Michael Mosley @DrMichaelMosley The Clever Guts Diet: How to revolutionise your body from the inside out

Dr Michael Mosley who is famous for the Fast Diet book has a great new potentially life changing book – The Clever Guts Diet published on 18 May 2017.

The book is now available in stores and on Amazon and it is therapy on two levels –

  1. The diet for helping our microbiome and our long-term health
  2. A fun laughter packed read… worth the money for this alone!!

The Clever Guts new book explains how smart our digestive system actually is and the fact that our gut is really very smart.

Clever Guts?
Our gut contains millions of neurons 100 million of them – there are as many neurons as in the brain of a cat. Also the home to the Microbiome, where an array of microbes influence your mood, weight and immune system.

By feeding our bacteria the right foods and cutting out the bad food we can help our bacteria to fight off disease. Slim people actually have a different set of bacteria in their gut. Junk food, sugar and stress – not to mention lack of sleep all dilute the good bacteria and promote the bad. So looking after yourself is the right thing to do.

For as low a price as £3.85 you can buy the book and if you read the advice and put it in to action – I believe that you should prepare to be amazed by the changes that you will enjoy.

Dr Mosley has discovered that a wide range of foods give more bacterial diversity.

Follow the Daily Mail articles next week for pull-outs each day with recipes and hints, we will add a blog article each day also.

A selection of menus for breakfast, lunches, dinners and treats based on help from nutritional therapist Tanya Boroski and GP Clare Bailey are included in the new book. (More recipes followed in the Daily Mail during the week of publication).

Dr. Mosley in this groundbreaking book studies:

  • what is good gut bacteria?
  • why allergies, food intolerance and obesity are on the rise
  • how to use pre-biotics and pro-biotics,
  • effects of fermented foods and fasting
  • how to adapt to the new ‘clever gut’ diet
  • why sleep is important
  • scientifically proven ways to control your appetite and boost mood

Want a good laugh – buy the book and see how Dr. Mosley swallows a micro camera live to monitor in real time what happens in his gut!

To buy on Amazon – The Clever Guts Diet: How to revolutionise your body from the inside out

The Clever Guts Diet is going to be another best seller and certainly pulls together current knowledge and science on the subject.

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Read reviews, synopsis and see cost to buy on Amazon – The Clever Guts Diet: How to revolutionise your body from the inside out where the best price is £3.85 and for Prime members post free.

Dr Michael Mosley unveils the new life-changing Guts Diet in the Daily Mail, where you can take the healthy gut test.



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