Nigellissima Instant Italian Inspiration recipes

Nigellissima – Instant Italian Inspiration
Nigella Lawson – the new slimmer Nigella!

She is back….oh yes… it is going to be a big hit – Nigellissima: Instant Italian Inspiration and recipes.

The first episode of the new TV show airs Monday 24 September 8.30 BBC2.

Nigellissima – An Italian Christmas Monday December 17 BBC2: 8.00 pm recipes

Nigella seeks out the essence of Italian cooking and brings the essential simplicity of her own cooking style to the kitchen. Nigella has lived and worked in the fabulous city of Florence and so has sampled Italy at its best. With the ingredients we can now purchase in the local supermarket we can recreate some authentic and wonderful Italian dishes. See reviews of the new cook book and book offers for Nigellissima: Instant Italian Inspiration.

And in her style of providing quick and easy meals – Nigella applies her touch to a number of appetising recipes.

Italy is perhaps where Nigella learned about real food and taste….

Nigella says “I wanted to make a series of my sort of Italian food, inspired by the ethos and the ingredients but fused with the way we live our lives, here, in the UK. I care about ease and accessibility, but I care most about passion and taste and it is these crucial Italian factors, I want to bring to the table and the television!”

NEW: Nigella Lawson: Nigellissima free recipe special with Mail on Sunday 9 September 2012 Nigellissima supplement pt 1. See Part One and due Sunday New Part Two preview.

An exclusive set of 12 recipes from Nigella Lawson’s new book Nigellissima: Instant Italian Inspiration

Buy her new book from Amazon UK post free.. published 13 September 2012.

Kindle USA version available Sept 13 2012


Nigella is back with the ultimate in Italian cooking. The real ethos of Italian cooking brings the spirit of Italy into the kitchen. Fresh food, with real value and delicious flavor – only as Nigella can. See lamb cutlets with chilli and black olives from Nigella Express.

Video introduction to Nigellisima. TV video shoot for new Nigella Mail on Sunday promotion.

Nigellissima has 100 recipes

  • telephone-cord pasta with Sicilian pesto
  • crustless meatzza
  • Sardinian couscous
  • Venetian stew
  • penne
  • papardelle
  • ragù
  • risotto
  • Italian apple pie
  • panna cotta
  • sambuca kisses

Also in the new book is an Italian Christmas that reaches everyone with pure Italian emotion. Remember that the new best selling cookbook Nigellissima is accompanied by a major new BBC TV series due Monday 24 September 2012.

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