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Jamie Oliver 7 Ways – Easy Ideas for Every Day of the Week Hardcover – published 20 Aug

7 Ways: Easy Ideas for Every Day of the Week Hardcover 

Jamie Oliver’s new book called 7 ways is just out!

Discover 7 Ways to reinvent each of your favourite ingredients with Jamie’s brand-new, No. 1 bestselling cookbook, featuring 120 exciting and tasty new recipes

Includes recipes from Jamie’s hit Channel 4 TV show Keep Cooking Family Favourites

Jamie has done his research to find out exactly what we, as a nation, love to eat.

He’s taken 18 of our favourite ingredients and created 7 new, easy and delicious ways to cook them.

We’re talking about those meal staples we pick up without thinking – chicken breast, salmon fillet, mince, eggs, potatoes, broccoli, mushrooms, to name but a few.

Jamie will share 7 achievable, exciting and tasty ways to cook each of these hero ingredients, requiring minimal time, effort and additional ingredients.

Jamie’s fun, delicious and nutritious recipes include:

· Crispy sweet & sour salmon
· Filo chicken kiev
· Mushroom cannelloni
· Garlic prawn kebabs
· Sticky ginger beef
· Prosciutto pork fillet

With everything from fakeaways and traybakes to family and freezer favourites, you’ll find bags of inspiration to help you mix things up in the kitchen.

Discover 7 Ways, the most straight-forward cookbook Jamie has ever written.

‘Simple, affordable and delicious food designed for all the family’ i

‘Cooking dinner just got easier (and tastier) with Jamie’s brilliant new book 7 Ways‘ Mail on Sunday

 To buy the book, see Amazon: (we receive a small remuneration if you choose to purchase)
7 Ways: Easy Ideas for Every Day of the Week

James Martin Home Comforts at Christmas 2015

BBC 1 James Martin Home Comforts at Christmas

Daily at 3.40pm on BBC1 superchef, James Martin prepares us for Christmas, providing his usual mix of tips and tricks to save you time and stress on the big day.

See all video clips from theHome Com forts show

  • Victorian boar’s head cake
  • Fish cakes with chive beurre blanc
  • Butter chicken curry and chapatti
  • Frozen berry delice
  • Smoked salmon and chive choux buns with watermelon and feta bites
  • Lobster thermidor
  • Mini cranberry panettones with rum butter
  • Christmas pan bagnat
  • James’s gingerbread garage
  • History foods: 19th Century roast beef & plum pudding
  • Christmas roast duck
  • Chicken, Madeira and mushroom casserole
  • Mussel, pumpkin and saffron soup
  • Gâteau Mont Blanc
  • Treacle sponge pudding with spiced pears
  • Christmas barbecued coconut prawns and chicken tikka
  • Roast partridge with buckwheat salad
  • Beef stew with fluffy dumplings
  • Marmalade and mustard gammon with parsley sauce
  • Christmas tree pavlova
  • Roast pheasant with ravioli and wild mushrooms
  • Salmon gravadlax with Champagne mustard
  • James Martin’s ultimate macaroni cheese
  • Cheat’s salmon coulibiac
  • Clementine syllabub and crêpes Suzette
  • Curried cauliflower soup
  • Beef consommé with tortellini
  • Pork fest
  • Christmas cake wreath
  • Halibut with spicy kimchi
  • Home Comforts at Christmas
  • History foods: Historical gingerbread
  • History foods: Dickensian roast goose
  • History foods: 18th century mince pies
  • Miraculous Make Ahead
  • Trail: Home Comforts at Christmas

More of James Martin

James Martin’s new cookbook is due in hard cover version on the 4 December 2014 consisting of 192 pages.

Presenter of the BBC’s Saturday Kitchen, and formerly a regular team member on Ready Steady Cook, James Martin is one of the UK’s most popular TV chefs, whose enthusiasm and passion for food have won him countless fans. His accessible approach to cooking was showcased in his three previous books for Quadrille, Desserts (2007), Slow Cooking: Mouthwatering Recipes with Minimum Effort (2012) and Fast Cooking: Really Exciting Recipes in 20 Minutes (2013). He makes frequent appearances on food TV programmes as well as demonstrating live at the BBC Good Food Show; he has two restaurants.

James Martin: Home Comforts (63 recipes)


Home Chef with Neven Maguire

Neven Maguire returns with the latest series of Home Chef and enjoys master classes from many highly esteemed Irish based chefs followed by Neven’s cooking a family favourite recipe.

Episode One : RTE1 AT 7.30 PM Wednesday 22nd Jan 2014

The first program takes Neven to the wonderful Ashford Castle in Cong, Co Mayo and we are introduced to the fine chef, Stefan Matz. Stefan is the German born head chef of Ashford castle and the g Hotel.

Recipes this evening begin with Stefan Matz:

  • organic salmon with scallops and a Connemara malt whiskey sauce

Neven based in the McNean restaurant prepares:

  • assiette of pork
  • dessert of brandy snaps with passion fruit ice cream dessert
  • raspberry caviar

Later in the series we visit Anair in Co Galway.

If you live in Ireland on can access RTE1 then a very enjoyable time to be had!


Episode Two : RTE1 AT 7.30 PM Wednesday 29th Jan 2014

Our second programme in the new Home Chef series, sees Neven Maguire head off to the absolutely fantastic, Sheen Falls Lodge in Kenmare, Co Kerry.


The head chef of Sheen Falls, Philip Brazil prepares:

  • a trio of Kerry Lamb, to include a braised shoulder, smoked loin and a roast rack of lamb with a rosemary, thyme and poitin sauce and a Parmesan and rooster potato souffle

Neven returns to his restaurant and in the kitchen, prepares:

  • monkfish with gnocchi, wild mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes and saffron veloute
  • a pudding of apple tart and custard



Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday night feast CH4 from 10 Jan 2014

Read about the show and see the recipes from Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday night feast with Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty, started Friday 10 Jan 2014 on Channel 4 at 8.00 pm.

Continues each Friday with repeats on Saturday 7 pm Ch4 also on 4seven Sky channel 140

In a return of the successful pair, previous series was Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty’s Food Fight Club. This time the pop up cafe returns at Southend pier.

There are six episodes and the pair meet personalities at Southend pier to sample their favourite recipes.

Jimmy Doherty is a school friend of Jamies. The two will host, Usain Bolt, Sienna Miller, Amanda Holden and Jennifer Saunders amongst other personalities.

See Sneak peeks of the show.

Jamie Oliver’s book store

Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals Jamie Oliver watch tv episodes 1 – 35 recipes full guide


Episode One – Steak, a Dustbin Oven, and Usain Bolt Friday Jan 10


The return of the fun cooking show with Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty as they run riot in a cafe on Southend Pier.

Read the Guardian’s review of the show

Sign up for Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube Live 1st Birthday show – Win a trip to London and more, see the summer live show in July!


Episode Two – Sienna Miller, Salmon and Hog Roast Friday Jan 17

Jamie meets the Hollywood star Sienna Miller at their cafe at the Southend-on-sea Pier. Sienna is assisted by Jamie when she cooks Tuscan stew.

We see Jimmy building a hog-roasting machine while Jamie explains why cooking fish in a salt crust is such a wonderful way to cook a whole salmon.



Episode Three – Amanda Holding Friday Jan 24

The world famous actress and Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden cooks up a memorable moussaka. Jamie cooks a two-way chicken for the weekend and Jimmy Doherty is preparing DIY kebabs.


Episode Four – Kirstie Allsopp Jan 31

We have two shellfish recipes prepared by Jamie and Jimmy Doherty has his own charcuterie. Their guest this evening in the cafe kitchen is TV property guru Kirstie Allsopp, who introduces us to Indian street food pani puri.

Episode guide in the Radio Times

Previous series: Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty’s Food Fight Club, note strong language!

Read reviews and see more about Jamie Oliver’s recipes and cooking:

Watch previous shows again + find recipe links and ingredients

See Jamie’s shows in:

+ Jamie Oliver TV Money Saving Meals UK series

Christmas Kitchen with James Martin recipes BBC1

A treat from James martin with Christmas Kitchen 2013.

For 2014 please see Christmas Kitchen James Martin Dec 2014

For 2015 James Martin Home Comforts at Christmas

The show runs all week at 3.45 pm BBC1 and has another 5 shows next week as well! A total of 10 episodes 45 minutes each.

Get a head start by recording the show and watching when you get home. From roast goose to biscotti! Beef bourguignon lovely.

James calls in help with recipes from Brian Turner, Gennaro Contaldo, Valentine Warner, Michel Roux Jr and Prue Leigh.

Yes this series will be a real treat! Watch out for our articles about what Christmas TV cooking programmes are on this Christmas!

watch again while available….


Episode 1: Monday 9 Dec 2013

James Martin is joined in the kitchen by Gennaro Contaldo and Brian Turner.



Episode 2: Tuesday 10 Dec 2013

Bryn Williams and Brian Turner join James for the second episode.

Lorraine Pascal cooks some filo pastry mince pies and festive biscotti.



Episode 3: Wednesday 11 Dec 2013

Daniel Galmiche is preparing duck.



Episode 4: Thursday 12 Dec 2013

James Martin is joined in the Christmas Kitchen by chefs Lawrence Keogh and Brian Turner.



Episode 5: Friday 13 Dec 2013

James Martin is joined in the Christmas Kitchen by chefs Vivek Singh and Brian Turner.



Episode 6: Monday 16 Dec 2013

James is joined by Ching-He Huang and Brian Turner, and John Torode cooks roast pork with polenta.



Episode 7: Tuesday 17 Dec 2013

James is joined by chefs Theo Randall, Brian Turner and Matthew Fort where Theo Randall cooks roast pheasant and Brian Turner is still cooking with turkey?



Episode 8: Wednesday 18 Dec 2013

Bill Granger demonstrates his Christmas favourites, and Brian Turner uses his favourite – NOT – leftover turkey.


Episode 9: Thursday 19 Dec 2013

James and Chefs Ben Tish and Brian Turner join James, and Tom Kerridge makes a venison scotch egg.


Episode 10: Friday 20 Dec 2013

Chefs Nathan Outlaw and Brian Turner join James, and Ken Hom cooks from his home in Paris as he brings a seasonal touch.


With the Sun Jamie Oliver Save with Jamie free recipes

Save with Jamie, Shop smart, Cook clever, Waste less – Money saving meals a new cook book by Jamie Oliver is published 29 August 2013. The Sun is currently offering recipe cards free each day, with recipes taken from the new book Save with Jamie.

Read about Save with Jamie: Shop Smart, Cook Clever, Waste Less at Amazon.

Example recipes:

  • Hit n run chicken
  • Sicilian squashand chickpea stew
  • Spiced beef tagine
  • Sweet pea fish pie
  • BBQ Bakedbeans, smashed sweet potatoes
  • Cypriot lamb kebabs
  • Sausage panzanella
  • Carbonara of smoked mackerel

The new TV series Money saving meals begins on channel 4 at 8.00 pm, Monday September 2, 2013.

We will provide commentary as the show progresses.

Details of program 1/6 Program One Nutritious meals on a budget for £1.80

Details of program 2/6 Program Two Jamie’s money saving meals for £1.30

Read about the new book Jamie Oliver – Save with Jamie shop smart cook clever waste less cookbook TV recipes in a previous blog.

Jamie Oliver cookbooks 

The Hairy Bikers’ Great Curries cook book review recipes

The Hairy Bikers – The Hairy Bikers’ Great Curries
The one-stop cookbook for the best curries, rice, breads and chutneys you’ve ever tasted by Si King and Dave Myers.

The new cookbook from the Hairy Bikers. This is a big book and full of excellent curry recipes, including help and advice on how to make a great curry. Just published 28 February 2013 from Si and Dave.

To read reviews and comments see The Hairy Bikers’ Great Curries

The amazing curry is the favourite British food – from a Korma to a lamb biryani.

The new book is a large and heavy book at 384 pages, with high quality pictures of the recipes.


This a good value cookbook and I think this is a book that everyone will like and want to keep handy in the kitchen.

Contents – the Hairy Bikers Great Curry book :

Starters and snacks – includes pakoras and so much more including tikkas. An amazing 40 pages of starter recipes.

Light curries – masalas, kormas and coconut curries.

Chicken curry – tandoori, jalfrezi, masala.

Fish and shellfish– mussels, crab, prawns.

Lamb beef and pork – biryani, koftas, balti.

Vegetable – coconut, paneer, pad Thai.

Cooking curry for a large number of people.

The different side dishes – Saab Aloo, potato dishes.

Breads – chapatis, Naan bread, puris.

Types of rice – basmati, pilau, rice and peas.

Pickles, chutneys

Choices of sweet dishes

The fundamentals of a curry, spices chillies, leaves, garlic, ginger and more.

How a beer can make a curry special.

Meal suggestions.

An awesome book – sure to become an iconic reference text!

Read reviews and comments in the UK The Hairy Bikers’ Great Curries and buy post fee for £10.

In the USA Hairy Bikers Great Curries click and read more, see best prices.

In Canada The Hairy Bikers’ Great Curries

More comments about Great Curries:

As Si and Dave show us – a curry can be a superbly fragrant dish, with delicate flavours  and the Hairy Bikers show us how to cook delicious, authentic curries.

In the book, Si and Dave cook many brand-new recipes from around the world.

Recipes are developed with the tips, techniques and secrets Si and Dave have discovered on their travels in Asia as well as years of cooking curries themselves.

There is a run of new curry books just published by well known chefs.

Atul Kochar, Rick Stein, Madhur Jaffrey and the Hairy Bikers.

All great chefs – so it will be very interesting to compare recipes and cookbooks.

Super seasonal offers from Amazon
Hairy Bikers Dieters £7.00 – How to love food and lose weight + recipes – What is in the cook book?

Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Nation Britain’s 100 favourite Curries UK TV Food episode recipes

Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Nation Britain’s 100 recipes – favourite Curries- the new TV series and cookbook.

Madhur Jaffrey has 30 years of experience of bringing the delights of Indian food to the UK and is very well known as the UK television’s most-loved Indian chef.

For reviews of the new cook book and more information including cost – see Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Nation book offers and reviews of this new cookbook

Also New book – The Chiappa Sisters Simply Italian

TV Series:

Madhur is back with a new TV series for the first time in 17 years and a new cookbook, the new series will be broadcast on the UKTV Good Food Channel at 9.00 pm from Sunday 4 November 2012. It will consist of 10 episodes of 30 minutes each details below. 

The shows main quest is to draw a curry food map of the UK. Read more about Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Nation at the UKTV Food Channel.

Madhur will visit local Indian and South Asian communities and amazing though it seems – Madhur shows how we can taste every type of Indian cuisine without ever leaving the British Isles. From London to Birmingham and Glasgow to Leicester, Madhur will develop a food map of the UK South Asian cuisine that has made its home here.

Series 1 Episode 1 State of the Nation
1/10: Madhur explores the role of curry in modern-day Britain, three decades after alerting the nation to the delights of Indian food.

Broadcast again at 8.00am on Saturday, 17th November on Good Food Channel.

Series 1 Episode 2. Kashmiris in Yorkshire
2/10: Off to the Mirpuri community in Yorkshire where Madhur samples their richly spiced curries.

Broadcast again at 8.30am on Saturday, 17th November on Good Food Channel.

Series 1 – 3. South India
3/10: Madhur explores some of the best south Indian dishes the UK has to offer, with their mix of spice blends and masala.

Broadcast again at 9.00am on Saturday, 17th November on Good Food Channel.

Series 1 – 4. Gujaratis of Leicester
4/10: This time Madhur visits Leicester to explore the culinary history of of Gujaratis in the UK.

Broadcast again at 9.30am on Saturday, 17th November on Good Food Channel.

Series 1 – 5. Bangladeshi
5/10:  The famous food writer explores the diet of Bangladeshi households and enjoys some of their fish dishes.

Broadcast again at 10.00am on Saturday, 17th November on Good Food Channel.

Series 1 – 6. Nepalese/Sunday Lunch
6/10: Madhur an actress and food writer visits Aldershot, home to a community of Nepalese people, where she samples a selection of Himalayan curries.

Broadcast again at 10.30am on Saturday, 17th November on Good Food Channel.

Series 1 – 7. Southall Punjabis
7/10: The presenter heads to London’s Southall, where she meets members of the Punjabi community and samples a selection of Sikh cooking.

Broadcast again at 11.00am on Saturday, 17th November on Good Food Channel.

Series 1 – 8. Punjabis of Scotland
8/10: Our host arrives in Scotland, where she discovers haggis curries in Glasgow, and a cafe selling Punjabi food in Edinburgh.

Broadcast again at 11.30am on Saturday, 17th November on Good Food Channel.

Series 1 – 9. Pakistanis
9/10. Madhur’s tour leads her to try Pakistani food, exploring the community’s love of spiced meats and their tips for a perfect biryani.

Broadcast again at 12.00pm on Saturday, 17th November on Good Food Channel.

Series 1 – 10. The New Generation
10/10: Last episode where Madhur meets with a new generation of young British Indians to examine their culinary preferences and innovations.

Broadcast again at 12.30pm on Saturday, 17th November on Good Food Channel.

The transmission dates are confusing, please check the schedule at UKTV Good Food.

Full details of each episode at the Episode guide at UKTV Food.

Videos for Curry Nation by Madhur Jaffrey:

Recipes from the Curry Nation episodes:

Excellent series that just makes me so hungry!!!


Bill Granger Easy

Bill Granger Easy and 10 free recipes

100 strong and laidback recipes from the easy going chef, Bill Granger. View details of the book – Bill Granger Easy. Also a free Kindle edition Discover Bill Granger: 10 Delicious, Taster Recipes from ‘Easy’.

The most important comment made by Bill in his introduction – relates to the fast pace of life – yet the need for relationships – and how food and cooking can bring these seemingly incompatable environments together in a wonderful and meaningful way.

The essesnce of this blog is to help promote family time together, cooking, baking and eating. So we agree whole heartedly with these sentiments.

The cookbook is subdivided into food type -sections, piece of chicken, slab of steak, leg of lamb etc.

Within each section Bill provides a number of recipes that can be prepared from the food type.

Fish as a type can be cooked as –

  • baked fish with capers, potatoes and lemon
  • Spanish fish stew
  • yellow fish curry and cocnut rice
  • pan fried salmon with cucumber and lemon salsa
  • chunky fishcakes

An interesting approach that allows a cook to return to each food type from time to time, but a different style of recipe can be selected and prepared.

The cookbook is beautifully presented with amazing photography!

Comfort food with sausages, pastas, sphagetti, salads with chorizo, cumin and tomato rice.. wonderful fresh, healthy and the best of different countries, sometimes mixed – but always inventive.


Madhur Jaffrey The Perfect Curry recipe booklets Daily Telegraph 20, 21 Oct 2012

The Perfect Curry – Madhur Jaffrey – free recipe booklet

There will be two exclusive recipe booklets given away free with the Daily Telegraph on October 20 and 21, 2012. The new cookboook is published today 11 Oct 2012, click to read Madhur Jaffrey reviews and cook book information and to see good book offers see  Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Nation cookbook offers.

New: TV show due 4 Nov 2012 on UKTV Good Food.

New: book review, Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Nation Britain’s 100 favourite Curries.

You can read about Madhur Jaffrey’s free booklets at the Telegraph here.

First Madhur Jaffrey curry recipe booklet, Saturday, October 20:

  • chicken cooked with apricots
  • a Bombay Parsi community dish
  • creamy, coconut Kerala curry
  • red meat curry from Rajasthan

Second Madhur Jaffrey curry recipe booklet, Sunday, October 21:

  • Lamb Korma
  • Salmon in Bengali Mustard Sauce
  • Masala fish steaks and more

Madhur Jaffrey is back with  new TV series and cookbook. Madhur is well known as the UK television’s most-loved Indian chef. A new series will be broadcast on the Good Food Channel in October 2012. The quest is to draw a curry food map of the UK. Read more about Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Nation at the UKTV Food Channel.

For reviews and more information see Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Nation cookbook.

Recipes are just great, really amazing and include:

NEW! Meet Madhur Jaffrey and HarDeep Singh Kohli at Bishopgate Institute 17th October 2012.

Previous blog articles – Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Nation TV series and cookbook

Celebrate: Pippa Middleton free pull out in Mail on Sunday.