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Ultimate Home Cooking by Gordon Ramsay TV series in the UK USA Canada recipes links updated

Gordon Ramsay Ultimate HOME cooking  TV all 20 episode guide

A new home cookbook by Gordon Ramsay with 120 ultimate recipes and a new TV series of 20 episodes started Monday 14 October Channel 4 in the UK and is being broadcast around the world see below for full details.

New book – The Chiappa Sisters Simply Italian and New Series Jamie’s Comfort Food

This article introduces the new TV series and cookbook and we have an episode guide, with recipes and links below.

You can read about Gordon’s new book published 29 August 2013 UK link – please see book details and revies of Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Home Cooking – and you may like to compare book costs and see where to buy Gordon Ramsay’s Home Cooking book in the UK.

For Australia and New Zealand book offers and information check out our link to cookbooks UK USA Canada Australia N Zealand

Cook Book Store


The new TV series will develop recipes around Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner:

Starting with breakfast, each episode will follow a day in the life of the Ramsay house as Gordon cooks with his children and then eats with his family.

We see a Gordon Ramsay that we heardly ever see! Gordon is so relaxed, patient and enjoying having fun. The new series will be a fun and family time.

Food Network Canada Gordon Ramsay watch TV series Ultimate Home Cookery

There are 20 episodes of Gordon’s Ultimate Home Cooking each covering a specific area:

  • 11: American
  • 4: Big & Bold
  • 5: Classics With A Twist
  • 14: Comfort Food
  • 2: Food For Friends
  • 6: French
  • 7: Healthy
  • 12: Hearty
  • 9: Italian
  • 19: Light
  • 17: Middle Eastern
  • 18: Healthy Recipes
  • 10: Party Food
  • 15: Picnic Day
  • 3: South East Asian
  • 20: Special Occasions
  • 8: Street Food
  • 1: The Food I Grew Up On
  • 16: Thrifty
  • 13: Vegetarian

Fast, delicious home family cooking how to cook practical, delicious meals at home for breakfast, lunch and dinner all from Gordon Ramsay the Ultimate chef and Ultimate home cook! His aim is again to assist ordinary home cooks in building their confidence and to engender inspiration to help us all make practical and delicious meals.


Episode Guide Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Home Cookery TV 

Episode 1: The food I grew upon: Monday 14 October 2013 Channel 4 12.05 pm 

Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Home Cooking Episode 1 The food I grew up with

The first episode begins with modern versions of the dishes Gordon remembers he loved as a child:

Episode 2: Food for friends: Tuesday 15 October 2013 Channel 4 12.05 pm

Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Home Cooking Episode 2 Food for Friends

Today we see the best recipes for sharing:

Episode 3: South East Asian Wednesday 16 October 2013 Channel 4 12.05 pm

Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Home Cookery Episode 3 South East Asian

Today Gordon’s spicing up the food going a bit more exotic by preparing a South East Asian feed including:

Episode 4: Thursday 17 October 2013 Channel 4 12.05 pm

Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Home Cooking Episode 4 Big and bold

Today Gordon goes further with bold food, with recipes including:

  • a croissant stuffed with merguez sausages and fontina cheese
  • a spicy Mexican soup
  • eldest daughter Megan helps to prepare a crispy roast duck with black bean sauce and a Spiced banana tarte tatin

Episode 5: Classics with a twist Friday 18 October 2013 Channel 4 12.05 pm

Gordon Ramsay’s 5 Classics with a twist Ultimate Home Cooking

Gordon has many favourite classic recipes and tonight he adds modern twist, as he prepares:

  • a breakfast dish of boiled eggs with anchovy toast
  • eldest daughter also helps him prepare a stuffed rib of roast beef followed by an Eton mess bombe

To read more about Gordon’s new book, see Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Home Cooking where book offers are available if you would like to purchase a copy.

Another classic TV series from the Optomen stable, see more at Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Home Cooking – Optomen International. There will be 20 one half hour episodes.

Episode 6: French: Monday 21 October 2013 Channel 4 12.05 pm 

Gordon Ramsay’s 6 French Ultimate Home Cooking

Gordon Ramsay’s name is synonymous with French cuisine and this is his greatest success and passion. He is preparing wonderful Gallic recipes including:

  • tuna Nicoise salad
  • the help of his youngest daughter Tilly to create a perfect chicken fricassee with sauteed potatoes
  • lavender creme caramel
  • recipe links

Episode 7: Healthy: Tuesday 22 October 2013 Channel 4 12.05 pm 

Gordon Ramsay 7 Healthy Ultimate Home Cooking

Gordon Ramsay is also aware of the trends towards healthy food. However, if you cook – according to the guidelines of Gordon’s cuise, then you will be healthy. Remember this when you see the fresh ingredients he selects and the way all dishes are contructed from the basic fresh ingredients. So not only healthy but delicious as well.

Today’s selection of healthy meals, includes:

Episode 8: Street Food: Wednesday 23 October 2013 Channel 4 12.05 pm

Gordon Ramsay’s 8 Street Food Ultimate Home Cooking

Outside for a street party and today we enjoy good company and recipes:

  • prawn tostada
  • caramel salted popcorn
  • buttermilk fried chicken
  • recipe links

Episode 9: Italian: Thursday 24 October 2013 Channel 4 12.05 pm

Gordon Ramsay’s 9 Italian Ultimate Home Cooking

Gordon displays his Italian flair by offering an Italian breakfast, lunch and dinner, including:

  • a fennel sausage frittata and griddled sardines with gremolata
  • son Jack helps prepare crostini, beef pappardelle
  • panna cotta with hazelnut brittle
  • recipe links

Episode 10: Party Food Mexican: Friday 25 October 2013 Channel 4 12.05 pm

Gordon Ramsay’s 10 Party Food Ultimate Home Cooking

Spicy Mexican flavours encourage Gordon to offer party food, including:

Episode 11: American: Monday 28 October 2013 Channel 4 12.05 pm

Gordon Ramsay’s 11 American Ultimate Home Cooking

Where would we be without our classic American dish? Gordon spends a lot of time in the USA so he should know the best American foods by preparing:

  • eggs, bacon and hash browns
  • Caesar salad and peanut butter and jam cookies
  • daughter Holly helps to cook barbecued beef brisket
  • recipe links

Episode 12: Hearty: Tuesday 29 October 2013 Channel 4 12.05 pm

This episode sees Gordon cook up hearty food that will sustain us on a winter day.


Episode 13: Vegetarian: Wednesday 29 October 2013 Channel 4 12.05 pm

Today the wonders of vegetarian home cooking and a breakfast that is meat-free, also a lunch and dinner full of flavour and texture.


Episode 14: Comfort Food: Thursday 30 October 2013 Channel 4 12.05 pm

The comfort food is designed to fill our need of something just right after a hard day.

Recipes include:

Episode 15: Picnic Day: Friday 31 October 2013 Channel 4 12.05 pm

This episode helps us prepare picnic food for a great day out.


Gordon’s youngest daughter Tilly is on hand to help with:

Episode 16: Thrifty: Monday 1 November 2013 Channel 4 12.05 pm

Excellent food that doesn’t cost a fortune.


 Episode 17: Middle Eastern: Tuesday 4 November 2013 Channel 4 12.05 pm 

Wonderful yet again with flavour-packed Middle Eastern take on breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Recipes include:

Episode 18: Healthy: Wednesday 5 November 2013 Channel 4 12.05 pm 

Healthy food that we all should be eating.


  • granola for breakfast
  • steamed mussels with cherry tomatoes and pancetta for lunch.

Gordon’s daughter Holly assists with

Episode 19: Light: Thursday 6 November 2013 Channel 4 12.05 pm 

Light food for those times when we ned totake it easy. Maybe this can be a part of a 5:2 diet?


  • sourdough bread and crushed avocado
  • mackerel ceviche with fennel salad
  • griddled chicken with chickpeas
  • lemon and basil granita

Episode 20: Special Occasions: Friday 7 November 2013 Channel 4 12.05 pm 

Last episode, so on to those special occasions.


  • eggs Benedict with crispy Parma ham
  • grilled lobsters with Bloody Mary linguine

Gordon’s son Jack tackles:

  • cook beef fillet with salsa verde
  • chocolate and pistachio semifreddo

Quick Links:


Back ground to Gordon Ramsay

Gordon has 25 years of cooking expertise and is well placed to provide us with his take on what an up to date and with-it cookery course should be. Consider the worldwide chain of restaurants, the Tante Marie School of cookery – a culinary academy of excellence and the career development opportunities Gordon offers. Together with his cooking shows, travel to the US and his widespread talent. This all points to an exciting world of cooking and reveals that Gordon Ramsay’s business acumen and cooking ability is massive! See the new restaurants in Doha and Las Vegas as some of his recent developments and consider the restaurants from Italy to USA.

See Gordon’s restaurant list as a guide.

Cookbook review: Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Home Cookery –

The new cookbook will help us to cope with the demands of family, work and preparing wonderful meals fast. To purchase a copy of Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Home Cooking and our own review at New cook book 29 August 2013, see Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Home Cooking cookbook review

As demonstrated in his Ultimate Cook book series and book, Gordon can fast track us to become more efficient and productive when preparing meals and hopefully help up our skill level in terms of taste and texture when preparing and combining ingredients.


  • Breakfast and Brunch
  • Soups breads and sandwiches
  • Salad for lunch
  • Afternoon pick me ups
  • Kitchen suppers
  • Friends for dinner
  • Puddings

Recipes include:

  • Granola, Bircher muesli, porridge, fruit salad, frittatas, egg and spinach, hash brown baked eggs, potato cakes.
  • Tomato soup with sundries tomato pesto, Gazpacho, Saffron flat bread, Pan Bagnat, beer bread.
  • Caesar salad, Halloumi, Orzo pasta salad, Quinoa salad, Soba noodle salad
  • Lemon and popped seed Madeleine, caramel popcorn.
  • Griddled polenta, lamb koftas, fish fingers, potato and beetroot gratin.
  • Slow braised beef cheeks, salt-crust sea bream, grilled lobster.
  • Beef fillet with salsa Verde, chicken wings, broccoli slaw, stuffed rib of beef.
  • Aperol spritz jelly, granita, spiced banana taste tatin, pear and ginger galette.
Recipes in You magazine:

Recipe links from the Mail on Sunday:

The previous series produced a wide following and Gordon demonstrated that he has the skill to successfully guide us in our quest to become better cooks.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<                            >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Gordon’s previous cookbook Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cooking course is on offer now for £5 !!! see book details – Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course 100 recipes to stake your life on and to compare book costs and see where to buy Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course in the UK.

See previous series details here – Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery coursecourse

Gordon Ramsay Festive Home Cooking

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Giada De Laurentiis Everyday Italian USA TV episode and recipe links

Watch the wonderful chef Giada De Laurentiis in her Everyday Italian series on Cooking channel TV.

Next episode: Roasting Show on Feb 8 at 2pm

A whole pork loin meal, with figs and port, roasted fennel with Parmesan cheese.


Read more and see a recipes for hazelnut pie.

Then: First time dinner party on Feb 9 at 8am

More amazing recipes, Linguine with chicken ragu. Endive and Frisee Salad with Blood Oranges and Hazelnuts, Italian egg soup and Macerated Berries with Sweet Mascarpone Cream.


Who is Glada de Laurentis? Read about Giada’s career and how she made it to a worldwide renown celebrity chef. Did you know Giada was born in Rome?

Season 8: click links for recipes and episode guide

Season 7:

  • Beach Party
  • Foods that refuel
  • Games night
  • Girl’s night in
  • Spicy comfort
  • Romantic dinner
  • Wedding shower
  • Personal Day
  • Meaty Italian meals
  • The lighter side of Italian
  • Meet and mingle
  • Light and healthy seafood dishes
  • Personal chef
  • Wine tasting party
  • Italian fast food
  • Everyday desserts
  • Easy weekend entertaining
  • Pasta potluck
  • Sinful vegetables
  • Stress free Italian

In the USA – Giada’s cookbooks – read more about Giada’s recipes…


USA Cookery store

In the UK –

In Canada –

Great  food……..

Nigella Lawson The Taste USA links recipes

Nigella Lawson – The Taste USA

Nigella Lawson is making a big impact in the USA on the new ABC series The Taste. The program is a new take on food and it is all about Taste.

***   The Taste with Nigella Lawson UK CH4 9pm 7 Jan 2014

Nigella is the famous food wizzo from the UK and her recent series Nigillissima broadcast, Nigellissima – Instant Italian Inspiration: episode 4 recipes Mon 15 Oct 2012.

The Taste has four mentors – the sexy female British food expert Nigella Lawson, chef and Kitchen Confidential  star Anthony Bourdain, restauranter Brian Malarkey and chef and author Ludo Lefebvre.

Book links for each mentor:

Each mentor coaches a team consisting of four amateur and professional chefs – selected from the nationwide call for chefs to take part.

It is the aim of these sixteen chefs to win through with their recipes and dishes – the Taste of each dish being the yes or no to progressing.

The mentors will have blind tastings with no prior knowledge of the dish and the chefs will face different culinary challenges to test their abilities.

See who was selected as a contestant on the Taste: Adam (chef Kez), Sarah, Kyle, Khristainne, Jeanette, Todd, Renatta, Markus, Mai, Nathaniel, Ninamarie & Paul, Sieger, Cynthia, Micah, TJ, Diane, Sean, Renee, Lauren.

In the United States and Canada the show begins with a two hour audition on ABC and CBS at 8.00pm. Channel 9 Australia and the UK soon after. ABC has ordered eight episodes from production company Seven One International. On Channel 4 in the UK

Solid debut ratings for The Taste.

Recipe of the Week: Nigella’s Eggs in Purgatory

Anthony Bourdain is making a new travel series for CNN, scheduled to air in early 2013.

In the first show Nigella wowed the audience and flirted with the mentors…..where to buy that red dress! The dispensary in Kensington, London. More on Nigella’s website.

Daily Mail UK Nigella Lawson wows America with her £175 plunging ‘wiggle’ dress… and sparks sales frenzy at the tiny West Country store

For more links at ABCs The Taste, click here.

In the USA watch the first episode of the Taste again.

For cooks USA

For Cooks Canada

Watch on ABC in the USA for the latest developments each TUESDAY 8|7c.

Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course @gordonramsay 100 recipes to stake your life on cookbook – watch TV episodes recipes full guide

Super – Jamie cookbook – Jamie’s Super Food Family Classics see more on Google search

Series and cookbook guide for Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course 100 recipes to stake your life on Kindle edition at Amazon

Black Friday

Thanks for reading this article, enjoy the book and the show!

Congratulations to Gordon Ramsay, this has been an excellent series and great cook book. Great viewing also and Gordon is so full of energy – to inspire us and get us cooking – the approach adopted in the book and series will succeed in teaching you how to cook so much better. Surely this is raising the standard for the home chef ? So- let’s go with Gordon!

Jump down to the TV guide…..



A quick note about Gordon’s book that accompanies the series, you may find it helpful to know what is in the book:

Some links for the latest healthy cooking ideas:

Cookbook store for all types of books on cooking

Some new approaches to healthy eating:

Lorraine Pascal Eating Well Made Easy published 27 August 2015
Simply Nigella Feel Good Food published 8 Oct 2015
Jamie Oliver Everyday super food

To read about the cook book from £5 inc post wow! Have a look – see book details – Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course 100 recipes to stake your life on and to compare book costs and see where to buy Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course

Also, there are video replays available on the net:

To view video replays of Gordon’s ultimate cookery course in Canada and to review the new book and purchase in Canada – Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Cookery course

In the USA see Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Cookery Course on BBC America and you can read American cookbook reviews at Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate cookery course USA

Dining and kitchen goods – In the Kitchen USA 

In the UK see details of the next Gordon Ramsay series Home cook with Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Home Cooking – TV series 14 Oct 2013 episodes1-11 recipes links


OK!! For Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Cookery Course – read on…  links to recipes and watch again in the UK  and Canada (some links may be removed over time!)

Well the series has come to an end in the UK and is being broadcast now in Canada. I think it has been received very well indeed by almost everyone. Certainly yes – Gordon is back and Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course the cookbook has become a best seller for the past couple of months and for Christmas. The new cook book partners closely the recipes found on the TV series (now completed airing on Channel 4). A guide to the episodes – recipes and video clips can be seen listed below.


Scroll to recipe links below or see recipes on Channel 4 scrapbook links via episodes 1-20  guide.

The 20 episodes of 30 minutes in Series One, at 5pm – 5.30pm Channel 4 and HD, 6pm – 6.30pm Ch4 +1 are now completed. Each episode teaches about a different area of cooking.

You can still follow the episodes of Series One – by watching the episodes on 4oD or try Dailymotion.

Aired for four weeks, see progamme details:
Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course new series on Channel 4
Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course TV episodes Each week day at 5.00pm on Channel 4 Series 1. See episode information for each evening… Continue reading →

Back ground to Gordon Ramsay – Gordon has 25 years of cooking expertise and is well placed to provide us with his take on what an up to date and with-it cookery course should be. Consider the worldwide chain of restaurants, the Tante Marie School of cookery – a culinary academy of excellence and the career development opportunities Gordon offers. Together with his cooking shows, travel to the US and his widespread talent. This all points to an exciting world of cooking and reveals that Gordon Ramsay’s business acumen and cooking ability is massive! See the new restaurants in Doha and Las Vegas as some of his recent developments and consider the restaurants from Italy to USA. See restaurant list below as a guide.

The new series is a serious hit, view the episodes and see what you think. We can pick the episodes we are interested in individually or try and keep up with the complete series.

The new book is now published (30 August 2012) and you can see a review of the new cookbook here Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate cookery course – 100 recipes to stake your life on and there are good offers to purchase the book post free – you can scroll down for a related video when you click the link.

Gordon’s cook book provides home cooks with the confidence and knowledge to get into the kitchen and get the oven on. It is a reference book of great detail and all of Gordon’s skills and experience is brought to the series and the cookbook to help save us time and produce great – no – wonderful food.  As it is tied into the TV series on CH4 and can offer guidance on how to bake, roast and slow cooking, also, breakfast, brunches and suppers. There is so much more…. as below…

Monday 10 September 2012
Series 1 Episode 1 Getting Started (click for recipe search on YouTube)
Brief synopsis and recipes episode 

Tuesday 11 September 2012
Series 1 Episode 2 Keeping it Simple (click for recipe search on YouTube)
Brief synopsis and recipes episode 2

Wednesday 12 September 2012
Series 1 Episode 3 Cooking with Chilli (click for recipe search on YouTube).
Brief synopsis and recipes episode 3

Thursday 13 September 2012
Series 1 Episode 4 Cooking with spice (click for Channel 4 recipe scrapbook)
Brief synopsis and recipes episode 4

Friday 14 September 2012
Series 1 Episode 5 Ultimate food on a budget (click for Channel 4 recipe scrapbook)
Brief synopsis and recipes episode 5

Monday 17 September 2012
Series 1 Episode 6 More ultimate food on a budget (click for recipe search on YouTube)
Brief synopsis and recipes episode 6

Tuesday 18 September 2012
Series 1 Episode 7 Stress free cooking (click for recipe search on YouTube)
Brief synopsis and recipes episode 7

Wednesday 19 September 2012
Series 1 Episode 8 Making it Easy (click for recipe search on YouTube)
Brief synopsis and recipes episode 8

Thursday 20 September 2012
Series 1 Episode 9 Real Fast Food (click for recipe search on YouTube)
Brief synopsis and recipes episode 9

Friday 21 September 2012
Series 1 Episode 10 Street food classics (click for Channel 4 recipe scrapbook)
Brief synopsis and recipes episode 10

Monday 24 September 2012
Series 1 Episode 11 Baking (click for recipe search on YouTube)
Brief synopsis and recipes episode 11

Tuesday 25 September 2012
Series 1 Episode 12 Better Baking (click for recipe search on YouTube)
Brief synopsis and recipes episode 12

Wednesday 26 September 2012
Series 1 Episode 13 Ultimate slow cooking (click for recipe search on YouTube)
Brief synopsis and recipes episode 13

Thursday 27 September 2012
Series 1 Episode 14 Slow cooked favourites (click for recipe search on YouTube)
Brief synopsis and recipes episode 14

Friday 28 September 2012
Series 1 Episode 15 Brunches (click for recipe search on YouTube)
Brief synopsis and recipes episode 15

Monday 1 October 2012
Series 1 Episode 16 More Brunches (click for Channel 4 recipe scrapbook)
Brief synopsis and recipes episode 16

Tuesday 2 October 2012
Series 1 Episode 17 TV Dinners (click for recipe search on YouTube)
Brief synopsis and recipes episode 17

Wednesday 3 October 2012
Series 1 Episode 18 Simple Suppers (click for recipe search on YouTube)
Brief synopsis and recipes episode 18

Thursday 4 October 2012
Series 1 Episode 19 Cooking for Special Occasions (click for recipe search on YouTube)
Brief synopsis and recipes episode 19

Friday 5 October 2012
Series 1 Episode 20 Special salads and fabulous fruits (click for recipe search on YouTube)
Brief synopsis and recipes episode 20

See also Wikipedia for Gordon Ramsay

In the USA:

Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course on BBC America

Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares BBC America

Gordon Ramsay’s F-Word BBC America

Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Christmas BBC America

The cookbook has 100 recipes from the modern to the classics.

Recipes include:

  • salads, Green bean salad with mustard dressing
  • noodle dishes
  • Bacon, pea and goat’s cheese frittata
  • Tuna fishcakes, Thai style, Spicy tuna fish cakes
  • lasagne
  • chillies
  • Chicken with garlic and chestnut stuffing
  • slow cooked lamb
  • pork chops
  • stuffed lamb
  • Spaghetti with chilli, sardines and oregano
  • pork belly
  • chicken tacos with cucumber pickle
  • Blueberry and ricotta pancakes with yoghurt and honey
  • beef short rib with star anise, chilli and lime
  • chipotle salsa
  • sea bream
  • jerk sausages

Select UK cookware for the ultimate kitchen



Gordon himself says “I want to teach you how to cook good food at home. By stripping away all the hard graft and complexity, anyone can produce mouth-watering recipes. Put simply, I’m going to show you how to cook yourself into a better cook.”

You can see the latest reviews of Gordon’s new book, video and offers, by following our Amazon link to the revolution in cooking courses – that Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course – 100 recipes to Stake your life on represents. To have this exciting take on cooking delivered directly to your home in just one or two days see the link below. (Please remember that you can make savings with the free postage offer compared to other sites that add postal charges on to the book cost).

The TV show was on Ch4 in the UK and there is a Gordon Ramsay scrapbook available to keep an eye on his recipes. You can see Gordon’s scrapbook here though recipes are limited.

David Beckham and Gordon Ramsay to open new restaurant in London 2013!

Gordon Ramsay’s output prolific and his TV shows in Canada include:

One Potato Two Potato jointly with optomen have developed the new show and there will be 20shows with each program dedicated to a different area of cooking. Tips and tricks included with a cheeky style that is our one and only Gordon Ramsay.

Great education and entertainment for tea time.

I hear he will feature in Hotel Britannia, where he and Mary Portas will open a hotel and with other celebs train unemployed young people to run it!!1

In the USA Gordon has a hit with Gordon Ramsay Hotel Hell USA.
To get an idea of Gordon’s experience and 25 years in the business consider his empire, in the Gordon Ramsay Restaurants Worldwide list:


Restaurant Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay at Claridges
The Savoy Grill
Maze – Gordon Ramsay
Maze Grill
Foxtrot Oscar
Gordon Ramsay Plane Food
York and Albany
Bread Street Kitchen
The Narrow
York and Albany Hotel

USA – Las Vegas NEW

Gordon Ramsay Steak, Las Vegas

NEW Dec 2012 Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill in Caesar’s Palace

NEW Dec 2012 Gordon Ramsay BURGR in Planet Hollywood

USA – New York

Gordon Ramsay at the London
The London Bar
Maze by Gordon Ramsay at the London

USA – Los Angeles

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay at the London West Hollywood, Los Angeles


Gordon Ramsay at the Ritz Carlton Powerscourt

France – Versailles

Gordon Ramsay au Trianon
La Veranda

Italy – Siena

Gordon Ramsay at Castel Monastero, Tuscany


Gordon Ramsay at Fortevillage

Japan – Tokyo

Gordon Ramsay at the Conrad, Tokyo
Cerise by Gordon Ramsay, Tokyo


Gordon Ramsay St Regis, Doha
Opal, Doha

A remarkable list of restaurants and such is Gordon’s skill he can manage this empire and make numerous TV shows…. I stand in awe….



If you are reading this in the US thanks, you can see cook books and kitchen products for review here

Cooking offers in Amazon for the USA – see our USA store

Home and Kitchen – dining, appliances, furniture

Our Canadian visitors can visit our cook book store via Canada’s best selling cook books

Kitchen, Dining and Cookware thru Amazon


NEW: Gwyneth Paltrow – Its all good Delicious easy recipes that will make you look good and feel great in YOU magazine

Nigellissima from Nigella Lawson

Food Glorious Food A search for Britain’s best home-cooked dish Wed 27 Feb 2013

@cook_bookreview       New Cook Book Review Food Blog

@ddawsonphoto             David Dawson Photography

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USA cooking and cookery

USA cooking trends

Hi everyone, we are pleased to add USA links and cookbooks to our cookbook review blog.

Kitchen & Housewares

Cookbooks – Books

Kitchen & Housewares
Grocery & Gourmet Food
Food & Gourmet Magazines

Cooking programs on UK TV next week 1st December 07

The next few weeks up to Christmas have a number of interesting cookery programs.

Daily               UKTV Food

                        Nigel Slater’s Real Food

                        Antony Worrall Thompson

                        Rick Stein’s Fruits of the Sea

                        Rick Stein’s Seafood Odyssey

                        James Martin Yorkshires Finest

                        Rachel Allen Rachel’s Favourite Food for Living

                        Two Fat Ladies

                        Gary Rhodes’s New British Classics

Iron Chef

                        Oz and James’s Big Wine Adventure France

8.00 pm           Market Kitchen ~ New!                      Tana Ramsay and Tom Parker Bowles




Saturday        1st December 2007


10.00 am         BBC1 

Saturday Kitchen                                James Martin

                        Sam Clarke and Michael Caines with Rick Stein and Antonia Carluccio


11.30 am         BBC1 

Rachel’s Favourite Food                     Rachel Allen

                        East Asian dishes, crab and prawn soup


12.00 am         ITV    

Saturday Cooks!                                 Anthony Worrall Thompson

                        Ed Baines and Jo Pratt



Sunday           2nd December 2007


10.00 am         BBC2 

                        Something for the Weekend               Tim Lovejoy and Amanda Hamilton

Monday          3rd December 2007


3.00 pm           ITV1 Daily

                        Rosemary Shrager’s School for Cooks  Rosemary Shrager


8.30 pm           BBC2

                        Nigella Express                                   Nigella Lawson

                        12/13   Razzle Dazzle

Tuesday          4th December 2007



8.00 pm           BBC2

                        6/8 Oz and Jame’s Big Wine Adventure        Oz Clarke and James May

                        Napa ValleyCalifornia, Tattinger


8.30 pm           BBC2

                        6/8 In Search of Perfection                 Heston Blumenthal

                        Chilli con carne, WashingtonDC

9.00 pm           Channel 4

6/8 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares     Gordon Ramsay

The Fish and Anchor restaurant, Wales.

Coming up for Christmas, 23rd December 7, Jamie Oliver Christmas at Home Special and prior to that Nigella Lawson’s Christmas Kitchen.

Top 15 ~ Best selling Cookbooks by Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson, Rachel Allen, Gary Rhodes, Rick Stein, Marco Pierre White, James Martin, Gordon + Tana Ramsay and Anjum Anand

There is a tremendous interest in tv cookery programs at the moment, and we all love to watch our chefs show their skills. For us finding new recipes and new ways of cooking are exciting. This blog tries hard to keep up to date with the new tv shows, when they are on and comments about them and as a way of helping you select the show or shows you want to watch.

We realise many cooks put out cookbooks to accompany their shows and as many folks would like to buy the cookbooks that accompany a particular tv program we would like to offer you the widest selection we can. To service that need we have links to Amazon with very good and fair prices, also free postage for orders over £15. An avalanche of cookbooks are tumbling out and if you are interested in buying one of the new cook books then by following the links below you can read the customer reviews.

So apologies for the lengthy list!!

Cook Yourself Thin ~

Rachel Allen ~ Rachel’s Food for Living

Indian Food Made Easy ~ Anjum Anand

Rick Stein ~ Mediterranean Escapes

Jamie Oliver ~ Jamie at Home

Gordon Ramsay ~ Gordon Ramsay’s Fast Food

Nigella Lawson ~ Nigella Express

Indian Every Day ~ Anjum Anand

Marco Pierre White ~ The Devil in the Kitchen

Tana Ramsay ~ Tana Ramsay’s Real Family Food

Nigella Lawson ~ How to be a Domestic Goddess

James Martin ~ Desserts

James Martin ~ The Great British Village Show Cookbook

Hell’s Kitchen ~ Marco Pierre White

Feast ~ Nigella Lawson

Marco Pierre White ~ White Heat

Bill Granger ~ Holiday

Antony Worrall Thompson ~ Real Family Food

Heston Blumenthal ~ In Search of Perfection II

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall ; Nick Fisher ~  The River Cottage Fish Book

James Martin’s Great British Collection – James Martin

Anthony Worrall Thompson ~ Saturday Cook Cookbook

Jean Christophe Novelli ~ Everyday Novelli

Nigella Express ~

Nigella Express book offer £12.49.

Nigella Lawson ~ How to be a Domestic Goddess

Feast ~ Nigella Lawson

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More about Bill Granger at UKTV Food.


Rick Stein and Meditteranean Escapes.

There is a new Saturday Kitchen book available:

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Gordon Ramsay ~

Rachel Allen

I see that a new book is available from Marcus Wareing and Ken Hom called Cook Simply Everything

 which includes recipes from the following chefs:

Marcus Wareing, Paul Gayler, Shaun Hill, Michael Romano, Atul Kochhar, Ken Hom, Christine Manfield, David Thompson, Dan Lepard , Pierre Herme

Recipes ~ Nigella Express ~ Nigella Lawson ~ Food Network

Nigella Lawson ~ Recipes ~ Food Network ~ Nigella Express

Nigella Express has started on the Food Network in the US, this is a great series and the recipes are all fast and simple. The series is accompanied by a beautifully produced book. There are around 130 recipes in the book.

For some sample recipes follow the links below:

Nigella Express from AMAZON US for $23.10 and Nigella Express cookbook from AMAZON UK for £12.49

Programs and recipes ~

Everyday Easy ~ 7th October 07 and 30th December 07.

Recipes (Nigella)~

 Caramel Croissant Pudding
 Crispy Squid with Garlic Mayonnaise
 Mustard Pork Chops
 Roast Poussin/Cornish Hen and Sweet Potatoes

Against The Clock ~ 14th October 07

Nigella's Recipes ~

 Chick Peas with Rocket and Sherry
 Curry in a Hurry
 Instant Chocolate Mousse
 Flash-Fried Steak with White Bean Mash
 Scallops and Chorizo
 Prawns/Shrimp with Maryam Zaira Sauce

Get Up and Go

Hey Presto ~ 21st October 07

Nigella's Recipes (Nigella Lawson) ~

 Linguine with Lemon, Garlic and Thyme Mushrooms
 Marsala Honey Pears with Gorgonzola
 Lamb Cutlets/Rib Chops with Chili and Black Olives
 Chocolate Macaroons
 Budino Di Cioccolato
 Pollo alla Cacciatora
 Amaretto Syllabub

On The Run ~ 28th October 07

 Nigella's Recipes (Nigella Express) ~

Sesame Peanut Noodles
 Rocky Road Crunch Bars
 Buttermilk Roast Chicken
 New Orleans Coleslaw
 Pea and Pesto Soup
 Mini Meatloaves
 Mortadella Pasta Salad
 Hokey Pokey

Instant Calmer ~ 4th November 07

 Nigella's Recipes (Nigella) ~

Chicken Mushroom and Bacon Pie
 Doughnut French Toast
 Noodle Soup for Needy People
 Rapid Ragu

Razzle Dazzle ~ 11th November 07

Parties, oh yes and they don't come any faster than this!

Book Offers ~

Nigella Express from AMAZON US for $23.10

Nigella Express cookbook from AMAZON UK for £12.49


More about Nigella and more about the show.

Bonus Recipes ~ Roquemole and Chocolate Mint Cookies.


Bobby Flay ~ Iron Chef America and Food Network ~ Video Recipes and Books

Bobby Flay is the famous US chef and restaurant owner. He was born in Manhattan, NY and began his career with Joe Allen, in his restaurant in the Theatre District. Later on Bobby studied at the French Culinary Institute and was to partner with a number of restaurant owners. His restaurants include Bolo, Mesa and Bar Americain, details are listed below. Lucky New York (and Las Vegas). Most of his TV shows have been shown on the Food Network. Bobby Flay recipes and book reviews at Amazon


Follow the link for Bobby's Food Network Recipes. 


He appears regularly on TV, including resident chef on CBS The Early Show, watch every Thursday for Bobby's cookery demonstration, click for Bobby Flay's Early Show video recipes and for other recipes on CBS The Early Show, click recipe links.


A number of tv shows are still available ~ Iron Chef America.


Iron Chef America ~Show today Cora vs Tarbell


Other shows ~

Boy meets grill  Boy meets Grill where fav NYC locations are the background for an outdoor cooking session.

Food Nation

BBQ with Bobby Flay

Throw down with Bobby Flay


Visit Bobby Flay’s website for recipes using Pork through to seafood. 


 His restaurants include, the Mesa Grill, Bolo and Bar Americain.


Mesa Grill NYC, 102 Fifth Avenue, New York City, 212.807.7400

Mesa Grill Bahamas, The Cove Atlantis, Paradise Island, 242.363.6925

Mesa Grill Las Vegas, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, 702.731.7731


Bar Americain, 152 West 52nd Street, New York City, 212.265.9700

Bobby Flay Steak, Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa, Atlantic City, 866.692.6742

Bolo 23rd East 22nd Street, New York City

   Book by Bobby Flay (MESA due Oct 07) ~







 More Chefs recipes and Amazon links ~


Giada De Laurentiis , Paula Deen, Rachael Ray, Mario Batali, Jamie Oliver, Alton Brown , Sandra Lee , Rocco DiSpirito 


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Best Selling Chefs and Popular US Cooks and Recipe Links

Best Selling and Popular US Cooks and Recipes

Now at last the summer is ending and the onset of fall is due, we can find ourselves in the kitchen cooking a meal for the family. There is no better way to spend time together, perhaps a weekend or an afternoon. There are many sources of inspiration, tv chefs, cookbooks and magazines.

I thought it may be a help to review some of the popular US cooks and their recipes. At the moment amongst the many popular US Chefs, we have  Bobby Flay, Giada De Laurentiis, Paula Deen, Rachel Ray, Mario Batali, Jamie Oliver, Alton Brown, Sandra Lee and Rocco DeSpirito

Paula Deen and Rachel Ray are popular around the world. Ina Garten's Barefoot Contessa is now a prime tv program on the UK's UKTV Food channel. 

What helps when cooking is the best of ingredients, as fresh as possible, good recipes and I believe we need the best of utensils and appliances. Cooking with ovens that are not easy to control can undo all the preparation and hard work in the kitchen. For access to some wonderful gourmet foods, please select this Gourmet Food link, as list of the foods available is given below.

So I hope these recipe links help provide some new ideas and provide pleasant food.

A guide to these famous chefs with links through Amazon (US site) to recipes and book reviews, can be found by selecting one of the links above or by clicking Fall cookingThere are forty recipes to explore, see links below ~

You may also like to research the Rachel Ray product range, Rachel has a line of knives and cookware at the Rachel Ray store.

Our US gift store expnds the range of items available (including books, music, electronics and home appliances).

For the UK, please select our UK Gift store.


Gourmet foods: Select from ~

Baking Supplies, Beverages, Bread, Candy, Chocolate, Coffee & Tea, Cookies, Dairy Foods & Eggs, Desserts, Fruits & Vegetables, Gourmet Cheese, Jams, Jellies & Preserves, Meat, Game & Pâtés, Oils, Vinegars & Salad Dressings, Pasta, Beans, Grains & Rice, Prepared Meals, Restaurant Gift Certificates, Salsas & Condiments, Seafood & Caviar, Seasonings, Herbs & Spices, Snack Food, Soups & Stocks.