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Raymond Blanc – Simply Raymond: Recipes from Home – INCLUDING RECIPES FROM THE ITV SERIES

Raymond Blanc – Simply Raymond: Recipes from Home – INCLUDING RECIPES FROM THE ITV SERIES

A new book from the renown TV chef and proprietor of Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, Rayond Blanc takes us on a series of new cooking adventures.

Simply Raymond developed over the lock-down of last year presents us with an array of wonderful dishes.

As the book says: There is also a profound poignancy to this book. Shortly before Raymond finished writing it, his mother sadly passed away. This book is a heartfelt tribute to her, created with passion and thoughtfulness. It is also a testament to the great pleasure derived from stepping into a kitchen, simply to cook simply for others. Something he has done all of his life.

See more of Raymond and his books at Amazon Raymond Blanc’s Amazon page

Recipes include:

* Cod Cassoulet with Chorizo and Mixed Beans
* A Quick Ratatouille
* Cauliflower and Red Lentil Dhal
* White Onion Soup
* Beetroot Salad with Hot Smoked Salmon
* Salade Nicoise
* Tartiflette
* Strawberry and Mascarpone Tart

To see the book on Amazon please check….

Also on ITV channels, catch up with Simply Raymond on the ITV hub

Episode 1 

Join Raymond Blanc as he rustles up delicious dishes. Joining him is Angela Hartnett.

Episode 2

With cheese fondue, celeriac remoulade and a delicate but divine martini on Raymond Blanc’s menu, it’s no wonder that his old friend Nathan Outlaw has popped round for supper.

Episode 3

Raymond Blanc makes an ingenious pea soup and a taste bud-tantalising stuffed pepper.

Episode 4

From his Oxfordshire kitchen, Raymond Blanc shares his favourite French Classics.

Episode 5

Raymond Blanc shares nostalgic dishes from his childhood.

Episode 6

Raymond Blanc transforms classic dishes with herbs and spices fresh from his garden.

Episode 7

Raymond Blanc shares his love of travel.

Episode 8

Raymond shares his love of new produce from the gardens and explains why seasonality is important and why we should all embrace it.

Episode 9

Raymond Blanc shares his archive of recipes.

Episode 10

Raymond shares his favourite romantic meals to treat the nation’s couples.

An excellent series, just love Raymond Blanc!

Enjoy 🙂

Tom Kerridge Proper Pub Food cookbook recipes and watch TV series + links

Proper Pub Food by Tom Kerridge published 29 Aug 2013, 256 pages by Absolute Press

Tom’s food is revealed in all its ‘man-food glory with 100 recipes in the new cookbook Tom Kerridge’s Proper Pub Food (UK) in several sections that includes breakfasts, soups and salads, meat and puddings to have you nourished and happy all day.

In the USA Tom Kerridge’s Proper Pub Food and in Canada a review of Tom Kerridge and Proper Pub Food…..

Program links and recipes below…..

Program One: Food for Friends recipes Mon 8:30pm, 23th Sep, BBC Two 

Tom Kerridge has been famed for winning two Michelin stars in his own pub!!

Tonight Tom shows how to cook dishes at home inspired by British pub classics that are perfect for groups of friends.

Tom cooks a slow cooked shoulder of lamb with pommes boulangere – perfect for a Sunday roast and visits a local brewery to find a beer for his mussels cooked in ale – Tom’s British twist on moules marinieres and a great dish for sharing.

In the kitchen Tom makes a hearty one pot wonder: pollack, chorizo and chickpea stew, inspired by Spanish flavours.

At Maltby Street market Tome enjoys some of London’s best salt beef and then demonstrates how to make a salt beef bagel served with his ultimate pickles.

To finish a creamy plum fool. Food for friends to enjoy!

Recipe links:

To see this episode:

Book stores:

Program Two: Outdoor Food Mon 8:30pm, 30th Sep, BBC Two

Read about Tom Kerridge Outdoor Food

Program Three: Celebratory Food 7 Oct

Program Four: Pub Classics 14 Oct

Program Five: Sunday Lunches 21 Oct

Program Six: Family Food



New cookbook:

See Tom Kerridge Proper Pub Food for cookbook details and for reviews of the book and for alternative cost options refer to Tom Kerridge’s Proper Pub Food

Recipes from the new cookbook:

  • Slow roast duck and braised lettuce
  • Potato pancakes
  • Apple and toffee crumble tart
  • Proper Baked Beans on Soda Bread Toast
  • Warm Tomato, Onion and Bread Salad with Beef Dripping Dressing
  • Fish and Chips with Pear Purée and Tartare Sauce

Tom is originally a West Country chef who started his career in Gloucestershire and then moved to London having worked with the top chefs in Odettes, Rhodes in the Square, Stephen Bull and The Capital.

Tom opened in Norwich a restaurant called The Hand & Flowers in Marlow where he attained a 2 Michelin star rating.

Tom Kerridge talks about upcoming TV show Tom Kerridge’s Proper Pub Food

Tom Kerridge’s Proper Pub Food BBC Two

Tom is expected at the Thame Food Festival on 28th September.

See also Masterclasses – Abergavenny Food Festival


Katie Quinn Davies – What Katie Ate – Recipes and other bits and bobs – excellent recipes

What Katie Ate – Recipes and other bits and bobs by Katie Quinn Davies.
A fine collection of excellent food combinations and succulent recipes!! Recommended cookbook!!! Don’t miss it!!

Published 28 February 2013 by Collins.

Who is Katie Davies?

A good question. Have you heard of the blog, “What Katie Ate”? Katie Davies started out as a graphic designer, who developed (sorry) an interest in food photography. It was soon after this that the blog ‘What Katie Ate’ was born.

Though Katie was born in Dublin, Ireland she is a lucky lady being now based in Sydney, Australia!

This nicely produced book, has the unusual typeface of a typewriter – old style, however the images are wonderful and the food is enticing. The images could so with being printed glossy in my opinion – still a visual treat.

For further information, reviews and low cost offers try What Katie Ate: Recipes and Other Bits and Bobs in the UK.

Purchase options UK, old and new copies of the cookbook, What Katie Ate: Recipes and Other Bits and Bobs.


  • Introduction
  • Tips and tricks
  • Breakfasts
  • Lunches
  • Salads
  • Canapes & drinks
  • Dinners
  • Sides & sauces
  • Desserts
  • Thank you
  • Index

The tips and tricks guide us through using chocolate, chopping onions, alcohol, juicing lemons and limes.

Breakfasts include, banana, strawberry and ginger smoothies, home-made baked beans on toast, buttermilk crepes, breakfast muffins, baked eggs with potato, prosciutto and chilli.

Excellent recipes, absolutely brilliant!!

Lunches with prawns, soups, barbecued peppercorn beef fillet, Irish brown bread with smoked salmon, orecchievette with roast tomatoes….. amazing!

Salads have roasted pumpkin seed and watercress salad, chorizo and potato salad, pearl barley salad with harissa spiced chicken.

Canapes and drinks give us beef and pork sliders, apple ginger and cranberry vodka cocktails, crab cakes and pink mayonnaise… ahh!…..


Simply put, this is a class cookbook and you should really read more reviews than just this blog, check out what Amazon UK customers say about the new Katie Davis book, What Katie Ate.

In the USA What Katie Ate: Recipes and Other Bits and Pieces

and in Canada What Katie Ate: Recipes and Other Bits and Pieces for Canada


Bill Granger Easy

Bill Granger Easy and 10 free recipes

100 strong and laidback recipes from the easy going chef, Bill Granger. View details of the book – Bill Granger Easy. Also a free Kindle edition Discover Bill Granger: 10 Delicious, Taster Recipes from ‘Easy’.

The most important comment made by Bill in his introduction – relates to the fast pace of life – yet the need for relationships – and how food and cooking can bring these seemingly incompatable environments together in a wonderful and meaningful way.

The essesnce of this blog is to help promote family time together, cooking, baking and eating. So we agree whole heartedly with these sentiments.

The cookbook is subdivided into food type -sections, piece of chicken, slab of steak, leg of lamb etc.

Within each section Bill provides a number of recipes that can be prepared from the food type.

Fish as a type can be cooked as –

  • baked fish with capers, potatoes and lemon
  • Spanish fish stew
  • yellow fish curry and cocnut rice
  • pan fried salmon with cucumber and lemon salsa
  • chunky fishcakes

An interesting approach that allows a cook to return to each food type from time to time, but a different style of recipe can be selected and prepared.

The cookbook is beautifully presented with amazing photography!

Comfort food with sausages, pastas, sphagetti, salads with chorizo, cumin and tomato rice.. wonderful fresh, healthy and the best of different countries, sometimes mixed – but always inventive.


Saturday Kitchen – James Martin BBC1 Saturday 25 Feburary 2012

Saturday Kitchen – James Martin BBC1 Saturday 25 Feburary 2012
Quick note we are now on Twitter @cook_bookreview, you can 


James enjoys the company of Ben Tish and Daniel Galmmiche and Susy Atkins select the wine.

Ben Tish is the executive chef of the restaurant Salt Yard, Dehesa and Opera Tavern.

Video of Ben Tish at the Salt Yard.

Ben Tish cooking the Iberico Pork Burger.

Ben has a vibrant passion for Italian food and immerses himself in Spanish cuisine.

His experience includes time at the The Ritz Restaurant in London where he worked under the guidance of  David Nichols He also spent time working with his Skegness compatriot, chef Jason Atherton in Coast, One Lawn Terrace and Frith Street Restaurant, as well as spending three years at the Crinan Hotel in Scotland. It is true to say he has received both national and international acclaim.

Ben’s style include modern Spanish and Italian-style cuisine with a modern edge that includes a wide variety of tapas sharing plates.

Daniel Galmiche was awarded Relais Chateaux Worldwide Rising Chef 2011 and joined The Vineyard at Stockcross as Executive Head Chef in 2009 where he creates wonderfully interesting dishes that are bursting with flavour.

Daniel Galmiche French Brasserie cookbook

Today on SaturdayKitchen,


Jamie does Spain, Italy, Sweden, Morocco, Greece, France

A great Jamie cookbook, that covers Spain, Italy, Sweden, Morocco, Greece, France, with some recipe titles listed…

Recipes in the book cover a wide range of menus, a wide variety from different countries as you can imagine. See Jamie does Spain cook book reviews on Amazon, through our accredited book store.

Spain – link to Jamie’s site

Chorizo and Tomato salad

Moorish pork chops

Spanish Gazpacho


Fish in salt

Quail’s eggs and black pudding



Mini Meatballs


Blackened padron peppers

Sticky pine nuts and artichokes

Griddled asparagus

Chorizo and Garlic


Eggs and ham


Fried chorizo and lentils


Chorizo and Chicken livers

Baby clams

Smashed Chickpeas

Baby squid

Patatas bravas

Tortas de acitite

Tinti de verano sorbet

Anchovies, Paprika, Jamon, Green olives, Cheese, Mmebrillo and biscuits, Pimentos de Piquillos, Chorizo, chickpeas and paella rice



Carpaccio and salad

Stuffed corgette flowers

Crispy cured meat and cherry salad

Risotto bianco

Artichoke risotto

Tomato and basil risotto

Pea and herb risotto

Tomato and basil salad


Fried salami

Beef steak, Venetian style

White polenta and beef involtini

Venetian beef stew

Spaghetti vongole

Nini bellini


Spider crabs, Baby clams, polenta and parmesan, asparagus, prosecco and grappa, squid ink, radaicchio di Treviso, wholeweat Bigoli and risotto rice


Swedish meatballs

Split pea soup

Pike pearch and roasted beet salad

Beetrook gravadlax

Crunchy salad

Swedish chicken caeser salad

Pickled herring

Artic char parcels

Pieces in a pan

Jansson’s temptation

Creamy mushrooms

Prawns on toast

Swedish buns

Berry tart

Cured meats, crayfish, mustard and dill, berries, pickled herings, snaps, crispbreads, spices, cheese, salmon


Grilled Sardines

Prawn stuffed fish and vermicelli

Ratatouille briouats


Moroccan fish and chips

Chicken kebabs and avocado dip

Mechoui lamb and carrot and orange salad

Chicken, olive and lemon tagine

Beef tagine

Lamb tangia

Preserved lemons

M’hanncha with date sauce

Sweet couscous

Paprika, cumin, Harissa, lamb, broad beans, olives, dates, preserved lemons, couscous


Greek salad

Stuffed veg

Souvlaki – kebabs

Meat stifado

Lamb fricassee

Aegan kakavia

Shellfish pasta

Barbecued octopus

Dressed Greek greens on toast

Sticky port stew

Gigantes Plaki

Honeyed feta filo pies

Sweet honey and pistachio cake

Octopus, lemons, spoon sweets, wild greens, olive oil, feat cheese, Greek yoghurt and honey, Ouzo, Tomatoes,dried oregano


Steak tartare

Radish salad and cured duck

Pork terrine

Market salad, walnuts and rustic cheese croutons

Warm quail salad

Roquefort salad, warm croutons and lardons

Black truffle omelet

Savoury chestnut crepes

Country chicked and bean soup

Courgette gratin

Pot au feu

Roats lamb with beans

Rosemary prune skewers

Duck confit/on lentils

Creme caramel with roasted persimmons

Tarte tatin

Prune and armagnac ice cream

Walnut, chestnut and chocolate cake

Pumpkin tart


Jamie Oliver cookbook and review