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Episode 2 Roast Shoulder of Pork Jamie’s money saving meals

Episode 2 of 6: Roast Shoulder of Pork Monday 9 September 2013 at 8.00 pm C4

Jamie Oliver Save with Jamie Shop smart, Cook clever, Waste less

Program Two: Roast Shoulder of Pork – Money saving meals for £1.30 on a budget

Great new series and book. New Series Jamie’s Comfort Food

New series with Jamie – Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday night feast CH4 from 10 Jan 2014

In the second episode Jamie is preparing nutritious meals for an average of £1.30 a portion.

Recipes this evening include:

Then following the theme of saving money by making your own take away, Jamie shows a takeaway lover how to make a vegetable korma with cauliflower pilau.

The take away food outlets won’t like it as Jamie can show how to make a take away for a fraction of the price of ordering it.

He also helps a woman put all the meat in her freezer to good use instead of wasting it.

Video clips:

Read more about the new cookbook and see offers at Save with Jamie: Shop Smart, Cook Clever, Waste Less and see Jamie talk about the new book.

Book review Jamie Oliver Save with Jamie

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Next programme is Salmon due Monday 16 September 2013 at 8.00 pm C4, read more at Jamie Oliver Jamie’s money saving meals Episode 3 Salmon recipes

In the UK Save with Jamie: Shop Smart, Cook Clever, Waste Less

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In Canada:  Save with Jamie on the Food Network

Jamie Oliver Jamie’s money saving meals Episode 4 Chicken recipes + links

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Gok Wan Gok Cooks Chinese Ch 4 recipes

Gok Wan – Gok Cooks Chinese

In a popular series by the style guru Gok Wan – Gok Cooks Chinese on channel 4.
This is a six part series, where Gok Wan digs into his Chinese heritage and provides a unique take on Chinese cuisine. As a fashion guru Gok has his own approach to food.

New Series Jamie’s Comfort Food

The cookbook is called Gok Cooks Chinese and is highly regarded by reviewers.

Gok presents recipes for Prawn Wonton Noodle Soup, Fried Rice, Honey-glazed Char Siu Pork, Dim Sum, Street Food, One Pot Wonders and Feasts. The program show us how to select ingredients and cook in a relaxed way, providing help on Chinese cooking skills.
See the Channel 4 guide here

The episodes include : (follow the links to the 4oD player)

Episode OneChinese Classics

Perfect fried rice, that can include a variety of left overs. Hope to use rice cooked the day previously – add eggs.
Gok reminices about the food his family used to cook and fairly moves along to prepare and demistify Chinese culinary.
Fast food to a banquet. Gok’s father a cook, helps Gok with his Cantonese – Char Sui Fried Pork.
Gok prepares stir fried green beans and shrimps.
Then off to the Hakasan restaurant in London and to see how fast a main, Fragrant beef in Black bean sauce can be prepared and sent out to the diner. Gok then show us his version. One minute and 41 seconds.
Next how to select and use a wok.
Spicy stir fried prawns and cashew nuts is the next recipe. Base on the three basic ingredients of flavour, sring onion, garlic and ginger.

Check out Channel 4 for the 4oD player to see the rest of the series:

Episode Two – Dim Sum

Episode Three – Family Favourites

Episode Four – Traditional

Episode FiveStreet Food

Episode SixCelebration Feast


There is a book to accompany the six part TV series. See reviews by clicking the Amazon book link below. Gog attains an excellent 5 star rating overall.





Exploring China – A Culinary Adventure cook book and tv series – Ken Hom and Ching He Huang

Exploring China by Ken Hom and Ching He Huang 100 recipes from our journey.

A new cookbook and tv series from the celebrated master chef of Chinese cooking in partnership with the very talented Ching He Huang featuring 100 recipes from their recent journey around China.

The two chefs arrive in Beijing and then to Sichuan province on their 5,000 mile journey. They visit the older countryside towns and the new megacities. Be ready for an exciting journey and see the innovative and stunning changes in China. We note that Sichuan provence – is the culinary centre of China.

With the recent resurgence of China in the world’s economy and culture, we have always been fascinated by Chinese food. Ken and Ching provide a unique opportunity to see China from the inside with their excellent choice of ingredients, recipes and knowledge of this energised country.

Eat Drink and Cook China – the TV series begins on BBC 2 on the 5 August at 20.00 or BBC HD at 0.00 on 6 August. Each programme is one hour long and there are four episodes.

See a video of Ching cook pork with wild mushrooms and pancakes.


We have a link to Amazon books with their new book at half price and post free.

Watch an Amazon video from Ken and Ching.