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1 Food I grew up with

Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Home Cooking –

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Episode 1: The food I grew upon: Monday 14 October 2013 Channel 4 12.05 pm

The first episode begins with modern versions of the dishes Gordon remembers he loved as a child with his mum helping bring her recipes to the mix.

Welcome to Gordon Ramsay’s home and meet family: Tilly, Jack, Holly Megan wife Tana.

From 17 Gordon has been into food. This series is based on making it easy for all of us in our busy world to create simple, fast and delicious meals. Breakfasts, dinners and lunches.

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Today we enjoy:

  • Baked beans and fluffy potato cakes

Gordon uses bacon, onion, chilli and garlic to season the baked beans. He suggests we use our own bought haricott beans and tomatoes for the sauce. A great idea to use left over boiled potatoes, make a simple dough and use for the fluffy potato cakes.

A great spicy bean treat!

Using pollock for the fish fingers and how to select the best potatoes for the chip butties. Remember to blanch and drain the chips.

Now dinner based on Gordon’s mother’s Shepherd’s pie:

Then dessert:

  • steamed date pudding with butterscotch sauce

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