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Rick Stein’s India 2 Mumbai BBC2

TV series and book, Rick Stein’s India.

Episode 2 Mumbai Monday 24 June 2013  BBC2 at 9.00pm

In Mumbai the search continues . this evening bombii a fish.

The Parsee community and their cuisine.

Then Pondicherry and fusion cooking, southern Indian dishes and French influences.

In Mamallapuram a superb fish curry. Rick cooks a sali murghi dish based on a Parsee dish.


Read more and see reviews Rick Stein’s India UK (book  and review link available please bookmark link and check back later, or add to wish list) In the US Rick Stein’s India and in Canada Rick Stein’s India for review in Canada

Book background:

Want to discover the world of curries? Rick Stein’s India: The Search For The Perfect Curry is the new book and then a tv series due soon on BBC2.

Rick is intent on finding the perfect curry and seeks new dishes by going to India to seek out the curries we have never seen before.

For tv – Rick visits Calcutta, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Rajasthan and The Punjab.

A final tv episode sees a taste off in Bradford to see how folks react to Rick’s newfound recipes.

Rick Stein says: “No other food that I know gives the taste buds such a roller coaster ride long before you’ve even entered a restaurant. No wonder we, as a nation, have taken this amazing multi layered and multi-cultured food for our own. My gastronomic journey celebrates the best from the world of curry and dispenses with some of the myths – just the thought of flying to the Indian sub-continent to start filming is making my mouth water.”


Masterchef The Finalists 2013 Natalie Coleman, Dale and Larkin cookbook

Masterchef The Finalists 2013 cookbook and recipes from the three finalists.

With Natalie Coleman, Larkin Cen and Dale Williams.

This fine book will be published on 24 Oct 2013

Featuring the three finalists of the 2013 MasterChef series have developed their recipes into a wonderfully flavourful set of 90 recipes, fine dishes that you can try at home.

There are 15 recipes from each finalist that they created during the programme and a further set of 15 new recipes from each contestant. Read about the background and profile of the talented contestants, as well as their journey to the final of the prestigious amateur competition. Every delicious recipe is beautifully photographed in what is surely the best ever tie-in to the MasterChef TV series.

After Natalie won the competition – she has landed a role in Marcus Wareing‘s prestigious restaurant The Berkeley in London’s Knightsbridge. Well done Natalie!



Cooking TV programmes 12 Jan to 19 Jan 2013

Cooking TV programs 12 Jan to 19 Jan 2013

Saturday 12 Jan 2013

BBC1       10.00am Saturday Kitchen Live –       James Martin, Peter Lloyd and Adam Byatt

BBC1       11.30am The Good Cook         A Pasta Dish

BBC2       12.00am Indian Food Made Easy 2/6                 Anjum Anand

Sunday 13 Jan 2013

BBC2       9.30am Saturday Kitchen Best Bites      James Martin

Monday 14 Jan 2013

Ch4         12.05pm Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals      Swedish Meatballs    Jamie Oliver

BBC2         9.05pm MasterChef the Professionals

Tuesday  15 Jan 2013

Ch4         12.05pm Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals      Green Tea Salmon                 Jamie Oliver

Ch5         7.00pm Great Northern Cookbook 2/4    Sean Wilson

BBC2         9.05pm MasterChef the Professionals

Wednesday 16 Jan 2013

Ch4         12.05pm Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals      Grilled Steak           Jamie Oliver

BBC2         9.05pm MasterChef the Professionals

Thursday 17 Jan 2013

Ch4         12.05pm Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals      Pork Steak   Jamie Oliver

BBC2         9.05pm MasterChef the Professionals

Friday 18 Jan 2013

Ch4         12.05pm Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals      Rosemary Chicken           Jamie Oliver

Ch4         12.35pm River Cottage Veg Heroes      Stir fry           Hugh Fearngley-Whitingstall

Rick Steins Cornish Christmas BBC1 5 Dec 2012 recipes

Rick Stein’s Cornish Christmas

Two back to back episodes of the wonderful Rick Stein’s series based in Cornwall.

In this programme Rick Stein takes us on a Christmas journey in the county of Cornwall, enjoying music, food and drink from the county.


More information from the first broadcast in December 2010:

Rick Stein has many books and videos, he has been on TV and has authored many cook books, to read more, select the appropriate link below:

Rick Stein’s Spain: 140 New Recipes Inspired by My Journey Off the Beaten Track
Rick Stein’s Far Eastern Odyssey
My Kitchen Table: 100 Fish and Seafood Recipes
Rick Stein’s Seafood
Rick Stein’s Mediterranean Escapes
Rick Stein’s French Odyssey : Complete BBC Series [DVD]
Rick Stein’s French Odyssey
Coast to Coast: Food from the Lands & Sea Inspired by Travels Across the World
English Seafood Cookery (Cookery Library)

Paul Hollywood how to bake recipe guides free with Daily Telegraph 13 -19 Oct 2012

Paul Hollywood: How to Bake – baking guides free with the Daily Telegraph this week. A seven day series of recipes from Paul – 50 recipes.

Paul Hollywod’s Bread free 40 page booklet in Daily Telegraph 16 + 17 March

Paul Hollwood is an artisan baker and celebrity chef, he has been head baker at a number of hotels around the UK. He now provides artisan products to the main UK speciality stores, including Harrods. Paul has a book on baking the new how to Bake cook book by Paul Hollywood for the UK.

New Book: Paul Hollywood’s Bread – new cookbook + TV series 8.30pm BBC2 18 March 2013 episode guide

To read reviews in the US see Paul Hollywoods Bread US and for Canada Paul Hollywood’s Bread in Canada

The Great British Bake Off Final – details.

Watch the TV advert for the free guides and read more at the Daily Telegraph website.

With Daily Telegraph, Saturday, October 13

The first recipe book: Part One – Cakes and Puddings introduces cakes and puddings in a booklet that features 20 recipes, including chocolate brownies with cranberries, lemon drizzle cake, traditional scones and the perfect Victoria Sponge.

Main Sections include: Individual Cakes and Bakes, Cakes for Sharing, Loaf Cakes and Puddings.

The Sunday Telegraph, Sunday, October 14

The second book: Part Two – How to Bake provides twenty recipes for breads and pastries, including a classic white loaf, rye bread, tasty Stilton and cranberry bread and light and delicious pain aux raisins.

Main Sections include: Basic Bread, Flavoured Breads and Pastry.


The Daily Telegraph from October 15-19, 2012.

Next in the series there are five recipe cards, including essential tips and techniques.

  • Monday, the techniques of baking with essential bread making stages explained
  • Tuesday, make perfect biscuits
  • Wednesday, make the perfect croissant
  • Thursday, create the perfect British pie
  • Friday, bake flavoured breads


Paul Hollywood all blog articles.

Buy Paul’s breads from the following suppliers.

Interested in being a supplier – contact Paul here.

Great British Bake Off: How to Bake: The Perfect Victoria Sponge and Other Baking Secrets (Great British Bake Off TV Tie in).

Mary Berry is a widely respected and long serving UK cookery writer and broadcaster with a total of over 40 cook books to her name, more details on Mary Berry’s cook books.

Next week in the Daily Telegraph, free booklets Madhur Jaffrey – The Perfect Curry.

Follow The Great British Bake Off Series Three final, and the previous 9 episodes- here:

Browse recipes from Series One and Series Two of the great British bake off.

Prue Leiths school of food and wine cookery bible free with Daily Telegraph

Free Prue Leiths school of food and wine, cookery bible with Daily Telegraph today.
15 September 2012. 20 delicious meat recipes.

Read about Leiths – Leiths School of Food and Wine

Tomorrow 16 September 2012 another set of recipes – 20 inspiring fish recipes free with Sunday Telegraph.

Prue Leith cookbooks

Eric Lanlard Tart it Up

Eric Lanlard is a Master Pâtissier and runs the famous Cake-Boy – a cake boutique in south west London. Check out Eric Lanlard’s recipes at cake boy. Would you like to join his baking classes see schedule here.

Eric has been seen on many UK TV shows, including his own Baking Mad (recipes)  on Ch4 with Eric Lanlard, Glamour Puds and Great British Bake Off, Celebrity Masterchef and many others others.

Recipes for:

and more, see the Channel 4 Eric Lanlard website.


A selection of Eric ‘s books are listed above. He will be cruising with P&O Cruises oView Postn the Chefs at Sea program and will be the first chef to fly with Virgin Galactic….wow!

Watch Baking Mad Series 2 episode 1 SpongeBaking Mad Series 2 episode 2 Fruit CakeBaking Mad Series 2 episode 3 GateauxBaking Mad Series 2 episode 4 Roulade.

See Eric at the cake and bake show 2012 and see our previous blog on the cake and bake show.


Hairy Dieters Bikers Program 4 How to love food and lose weight BBC2 TV

Hairy Dieters Bikers Program 4 How to love food and lose weight BBC2 TV.

The last program in the series 4 of 4, Thursday the 23 August 2012 at 20.00 on BBC2 repeated during January 2013.

To night the guys redesign party treats and get the low down on how well they have managed to lose weight. Great series and really thought provoking!

To read additional reviews of the new cook book and best buy offers see,  The Hairy Dieters: How to Love Food and Lose Weight and for Kindle versions see The Hairy Dieters: How to Love Food and Lose Weight Kindle download edition.

NEW: The Hairy Bikers’ Great Curries cook book


The food that we enjoy, but lighter – less calories. Keep the good stuff but loose the fat!
Food and entertaining go together. So the challenge tonight is to redo party food.

The guys do a weigh in and find they are almost there….

And then the pampering…in a seaweed bath… unreal… a massage and spa treatment…brilliant!!!

The amazing ending is with Si and Dave getting their new weight confirmed almost 3 stone of a loss each. The Doc is very pleased and when they visit the dietician – she has the lost weight as lard on two trays. They guys try carrying these about for a while to see what it was like when they started at their original weight.

It is a wake up call and while they guys make it funny and enjoyable watching, we all should consider what they have managed and if we are overweight – to consider getting a plan in place to reduce our size.

Recent research seems to indicate that a lower intake of calories helps prolong life and maintain good health. So good health to all and keep the calories down.

Who are the hairy bikers? – check Si and Dave out at their BBC page.

The Hairy Dieters: How to Love Food and Lose Weight Kindle download edition

Watch on BBC iplayer…Episode guide on BBC iplayer. Episode 2 is funny – yet serious.

What is in the book, recipes from The Hairy Dieters

Episode 2, read about the second episode.

Read about Si and Dave in an interview and how they are dealing with how to lose weight.

See details re the new Hairy Dieters cook book at Amazon good reviews of the book and how to purchase the Kindle edition of How to love food and lose weight.

To see the recipes from previous shows on BBC website:

Episode 1 Hairy Dieters Bikers How to love food and lose weight

Episode 2 Hairy Dieters How to Love food and lose weight

Episode 3 Hairy Dieters How to Love food and lose weight

Episode 4 Hairy Dieters How to Love food and lose weight

The Hairy Dieters How to lose weight paperback ….

NEW The Hairy Bikers’ Great Curries cookbook…..

Cookbooks and kitchen products for the Cook Book Review foodblog readers in the USA

Shona Vertue: The Vertue Method A Stronger Fitter Healthier You in 28 Days

Tom Kerridge’s Dopamine Diet: My low-carb, stay-happy way to lose weight

The Bikini Body 28-Day Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Guide: 200 Recipes, Weekly Menus, 4-Week Workout Plan

STRONG: Over 80 Exercises and 40 Recipes For Achieving A Fit, Healthy and Balanced Body

Coming 4 May 2017: The Food Medic: Recipes & Fitness for a Healthier, Happier You

Joe Wicks – Lean Shape Shift Sustain books for a longer healthier life

Around the World in Eighty Dishes: Classic Recipes from the World’s Favourite Chefs David Loftus Jamie Oliver Heston Blumenthal Nigella Lawson

Around the World in Eighty Dishes: Classic Recipes from the World’s Favourite Chefs with
David Loftus, Jamie Oliver, Heston Blumenthal, Nigella Lawson

David Loftus is a renown photographer…a food and chef photographer. He travels the world to New York, London …
So what a great idea to cover the world and the recipes… hence Around the World in Eighty Dishes.
Not only that but many of the world’s well known chefs are included, Jamie Oliver, Heston Blumenthal, Nigella Lawson.

The route follows that of Phileas Fogg as he made his way around the world. (I remember my grandfather buying me the original book in Woolworths…years ago).
The images are wonderfully reproduced and this is one for the afficiandos of food and travel.
Published 1 April 2012 with 288 pages.




Jamie’s BBQ Special- free with Daily Mail 7th July 2012

We are now on Twitter @cook_bookreview, you can 

Jamie’s BBQ Special booklet was free with the Daily Mail on the 7th July 2012.

In this great BBQ guide Jamie helps with how to set up a DIY BBQ giving a number of options. Jamie is having great fun, I think. Recipes follow and a BBQ kit list.


Then a selection of recipes:

Chicken Wings

Brill Burgers

4 ways corn on the cob

Super sticky pork ribs

Drinks – Apple Caipirihna, Watermelon cocktail, Bloody Mary

Fish –

Barbecued trout in newspaper

Mexican black bean burgers and lime and coriander

Sticky bananas and melty marshmallows

Zesty vegetables

Herby bangers and beans

Sunday lunch – a guide also included.


My tastebuds are jumping – Jamie certainly knows how to cook great food and if we follow his recipes -well – wow!!!

If you missed it try the Daily Mail website : you will have to register..

A jubilee BBQ for this year recipe links.