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Michela Chiappa CH4 Simply Italian Program 3 recipes

Michela Chiappa CH4 Simply Italian Program 3 recipes this week Gnocchi with hazelnut, Torta, Pancake Nidi, Tagliatelle. Also Michela finds out how to prepare variations of pasta and a lesson from a relative on how to make torta di patate.

At Home with the Chiappa Sisters: Easy Italian Cooking from the Heart

A recipe link to whet our appetite, gluten-free tagliatelle with chilli and garlic.

Episode three aired at 8.00 pm on BBC2 Monday 13th August 2012, see link below to Michela’s scrapbook and player links.

The Chiappas watch Food Tube recipes on You Tube

Michela Chiappa Made in Italy: Top 10 Classic Dishes

Previous recipes:

See Linguine, Farfalle, Bologne and Ragu recipe on Ch4 scrapbook.

How to cook Ragu, and a visit to many people’s favourite place – Bologna to see specialist pasta. Also, lasagne verdi with walnut and sage pesto.

If you missed the show, follow at 4oD, Simply Italian Series 1 Ep 1 and Simply Italian Series 1 Ep 2  plus Simply Italian Series 1 Ep 3.

Pappardelle with a Gorgeously Rich Ragu from the first progam.

Clip of Tagliatelle with Clams and Cherry Tomatoes from the second progam due 6th August 2012.

Linguine with zesty spring vegetables.

Pasta reale in chicken and chilli broth recipe.

There is no book available until 2013, see link below for information….

Catch up with recipes and video clips, Simply Italian Ch4 Michela Chiappa recipes and Simply Italian Program Two from previous blogs.

See the latest news and recipes in cooking magazines, a subscription is a good gift….