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Food Glorious Food A search for Britain’s best home-cooked recipes Wed 27 Feb latest

Food Glorious Food, searching for the ultimate recipe, started Wednesday when we join Carol Vorderman, judge Loyd Grossman, with Tom Parker-Bowles, Stacie Stewart and Anne Harrison as the taste testers, in this new exciting nine episode cooking show.

Watch Food Glorious Food Wednesdays at 8.00pm on ITV.

Food Glorious Food is the search for Britain’s best home-cooked dish, that one superb recipe from the people of Britain and have the chance to have the recipe developed for sale in M&S. A new cookbook will accompany the series.

To read about the new cook book UK edition, see – Food Glorious Food: The Official Cook Book from the ITV Show Containing over 100 of the Nation’s Favourite Recipes (Cookery) and to compare book costs and see where to  buy  Food Glorious Food: The Official Cook Book from the ITV Show.

To see reviews and buy the book click for Canada and the USA.

This new show is the brain child of Simon Cowell, of X Factor fame, where recipes are submitted for the judges – taste testers consideration. Winners of regional heats are then put forward for semi-finals to eventually two that are cooking in a grand final.

The winner will receive £20,000 and a recipe for sale in M&S. Profit from sales of the meal will be given to charity!

Should be good fun! Enjoy!

Articles about the new show in the Daily Mail:

Recipes from the new series from the Daily Mail:

The new book Food Glorious Food cover:

Read the reviews and see more about the UK edition of  Food Glorious Food: The Official Cook Book from the ITV Show Containing over 100 of the Nation’s Favourite Recipes (Cookery) published 23 February 2013, with 256 pages and over 100 recipes from those featured on the TV show.

Episode One: Malvern 27 February 2013
So off we go with the first episode showcasing family recipes from Wales and the Midlands, providing recipes including:

  • sausages in milk
  • classic Welsh cawl
  • Staffordshire oatcakes

In the program the judges will award a rosette if they consider a dish to to be worthy.

We start with Anne Harrison who tries the sausages in milk, blindfolded! No rosette.

Then Pheasant Papikash judged by Loyd Grossman and and yes he awards a rosette.

Then a series of cakes and meringues, not up to a rosette.

Tom then samples the teashop owner’s (Nadine and Andrew) Nan Sandwich pudding cake.

Next Sonia’s Tipsy Tart – Loyd gives a rosette and one for a curry next.

River stir fry is presented to Loyd – but he is not impressed.

No rosettes from Anne yet, so will Terry’s oatcakes do the trick? Yes!

Two contestants present a cawl, which one will win? Tom has to decide,both are so good, they each get a rosette.

Dragon pie is amazing with a chilli bite.

Then a real treat from the students of the Star Bistro – Pimms Summer fruit Jelly. These disabled students are amazing and emotional to watch what these kids can do.

The four judges each then reduce their choice to one from the rosettes awarded.

Tom (Cawl), Stacy (Pimms), Loyd (Paprikash) and Anne (Dragon pie).

Now the four contestants meet up at FGF Judges HQ to create their dishes again to be tasted by Tom, Stacy, Loyd and Anne with only one going through.

Who will win?

Winner:  Star Bistro Pimm’s Jelly

Read more about the first episode in the Radio Times

Episode Two: Devon 6 March 2013
The families from the south-west of England meet in Devon for a place in the semi-finals.

To come:

Episode Three 13 March 2013

Episode Four 20 March 2013

Episode Five 27 March 2013

Episode Six 3 April 2013

Episode Seven Semi-Final One 10 April 2013

Episode Eight Semi-Final Two 17 April 2013

Episode Nine The Final 24 April 2013

In Canada read more Food Glorious Food: Family Recipes for the Nation’s Favourite Dishes (Cookery) sorry, kindle edition for Canada only.

In the USA Food Glorious Food: Family Recipes for the Nation’s Favourite Dishes this Kindle edition USA only.