Jamies Comfort Food Jamie Oliver cookbook review

New July 2016 – Jamie cookbook – Jamie’s Super Food Family Classics

Jamie’s Comfort Food from the irrepressible Jamie Oliver delivers cooking of our nations favourite comfort food recipes. The new book is subtitled scrumptious happy classics and contains 100 ‘ultimate’ recipes – to treat the ones we love. The new book from Jamie is published by Michael Joseph and the Penguin Group.


There are a variety of recipe headings in Comfort Food. From – old time favourite Nostalgic recipes, good food for feeling great and pick-me up ideas – right through to those foods that bring enjoyment. This must include family, friends and food.

To read more about the book and costs see Jamie’s Comfort Food

The new book is large and beautifully produced, with 400 pages approx.

With his experience of cooking, food and combining ingredients, his new recipes are the product of years and years of practise. We all know – practise makes perfect. Jamie manages to pull together his best book for a long time. No more austerity cooking – Jamie has sensed the future in this timely book and the future is a positive, enjoyable and happy one. One that has food and family at its heart.

This new age of cooking food, is not one of 15 minute meals, 30 minute meals but as long as one or two hours plus. Amazing – how times and attitudes change.

Examples of the recipes included are:

  • Roasted pork shoulder
  • Beans of toast
  • Hot chocolate
  • Fish and chips
  • Porridge
  • Chicken tikka masala
  • Sausage roll
  • Peanut butter Brownies and jelly
  • Quesadillas
  • Sticky toffee pudding
  • Bloody mary beef
  • Toad in the hole
  • Cassoulet de essex
  • Shepherd’s pie
  • Bun cha bowls
  • Apple pie
  • Pho sure
  • Chicken satay
  • Big British meatballs

Jamie also includes a wonderful drinks section that includes Bellinis and great Gin based pick-me ups.

The photographs are to the usual standard – though I think the quality of the printing could be improved. I guess it is a compromise between what can be afforded and the cost of the book to us the public.

Lots of family and friends included in the photographs.

Good work Jamie, I get the feeling this is a defining book in Jamie Oliver’s career and he is getting on in years- so this is a very mature offering and leaves us with the feeling  – this guy know what he is doing. Not a bad example to follow – if you can!

So try a recipe or two and see how you get on – some links below will help you view clips, episodes and recipes. Please note these links will not be active for the long term and may be removed. Jamie is a very able teacher and chef, so you will find it easy to follow the recipes in the book and cook excellent comfort food.

Invite family, friends and cook some comforting food – do it together – let’s look forward to a good few happy years at last.

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The new book accompanies the TV series starting on Channel four September 1 2014 at 8.00 pm. Read more about Jamie’s new show at The Radio Times

Read about Jamie and he shares his favourite dishes from the series:

Jamie share his favourite dishes from the new series:

  • Jool’s Curry
  • Nan’s Pineapple Chunks
  • Dad’s Marie Rose Sauce
  • Mum’s Shepherd’s Pie
  • Porridge Grandad’s Way
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