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Joe Wicks @thebodycoach free mini book new look as he strips off for Mens Health magazine July 2017

A free Joe Wicks @leanin15 mini book @thebodycoach borrowed £2,000 from his parents to set up his Rumble in the Park course and buy gym equipment, is a very successful fitness trainer whose company is one of the biggest fitness brands in the world.

Free mini book Lean in 15 as well!!

In Men’s Fitness magazine Joe Strips off for a unique photoshoot.

Read more: Daily Mail Joe Wicks new look

Joe’s books are all best sellers:

Get in shape for the summer with @thebodycoach Joe Wicks free in The Mail on Sunday

Joe wicks Cooking for Family and Friends: 100 Lean Recipes to Enjoy Together

Joe Wicks – Lean Shape Shift Sustain books for a longer healthier life



Cook Book Review – Magazine April 2015 pdf

Cook Book Review – Short Magazine April 2015 pdf

Welcome to the new Cook Book Review – Magazine April 2015 with some recipes and new cook books.

We have decided to experiment with designing a new magazine and here it is.

Not very fancy at this stage – but we hope the recipes and reviews are of interest.

The sauce is amazing, please try it.

As this is a blog we can add one or two new recipes every now and then and then include them into a magazine.

Contents Cook Book Review – Magazine April 2015

April 2015 Magazine: Introduction
New books:
April 2015 best of the bunch

Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook

Eat. Nourish. Glow.: 10 easy steps for losing weight, looking younger & feeling healthierAmelia Freer

Breakfast: A smoothie for your blender
Cumin baked beans with ham and onion omelette
A superfood sauce to lift any dinner

Enjoy!  Cook Book Review Magazine


The 5:2 fast beach diet Mimi Spencer Mail on Sunday free 18 May 2014

A new edition of the Mimi Spencer 5:2 fast beach diet guide free with the Mail on Sunday 18 May 2014.

Get ready for the beach and get healthy with the new 5:2 Fast Beach Diet, read more at the Mail on Sunday FREE INSIDE The Mail on Sunday… 5:2 Fast Beach Diet glossy magazine

The book is published on May 8th 2014 and is based on the book Fast Diet. 

The 5:2 Fast Beach Diet includes:

  • 6-week plan to encourage fat loss of up to 2lbs a week
  • tips and tricks to get you through your Fast Days
  • ideas to jumpstart your non-Fast Days
  • a HIT exercise programme to maximise your fitness and fat loss – in just five minutes a day
  • 30 fresh new calorie-counted summer recipes, plus meal plans and food and exercise trackers


Previous 5:2 diet edition in You magazine The Official 5:2 fast diet Mimi Spencer in Mail you mag

Buy the Kindle edition:


The food lovers slim for life plan Daily Mirror

In the Daily Mirror a free slimming guide, with three more to collect starting Saturday 4 Dec 2014.

Read about the Slim for Life program at the Food Lover’s slim for life website

Watch the video ad on You Tube Slimming World in Daily Mirror

Read more at the Daily Mirror website

Link to the Twitter account at Daily Mirror – slim for life

Read about the 2 Day diet books…. Low cost…


Ultimate Home Cooking recipes with Mail on Sunday 1 Sept 2013

Free in YOU magazine with Mail on Sunday 1 September 2013 Gordon on Toast, family freindly recipestaken from the NEW cookbook Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Home Cooking.

Recipes to tempt us:

The new 20 part television series begins September 2013 on channel 4.

A selection of family suppers in You magazine – taken from his new cookbook Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Home Cooking.

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2 day summer diet recipes free with Daily Mail 20-26 April 2013

2 day summer diet recipes free with Daily Mail April 20-26 2013

See the latest free booklet from the Mail:

The 2 day new year diet Daily Mail Sat 4 Jan 2014


A free 2 day summer diet supplement Saturday 20 April in the Daily Mail with new recipes, including lamb kebabs and char grilled Cajun turkey.

The 20 recipes in the glossy booklet are based on the 2-Day diet by Dr Michelle Harvie and Professor Tony Howell. A series of recipes are in a new book The 2-Day Diet Cookbook – published 25 April 2013.

The original book includes how the science behind the diet works and how to cut our risk of disease. Read reviews and see more information about The 2-Day Diet: Diet Two Days a Week Eat Normally for Five

Recipes in the glossy booklet:

  • egg, ham and mushroom muffins
  • English breakfast
  • broccoli and bacon soup
  • ham, apricot and camembert rolls
  • beef goulash
  • char grilled Cajun turkey
  • lamb kebabs
  • raspberry pannacotta
  • rhubarb custard
  • hash browns, smoked salmon and poached egg
  • English breakfast wraps
  • roast beef and mustard mayo sandwich
  • chicken mulligatawny
  • beetroot and carrot salad
  • vegetarian cotage pie
  • fish, chips and mushy peas
  • chicken and bacon pasta
  • stuffed pork medallions
  • mini banoffee pies
  • hot cross bun and butter pudding

The Daily Mail this week continues with how to get started on the 2 day summer diet and adds more recipes, including diet meal planners, family meals and dinner parties that have style.

Monday 22 April recipes

  • Smoked salmon omelette
  • Spiced scramble
  • Lemon and mackerel salad
  • Crab melon salad
  • Baked salmon
  • Chicken tagline
  • Blackberry yoghurt ice cream
  • Smoothies
  • Tortillas
  • Grapefruit salad
  • Quinona salad
  • Chocolate mousse

Tuesday 23 April recipes

  • Tomato spinach, ricotta pizza
  • Tuna tomato pasta bake
  • Chilli nacho bake and guacamole
  • Chicken jambalaya
  • Tomato ham and mushroom pizza
  • Rice pudding

Wednesday 24 April recipes

  • Turkey and spring vegetable rissotto
  • Melon mint and pineapple granita
  • Smoked trout fish cakes
  • Sweet and sour chicken skewers
  • Courgette cake

Also, the number of calories you need to eat each non-diet day is shown as a table – very useful.

Thursday 25 April recipes

  • Venison and blackberries
  • Roasted tomato soup
  • Red onion and rosemary bread
  • Berries and hot chocolate sauce

Included today is a guide to maintenance and how to keep at your target weight.

See the new cookbook for recipes that accompany the 2 day diet book. To read more about the new  2 day diet cookbook and see reviews  check out – The 2-Day Diet Cookbook

What is in the original 2-day diet book? Read about The 2-Day Diet: Diet Two Days a Week – Eat Normally for Five   What is in the book?

Register with the Daily Mail to read articles about the diet and recipes in the e paper
Sample pages from the original 2 day diet book at Google

More recipes at THE 2-Day diet in the Daily Mail website

For alternative diets consider diet books 2 day, 5:2, fasting diets

Sunday 28 April  The Fast Diet recipe book Dr Michael Mosley – recipes free in Mail on Sunday 28 April 2013

The overnight diet Dr Caroline Apovian a new twist on dieting that brings many dieting truths into one diet plan.

The 5 2 bikini diet Jacqueline Whitehart 140 recipes





The Dish – New food section in Sunday Times 3 March 2013

Good news, in our favourite Sunday Paper – The Sunday Times – The Dish – a new food and drink section. First edition with 3 March 2013 newspaper.

Should be an excellent addition to an already brilliant Sunday newspaper.

Delia’s cakes free glossy pull out You Magazine Mail Sunday March 3 cake recipes links

Delia Smith presents Delia’s cakes – a free glossy pull out with Mail on Sunday YOU magazine Feb 24 2013 and introduces her new on line cookery school. An additional pull out free with YOU magazine on 3 Mar 2013.

Read reviews and what people are saying about Delia’s Cakes the new book.

The pull out supplements in YOU  magazine features the best of Delia’s cakes over the years with new additions. Remember Delia was here first, she started in the 1970’s, see her book list below.

NOTE: More cake recipes in the supplement free with YOU magazine, 3 March 2013. A 12 page supplement of Delia’s fabulous cake recipes from her new book – Delia’s cakes. See below for more.

The new book is an updated version of the original Delia’s Book of Cakes which was first published in 1977 . It has never ever been out of print since then, due to its popularity. The new cake book – Delia’s Cakes will be the only book of cake recipes you will ever need.

Many favourites are included and new recipes such as Iced Hidden Strawberry Cup Cakes and Chunky Marmalade Muffins are added.

As you can imagine the recipes are tried and tested,easy to follow and delicious!

Delia’s cakes: Exclusive brand-new fabulous recipes

Cake recipes from Delia’s Cakes cookbook: in the Mail on Sunday:

From part II of the pull outs: 3 March 2013

Delia’s new venture includes an on line video cookery school, launches 28 February 2013, see below for video:

Watch a sample video from Delia’s cookery school

The new book Delia’s Cakes – published on the 24 February 2013.

Delia Smith is well known for her cook books and TV shows over the last 40 years, she has been the UK’s best selling cook book writer -having sold 21 million books! Delia is also known for her religious texts

She is also a joint majority shareholder at the Premier League side  Norwich City Football Club.

Read more about Delia  Smith’s life at Wikipedia.

Delia Smith’s cookbooks:

Nigella’s Italian Christmas fabulous festive recipes you magazine

Nigella’s Italian Christmas – fabulous festive recipes. Nigella Lawson.

An exclusive 32 page special pull-out free with You magazine in the Mail on Sunday 25 November 2012.

The cook book Nigellissima is a wonderful guide to Nigella’s secrets, read about Nigellissima reads book reviews and book purchase information.

A really inspiring selection of recipes for Christmas, this is Nigella at her best.

See the recipes links at You magazine Nigella’s Italian Christmas:

Read more at Nigella Lawson Nigellissima in the Mail on Sunday You magazine.

Download the free Nigellissima app, see the new Nigella Lawson app.

Video clips from the BBC:

Nigella Lawson’s new book is Nigellissima  read reviews and book information and to purchase – offers on Nigellissima: Instant Italian Inspiration.

Have a Happy Christmas!!!

For the Kindle, Nigellissima on Kindle.


Episode guides to Nigellissima:

Books and cookware:

Celebrate: Pippa Middleton free pull out in Mail on Sunday 21 Oct 2012

Celebrate: A Year Of British Festivities For Families And Friends (free pull out in Mail on Sunday – You Magazine)
by Pippa Middleton

The new book Celebrate (book offers), published on the 25 October 2012 by Michael Joseph is a 416 page volume, that is finely illustrated and is a beautifully designed book. You will find it is  packed with recipes, crafts and inspirational ideas. The Mail on Sunday has free excepts in a pull out booklet today, 21 Oct 2012.

As Pippa says: “The nurturing of friendship, family and home feels more important than ever to me in a world that sometimes appears to be moving so fast that we forget what really matters.

This sentiment is the basis of Celebrate and it is a guide to entertaining throughout the British year, starting in the most British of seasons, the autumn. Then winter, spring and summer follow. There follows a series of recipes, personal tips, even decorating ideas for Christmas and Easter. Parties, birthdays, weekend brunches, suppers and picnics.

You can read folks’ reviews or buy the new book, at Celebrate – a book by Pippa.

Pippa explains how to prepare successful celebrations and Pippa’s experience makes for easy and affordable ideas. Wonderful little-known facts and historical anecdotes are listed for each occasion.

The Mail on Sunday You magazine has the first excerpts taken from Pippa’s book with a free 24 page pull out in You magazine (21 October 2012) – providing help with ‘A magic Halloween‘ and ‘a brilliant bonfire night‘.

How to set the scene and welcome guests and great food ideas to capture the kids imagination. Get everyone ‘on-board’ at the start! Some lovely recipes and chocolate – I won’t spoil the fun!! Cocktails, fun and games: excellent, inventive, yet simple!

Bonfire Night: 
Creating the right atmosphere, the secret to a great night! Food for a cold night, again excellent ideas, soups, sausages, pies, warming drinks and games for the outdoors.

Next week with the Mail on Sunday:
Celebrate: Pippa’s supper ideas and a traditional Highland Tea.

What does Pippa do?
Pippa Middleton is the editor of The Party Times, the on-line party magazine from Party Pieces. Party Pieces is the UK’s leading on-line party-supply company, founded in 1987. She has organised many events during her career at London-based events company Table Talk, for luxury brand and corporate companies as well as private parties.

Not bad – a nice bottom and Pippa also has good family connections!! Oops!!

The new book cover looks very nice – it reflects the quality of the whole book. The link below provides book details and reviews: