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Cookbook review: Jamie Oliver’s Money saving meals new book Save with Jamie Shop smart, Cook clever, Waste less published 29 August 2013.

Jamie’s Comfort Food           Jamie, Jamie, Jamie!

The new cookbook includes 120 money saving meals.

Jamie’s new cookbook has 290 pages, 120 recipes and hopes to guide us to cheaper, more nutritious but immensely enjoyable food. In what is a great new series – to see the new cookbook and offers check out Save with Jamie: Shop Smart, Cook Clever, Waste Less

Jamie begins with his take on why he decided to develop the key concept – saving or to be more accurate – being intelligent when it comes to food and cooking. Make the best of ingredients, generate very tasty food by following well known tricks of the trade and plan, save – be efficient in the kitchen.

He says that it was the public who asked for this book and in times of austerity I suppose it is very much the desire of all of us to be careful with what we spend. So a sensible approach to the state of things, careful use of our money, time etc.

The subtitle says it all: Shop smart, cook clever, waste less – the main consideration is knowing how to cook and being able to plan ahead. Both come with practise and it is Jamie’s enthusiasm that will encourage us all and also his great ability to help us achieve in a short time  – what it has taken years for Jamie and others to learn.

Hence the cookbook, suitable for all couples, families, single folks and students. I would suggest that students will find this book to be a must have!

Main contents include:


  • Shopping smart
  • Veg
  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Lamb
  • Fish
  • More recipes
  • Nutrition
  • Index including shop smart and waste less fast page references

The freezer and how to store food will play a big part in the way Jamie guides us to be ready to waste less. So we learn how to freeze food properly and the dangers of defrosting in the wrong way.

What basic staple foods we need how to buy and store them.

Shopping smart is also a key to buying food cheaply.

A list of kitchen tools is a necessity and is included.

Recipes include:

  • Salads, omelettes, potato pie, noodles, rotolo, frittata
  • Roast chicken, chicken stew, chowder, Chinese wrap, cannelloni
  • Roast brisket, beef tagline, pulled beef salad, stir-fried rice
  • Roast lamb, BBQ burritos, lamb koftas

An amazing variety of ingredients and wonderful recipes.

I hope you find this review helpful and to read more and see good offers on the new cookbook (shop wisely) visit Save with Jamie: Shop Smart, Cook Clever, Waste Less

TV Series Guide:

Episode 1/6 Program One: Jamie’s Money saving meals for £1.80 see recipes and watch again due 2 September at 8.00 C4

Jamie shows us how to prepare recipes that cost less than £1.80 a portion and cooks up:

Episode 2/6 Program Two: Jamie’s Money saving meals for £1.3 recipes on a budget

In the second episode Jamie is preparing nutritious meals for an average of £1.30 a portion:

  • roast half shoulder of pork with all the trimmings
  • how to turn the leftovers into dim sum buns
  • meatloaf with spaghetti and a tomato and chilli sauce

Episode 3/6 Program Three Jamie’s money saving meals Episode 3 Salmon recipes

Episode 4/6 Program Four Jamie’s money saving meals Episode 4 Roast Chicken

Episode 5/6 Program Five Jamie’s money saving meals Episode 5 Roast Lamb

Episode 6/6 Program Six Jamie’s money saving meals Episode 6 Roast Ham Hocks


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Nigel Slater’s 12 Tastes of Christmas recipes episode1 BBC1 14 Dec 2012

Episode 1: Nigel Slater’s 12 Tastes of Christmas recipes – 14 Dec 2012 BBC1 at 7.30pm

Ready for Christmas with Nigel Slater? We visit Nigel’s London home and watch as Nigel presents 12 Christmas flavours. Recipes include cranberries and mulled wine.

There are two episodes with episode 2 Nigel Slater’s 12 Tastes of Christmas next week.

This program is repeated on Sunday 16 December 2012 at 4.55 BBC1.

Previous book by Nigel Slater – The Kitchen Diaries II the latest is Eat by Nigel Slater

This evening’s program continues with a trip to Norway, where he searches for a Christmas tree.

Watch episodes 1+2 Nigel Slater’s 12 Tastes of Christmas

Recipes include:

Not related directly to the programme, but fascinating and wonderful, the cookbook by Nigel Slater is The Kitchen Diaries II, click to read reviews and book information. To see the best offers for the Nigel’s new cookbook, Kitchen Diaries II offers for new books and for used copies used copies of Kitchen Diaries II. See also the latest cookbook Eat by Nigel Slater

More Christmas fare from Nigel: In the Observer Food Monthly November 2012 with Nigel Slater – Christmas edition  Christmas recipes.

In the September 2012 Observer Food Monthly there are recipes from the new cook book by Nigel Slater called Nigel Slater’s Kitchen Diaries II from Sunday 16 Sept 2012.

Latest edition of the Observer Food Monthly December 2013

Read about the Dish of the Day episode’s recipes:

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Who is Nigel Slater?

Nigel Slater is one of our best-loved food writers, and has written his second volume of the Kitchen Diaries – a beautiful and inspiring companion volume to his best selling Kitchen Diaries. His articles feature in the Observer Food Monthly and the Guardian. See Nigel Slater’s recipes in the Guardian.

The Kitchen Diaries II “For years now I have kept notebooks, with scribbled shopping lists and early drafts of recipes in them. These notes form the basis of this second volume of The Kitchen Diaries. More than a diary, this is a collection of small kitchen celebrations, be it a casual, beer-fuelled supper of warm flatbreads with pieces of grilled lamb scattered with toasted pine kernels and blood-red pomegranate seeds or a quiet moment contemplating a bowl of soup and a loaf of bread.”

About : A Kitchen Chronicle. My latest book and the second volume of The Kitchen Diaries.

A collection of notes, essays, jottings and recipes compiled over the last three or four years. As you might expect from the title, this is a very personal book, written and photographed in my own kitchen. Not a television tie-in, but many of the recipes are those from the BBC1 series Simple Suppers and Simple Cooking.


In memory of  Nelson Mandela – A Long Walk to Freedom

Christmas with Gordon – Gordon Ramsay – Don’t miss it – Great!! Channel 4 22 and 23 December at 8 pm

Christmas with Gordon – Gordon Ramsay cookbooks

Gordon Ramsay – Channel 4 22 and 23 December at 8 pm

See Gordon and family at his London home, a two episode program:

1/2 Gordon’s Ultimate Christmas 22nd Dec and 2/2 Stuff the Turkey 23rd Dec.

See Nigel – Gordon’s son say he dosen’t want to play football, any swear words….what do you think?

Recipes on Gordon’s Channel4 Scrapbook

1/2 Gordon’s Ultimate Christmas

A recipe packed show all the family working to create wonderful Christmas recipes.

  • Port, apricot and pistachio stuffing.
  • Caramelised cranberry and apple sauce
  • Mint chocolate truffles
  • Roast Turkey with lemon and garlic
  • Roast potatoes and sprouts with pancetta and chestnuts
  • Steamed sponge pudding and whisky cream
  • Watch show again on 4oD


Some of Gordon’s cook books…

2/2 Stuff the Turkey – Wot no Turkey???

The delicious alternatives to roast turkey or goose.

The two one hour program series has sold worldwide and will be an extremely popular show, so set your set top boxes now….

Current show: Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course 100 recipes to stake your life on cook book – watch TV episodes 

Televisions, TVs, HD ready 1080

Cameras and DSLRs

Nikon, Canon etc



See Jamie Oliver’s shopping offers…Jamie Oliver Shop