Get in shape for the summer with @thebodycoach Joe Wicks free in The Mail on Sunday

Recipes – Get in shape for the summer with Joe Wicks @thebodycoach this Sunday in The Mail on Sunday 21 May a free 24 page recipe guide of delicious low-carb recipes free. Based on Joe’s new book he is back with Cooking for Family & Friends, where healthily food can be fun and inclusive for everyone at every occasion. Forget restrictive diets or low-calories, instead get  to spend time cooking for more than one or two people.

Joe Wicks @thebodycoach new look as he strips off for Mens Health magazine July 2017

See the great recipes that are tasty and easy – and designed to keep the whole family lean!

Recipes include: available at the Daily Mail Joe Wicks page

Also included above – recipes from the Daily Mail 28 May 2017 for more recipes from the new book – and the Mail on Sunday for the article on Get lean summer bestselling body coach Joe Wicks

What about exercises? There are none in the book. See Joe’s training videos.

For a choice of offers on the new book at Amazon due 1 June 2017 – please  click to read more about the new book and order a copy of Joe Wicks Cooking for family and friends for half-price.

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