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Gino D’Acampo Sept 2013 Gino’s Italian Escape TV series and cookbook £5

Gino D’Acampo Gino’s Italian Escape TV series and cookbook

Appearing on loose women, Friday morning – Gino has Gino’s Italian Escape book one now £5 published 14 September 2013, Gino’s Italian Escape with Gino returning to his home in Naples and touring southern Italy to reveal amazing Italian food secrets .

The TV series Gino’s Italian Escape, is broadcast 13 September at 8 pm on ITV where Olive trees, cherry picking and the remarkable Italian scenery all add up to a visual treat.

There are six shows each of 30 minutes.

The new series 2014 is just starting… Gino’s Italian Escape series 2

Book Two

Cooking outside the Colosseum in Rome, a visit to the Amalfi coast and Alberobello in Puglia all wonderful experiences.

Sorrento, Italy D7K_4310

Gino is remembering just what Italy has in terms of food and cooking and says it is time for us in the UK to get real. Time to see what real Italian cooking is, not our version of what we think or are told it is. We know what Gino means, when he asks us to get really into authentic Italian cooking – when we visit Italy we experience it for ourselves.

Get a look at Gino’s Twitter

Watch the show while episodes are still on iplayer

Read about the episodes at Radio Times




What about all the parma ham and other authentic foods we try to bring home with us?

In the cookbook Gino captures the flavours, smells and tastes of his homeland in over 100 deliciously simple recipes. We see Pizza, pasta and antipasti dishes, Gino’s classics with a twist such as Honey & Rosemary Lamb Cutlets and Limoncello Mousse.

Gino was born in Torre del Greco, Naples, in southern Italy, and has inherited his grandfather’s love of cooking. He studied at the Luigi de Medici Catering College.

We all know Gino from TV, most particularly the spicy show with Melanie Sykes in Let’s Do Lunch with Gino and Mel, and as a resident chef on ITV’s This Morning.

I just LOVE Italy – so looking forward to this show!!

Also watching Gino on UKTV An Italian in Mexico

Gino in Mexico

Nigellissima – Instant Italian Inspiration: episode 4 recipes Mon 15 Oct 2012

Nigella LawsonNigellissima – Instant Italian Inspiration: 
Series 1 episode 4

Fourth programme, Monday 15 October 2012 at 8:30pm – 9pm on BBC2 and BBC HD  8:30pm

***   The Taste with Nigella Lawson UK CH4 9pm 7 Jan 2014

Nigellissima – An Italian Christmas Monday December 17 BBC2: 8.00 pm recipes

There are 6 episodes in this new inspiring series from Nigella, to-night the fourth episode includes the following recipes:

Nigella Lawson’s new book is Nigellissima  read reviews and book information and to purchase – offers on Nigellissima: Instant Italian Inspiration.

Watch the fourth episode of Nigellissima -link available at 9.00pm Monday.

Prepare the ingredients for the recipes in the fourth episode of Nigellissima.

Would you like the opportunity to meet Nigella? Nigella will be signing copies of her book at stores throughout the UK.

You can view the recipes at BBC2 Nigellissima recipes.

Download the free Nigellissima app, see the new Nigella Lawson app.

Video clips from the BBC:

Typical recipes: from the new cookbook – Nigellissima: Mail on Sunday 9 September 2012 Nigellissima supplement pt 1.  Part One and New Part Two preview links below:

For the Kindle, Nigellissima on Kindle.


Episode guides:

Books and cookware:

Next week the fifth program, Monday 22 October 2012 at 8:30pm – 9pm on BBC2 and BBC HD  8:30pm.

Celebrate: Pippa Middleton free pull out in Mail on Sunday.

For cooks in the USA

For Cooks in Canada

Big Book of Baking The Hairy Bikers

The Hairy Bakers – Big Book of Baking? Si King and Dave Meyers, who we know and love as the Hairy Bikers, with a heart for cooking – this recent cook book shows they have a love and understanding of baking as well. Based on their enjoyment of cooking combined with travel – a real treat for the eyes and good to watch – as we enjoy the interaction of Dave and Si together and also with the folks they meet. Good fun!!

Big Book of Baking Hardback edition          Big Book of Baking Kindle download

So it is off across Europe to visit Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Austria, Italy, France and Spain. A wide ranging journey that must have taken some planning and organisation.

The book was published 1 March 2012, with 256 pages by Weidenfeld & Nicolson.

Cakes, breads and pastries from the various countries are cooked by the bikers and the folks they meet along the way. Visually really good in HD, originally aired on BBC2 Bakeation as the guys motorcycle across Europe.

You can see a repeat of the show, if you stay up late – beginning with Norway on 25 Aug 2012 BBC 1 at 01.40 – so set your SKY+ or digital recorder.

Read all about the recipes, locations and people that the Hairy Bikers meet at the BBC2 Bakeation site. See programme links for the 8 episodes at 1 Norway, 2 Low Countries, 3 Germany, 4 Eastern Europe, 5 Austria, 6 Italy, 7 France and 8 Spain.
So back to the book. The bikers have always been into baking, since their early years as kids. They toured the UK with a baking in Britain series that was very popular.

The recipes are accompanied by details of the folks they met in the different countries and lovely images of the breads, pastries and cakes.

Examples of the recipes include:

  • Jarlsberg Twist Bread, Ryes breads, Flatbreads from Norway
  • Amsterdam caramel cookies, Dutch apple cake, Belgian potato tart.
  • Meat and cabbage buns from Germany
  • Slovak cheesecake, fruit crumble from Slovakia
  • Hungarian layered csasserole
  • Romanian sweet bread
  • Ham souffle from Austria
  • Focaccia, Lemoncello Babas from Italy
  • Provencal bread, madeleines from France
  • Galician pie and various Spanish breads

Make sure you watch the TV series as it is now being repeated!

Overall a value for money cook book, it will keep you busy for some time exploring the recipes and trying them for yourself. We all  love baking, but the smell of fresh bread  is wonderful. Hot from the oven… it is worth the effort, as all cooking is.

The Norway recipes are available on the BBC Food website with a link to recipes from each of the other episodes.
Enjoy, thanks to Dave and Si – putting a smile on our faces!

Nigellissima Instant Italian Inspiration recipes

Nigellissima – Instant Italian Inspiration
Nigella Lawson – the new slimmer Nigella!

She is back….oh yes… it is going to be a big hit – Nigellissima: Instant Italian Inspiration and recipes.

The first episode of the new TV show airs Monday 24 September 8.30 BBC2.

Nigellissima – An Italian Christmas Monday December 17 BBC2: 8.00 pm recipes

Nigella seeks out the essence of Italian cooking and brings the essential simplicity of her own cooking style to the kitchen. Nigella has lived and worked in the fabulous city of Florence and so has sampled Italy at its best. With the ingredients we can now purchase in the local supermarket we can recreate some authentic and wonderful Italian dishes. See reviews of the new cook book and book offers for Nigellissima: Instant Italian Inspiration.

And in her style of providing quick and easy meals – Nigella applies her touch to a number of appetising recipes.

Italy is perhaps where Nigella learned about real food and taste….

Nigella says “I wanted to make a series of my sort of Italian food, inspired by the ethos and the ingredients but fused with the way we live our lives, here, in the UK. I care about ease and accessibility, but I care most about passion and taste and it is these crucial Italian factors, I want to bring to the table and the television!”

NEW: Nigella Lawson: Nigellissima free recipe special with Mail on Sunday 9 September 2012 Nigellissima supplement pt 1. See Part One and due Sunday New Part Two preview.

An exclusive set of 12 recipes from Nigella Lawson’s new book Nigellissima: Instant Italian Inspiration

Buy her new book from Amazon UK post free.. published 13 September 2012.

Kindle USA version available Sept 13 2012


Nigella is back with the ultimate in Italian cooking. The real ethos of Italian cooking brings the spirit of Italy into the kitchen. Fresh food, with real value and delicious flavor – only as Nigella can. See lamb cutlets with chilli and black olives from Nigella Express.

Video introduction to Nigellisima. TV video shoot for new Nigella Mail on Sunday promotion.

Nigellissima has 100 recipes

  • telephone-cord pasta with Sicilian pesto
  • crustless meatzza
  • Sardinian couscous
  • Venetian stew
  • penne
  • papardelle
  • ragù
  • risotto
  • Italian apple pie
  • panna cotta
  • sambuca kisses

Also in the new book is an Italian Christmas that reaches everyone with pure Italian emotion. Remember that the new best selling cookbook Nigellissima is accompanied by a major new BBC TV series due Monday 24 September 2012.

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KIKO cosmetic and skin care




Jamie does Spain, Italy, Sweden, Morocco, Greece, France

A great Jamie cookbook, that covers Spain, Italy, Sweden, Morocco, Greece, France, with some recipe titles listed…

Recipes in the book cover a wide range of menus, a wide variety from different countries as you can imagine. See Jamie does Spain cook book reviews on Amazon, through our accredited book store.

Spain – link to Jamie’s site

Chorizo and Tomato salad

Moorish pork chops

Spanish Gazpacho


Fish in salt

Quail’s eggs and black pudding



Mini Meatballs


Blackened padron peppers

Sticky pine nuts and artichokes

Griddled asparagus

Chorizo and Garlic


Eggs and ham


Fried chorizo and lentils


Chorizo and Chicken livers

Baby clams

Smashed Chickpeas

Baby squid

Patatas bravas

Tortas de acitite

Tinti de verano sorbet

Anchovies, Paprika, Jamon, Green olives, Cheese, Mmebrillo and biscuits, Pimentos de Piquillos, Chorizo, chickpeas and paella rice



Carpaccio and salad

Stuffed corgette flowers

Crispy cured meat and cherry salad

Risotto bianco

Artichoke risotto

Tomato and basil risotto

Pea and herb risotto

Tomato and basil salad


Fried salami

Beef steak, Venetian style

White polenta and beef involtini

Venetian beef stew

Spaghetti vongole

Nini bellini


Spider crabs, Baby clams, polenta and parmesan, asparagus, prosecco and grappa, squid ink, radaicchio di Treviso, wholeweat Bigoli and risotto rice


Swedish meatballs

Split pea soup

Pike pearch and roasted beet salad

Beetrook gravadlax

Crunchy salad

Swedish chicken caeser salad

Pickled herring

Artic char parcels

Pieces in a pan

Jansson’s temptation

Creamy mushrooms

Prawns on toast

Swedish buns

Berry tart

Cured meats, crayfish, mustard and dill, berries, pickled herings, snaps, crispbreads, spices, cheese, salmon


Grilled Sardines

Prawn stuffed fish and vermicelli

Ratatouille briouats


Moroccan fish and chips

Chicken kebabs and avocado dip

Mechoui lamb and carrot and orange salad

Chicken, olive and lemon tagine

Beef tagine

Lamb tangia

Preserved lemons

M’hanncha with date sauce

Sweet couscous

Paprika, cumin, Harissa, lamb, broad beans, olives, dates, preserved lemons, couscous


Greek salad

Stuffed veg

Souvlaki – kebabs

Meat stifado

Lamb fricassee

Aegan kakavia

Shellfish pasta

Barbecued octopus

Dressed Greek greens on toast

Sticky port stew

Gigantes Plaki

Honeyed feta filo pies

Sweet honey and pistachio cake

Octopus, lemons, spoon sweets, wild greens, olive oil, feat cheese, Greek yoghurt and honey, Ouzo, Tomatoes,dried oregano


Steak tartare

Radish salad and cured duck

Pork terrine

Market salad, walnuts and rustic cheese croutons

Warm quail salad

Roquefort salad, warm croutons and lardons

Black truffle omelet

Savoury chestnut crepes

Country chicked and bean soup

Courgette gratin

Pot au feu

Roats lamb with beans

Rosemary prune skewers

Duck confit/on lentils

Creme caramel with roasted persimmons

Tarte tatin

Prune and armagnac ice cream

Walnut, chestnut and chocolate cake

Pumpkin tart


Jamie Oliver cookbook and review