, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Harlem, Connecticut, Hartford, Boston, Massachusetts and Salem.

There is no book for the USA series, however James does have a desserts cookbook, see James Martin’s cookbooks for all his books.

Episode 1: Virginia

James begins in Virginia on his American cake adventure, with classic apple pie visiting a family run bakery that makes pies for presidents and a New Orleans king cake in a southern style bakery in Arlington.

Recipes: apple crumble cake and cinnamon and cream cheese bake.

Episiode 2: Washington DC and Maryland

Next Washington DC for cupcakes and Baltimore to the state dessert of Maryland, a 10-layer, fudge topped, Smith Island cake.

Recipes: cupcakes and chestnut and chocolate cake

Episode 3: Baltimore

Baltimore and the Pimlico cake to Maryland countryside for the peach cake.

Recipes: coffee and rum cake with meringue mushrooms and peach tart

Episode 4: Pennsylvania

Lancaster, Pennsylvania – Amish country. Sampling shoofly pie and twisting Pretzels.

Recipes: treacle pie with a rock salt crumble top and pretzels with ice cream.

Episode 5: Philadelphia

Philadelphia, to taste American treats then the infamous pumpple cake, a cake baked with pies inside.

Recipes: lemon curd butterfly buns, and fire and ice cake

Episode 6: Philadelphia and Brooklyn

Philadelphia and butter cake and key lime pies.

Recipes: fig and butter cake and  lime snow eggs with granola

Episode 7: Manhattan and Brooklyn

The bakery made famous by the TV show Sex and the City and a mobile bakery.

Recipes: instant strawberry gateaux and cornflake cookies.

Episode 8: Manhattan

New York Cheesecake and baked Alaska.

Recipes: cheesecake and baked Alaska.

Episode 9: Brooklyn

Brooklyn and whoopie pies followed by red velvet cake.

Recipes: whoopie pies and chocolate cola cake.

Episode 10: Harlem and Connecticut

Harlem for carrot cake.  Glastonbury in Connecticut, a blueberry farm which is over 100 years old and blueberry muffins.

Recipes: carrot cake and toasted blueberry muffin

Episode 11: Connecticut

A diner, for a pancake breakfast then a strawberry shortcake.

Recipes: bacon waffles with maple syrup and strawberry shortbread

Episode 12: Hartford

Connecticut for a Jewish holiday honey cake and the chocolate chip cookie.

Recipes: spiced oatmeal and treacle cake and chocolate chip biscotti biscuits.

Episode 13: Boston

Boston to a hotel to study Boston cream pie and then the chocolate brownie.

Recipes: chocolate and coffee meringue cake and chocolate brownie with homemade marshmallow.

Episode 14: Massachussetts

A distillery for rum making and then a boozy rum cake. A visit to a BBQ joint for southern pecan pie.

Recipes: an orange, cherry and kirsch pound cake and banana, pecan and maple syrup cake.

Episode 15: Salem

Salem and donuts.

Recipes: doughnuts and bourbon croissant butter pudding.

Other ides:

Pumpkin pasta with rosemary

James Martin Cake recipes

Read more at the Good Food James Martin’s United Cakes of America.

James martin’s cookbooks:

The Cinnamon Club Seafood Cookbook: Vivek Singh

The Cinnamon Club Seafood Cookbook by Vivek Singh

This cookbook contains over 80 wonderfully inventive recipes for cooking fish. Specially tailored for the home cook.

This text is one of many cookbooks by Vivek Singh:

Chefs from the Cinnamon club who contributed to the book, includew Ravesh Ravindran Nair and Hari Kumar.

The finely produced book includes the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • Fish and Seafood in India
  • Basics
  • Canapes
  • Starters
  • Main Courses
  • Indian Classics
  • Accompaniments

Vivek introduces the cookbook by explaining how he read Marco Pierre White’s White Heat when in Calcutta and it struck a chord with how Vivek felt -in fact it changed his life.

In December 2000 Vivek arrived in London and became the head chef of the Cinnamon Club. His source of fish was of course Billingsgate market. What a variety of choice he had.

In a very interesting book, we learn how to buy and prepare fish. How to prepare bacis ingredients, mixes and pastes that will be used in the recipes that follow.

Then it is off on a culinary adventure through the wonders of Indian textures, flavours and ingredients.

How to cook whitebait with garlic in a batter, Bengali – style fishcakes and chargrill grouper.

Beautiful images and clear recipes guides us through the culinary or is it a spritual experience.

Starters include, Carpaccio of cured salmon, spiced shrimp and potato cake and Keralan lobster soup flamed with brandy.

Mains of cod, sea-bream and red snapper, Indian Classics of hake in a Bengali dopiaza sauce, Hyderabadi- style fish Korma and silver pomfret filled with shrimp.

Hyderabadi biryani of vegetables in a pumpkin shell

Crisps, mash and dips complete an excellent book.

Vivek’s Curry cookbook is also reccomended and his new cookbook Cinnamon Kitchen: The Cookbook – is published 8 November 2012.