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Hairy Bikers are the Hairy Dieters go Veggie

The Hairy Bikers or Dieters go Veggie! 80 delicious vegetarian recipes!

The Dieters series of books have been very successful and help us cook carefully with the correct ingredients to lower weight and health risk. The Go Veggie book is the fifth in the series.

See the Daily Mail for a guide to the thinking behind the new book,
HEALTH NOTES: It’s the Healthy Bikers – as duo go veggie | Daily Mail
See reviews and to buy a copy The Hairy Dieters Go Veggie (Hairy Bikers)

The Hairy Dieters Go Veggie is full of simple and easy-to-follow recipes for excellent veggie meals and snacks, from Lancashire Hot Pot to Veggie Sausages.

This Morning TV show with the Hairy Bikers cooking Veggie Tacos


Interested in joining The Hairy Biker’s Diet Club where you can get menu plans, exercise programs and join a community to help you lose weight?

Want to know how to include meat-free dishes into your diet? From the book:


Some more veggie recipes from the Hairy Dieters:


A great book, compact and with good recipes, look review or buy The Hairy Dieters Go Veggie (Hairy Bikers)

The Hairy Dieters Good Eating recipes Si King and Dave Myers in Daily Mail

The Hairy Bikers new book Good Eating is due 9 October 2014 and includes many new diet recipes, all of which have reduced salt, sugar and fat. You can buy The Hairy Dieters: Good Eating (Hairy Bikers) new cookbook at Amazon.

After a serious aneurysm in June 2014 Si King was rushed to hospital, read more about Si and his almost fatal time in Hairy Biker in life-or-death operation on brain aneurysm after battling severe headaches for four days before going to see doctor.

Si reckons if he hadn’t been on his new eating plan and diet – he may not have made it.

The next book following on from their multi-million selling diet books, The Hairy Dieters: How to Love Food and Lose Weight and The Hairy Dieters Eat for Life: How to Love Food, Lose Weight and Keep it Off for Good! (Hairy Bikers), the Hairy Bikers share more delicious low-calorie recipes and easy-to-follow advice.

Si King and Dave Myers, aka the Hairy Bikers, have been entertaining and feeding Britain with their unique blend of tasty recipes, cheeky humour and motorbike enthusiasm for years now.

Recipes from The Hairy Dieters Eat for Life:

The best good eating recipes for folks to diet – more recipes in the Daily Mail next Saturday 4 October 2014.


Read more and buy The Hairy Dieters: Good Eating (Hairy Bikers) new cookbook.

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The Hairy Bikers’ Asian Adventure: Over 100 Amazing Recipes TV series

Si King and David Meyers present The Hairy Bikers’ Asian Adventure: Over 100 Amazing Recipes from the Kitchens of Asia to Cook at Home.

Cookbook published on January 16, 2014.

THE HAIRY BIKERS’ ASIAN ADVENTURE BBC series will air in 2014 and follows the boys’ dream trip – a journey through Asia to discover the secrets of some of the world’s most inspiring cuisines. This is a journey we must not miss.

Read more about The Hairy Bikers’ Asian Adventure: Over 100 Amazing Recipes from the Kitchens of Asia to Cook at Home …

With Si and Dave travelling to the far east, we can bet the sense of adventure will come through loud and clear. After the Mississippi adventures last year the boys venture will be wonderful fun and practical cooking.

The two travelled to Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand and Korea where they sample and prepare fantastic food including- home cooking and street snacks.

So after all the healthy food, curries and other treats made at home – quick, easy to make, nourishing and full of goodness.

Looking forward to this new Asian adventure…..

Also new: The Hairy Dieters Good Eating recipes Si King and Dave Myers in Daily Mail



The Hairy Bikers We wish you a Hairy Christmas recipes You Mail on Sunday

First of two free Hairy Bikers 32 page recipes for Christmas free with You magazine in the Mail on Sunday 17 November 2013.


Read more on the Mail on Sunday website, the Hairy Bikers share their favourite festive recipes

  • Christmas pudding fondants
  • Luscious chocolate and chestnut roulade
  • Italian chocolate and hazelnut cake
  • Cranberry date and macadamia pudding witrh butterscotch sauce
  • Hairy Biker’s stollen
  • Potted smoked mackerel pâté
  • Chestnut roasted butternut squash and Bramley apple soup
  • Jumbo cheese straws with Gorgonzola parma ham and celerycelery seeds
  • Orange and cranberry mince pies
  • Chocolate shortcrust
  • Fabulous fish pie
  • Christmas Turkey with two stuffings
  • Cranberry kumquat and port sauce
  • Bread sauce
  • Brussels sprouts and pancetta
  • Chipolatas wrapped in bacon and dates
  • Glazed carrots
  • Crispy roast potatoespotatoes

Recipes at You magazine

All the recipes are from the Hairy Bikers 12 days of Christmas , The Hairy Bikers’ 12 Days of Christmas: Fabulous Festive Recipes to Feed Your Family and Friends , the Hairy Bikers Big Book of Baking and the Hairy Bikers Perfect Pies. We wish you a Hairy Christmas. Si and Dave.

New cookbooks August 2013

The Hairy Dieters Eat for Life: How to Love Food, Lose Weight and Keep it Off for Good! (Hairy Bikers) by Hairy Bikers, Si King and Dave Myers (15 Aug 2013)

Tom Kerridge’s Proper Pub Food by Tom Kerridge (29 Aug 2013)

Save with Jamie: Shop Smart, Cook Clever, Waste Less by Jamie Oliver (29 Aug 2013)

Tapas Revolution by Omar Allibhoy (15 Aug 2013)

Great British Bake Off: Everyday: Over 100 Foolproof Bakes by Linda Collister (1 Aug 2013)

River Cottage Fruit Every Day! by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (26 Sep 2013)

Eat – The Little Book of Fast Food: (Cloth-covered, flexible binding) by Nigel Slater (12 Sep 2013)

Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Home Cooking by Gordon Ramsay (29 Aug 2013)

Simon Hopkinson Cooks by Simon Hopkinson (19 Sep 2013)

A Lighter Way to Bake by Lorraine Pascale (24 Oct 2013)

Under a Mackerel Sky by Rick Stein (12 Sep 2013)

Published: The Hairy Dieters Eat for Life: How to Love Food, Lose Weight and Keep it Off for Good + recipes

The Hairy Dieters Eat for Life now Published, 15 August 2013.

New release:  The Hairy Dieters Good Eating recipes Si King and Dave Myers in Daily Mail

Contents include: (recipes below)

  • The Hairy Dieters are back
  • Breakfast &  Brunch
  • Real food fast
  • Family favourites
  • Meals with mates
  • More fakeaways
  • Food from afar
  • Meals on the move
  • Snacks &  salads
  • Something sweet
  • Along sides
  • What you get for 100 calories
  • Hairy Bikers’ diet club

This new cookbook follows the successful series and cookbook The Hairy Dieters How to Love food and lose weight and is filled with 80 delicious low-calorie recipes.

In this new book the boys give tips and techniques to help us develop recipes that do not add weight but are reduced in calories. A fine collection of diet recipes from the Hairy Bikers at a reasonable price.

To read customer reviews and priced to sell offers: £14.99 to £7 refer to The Hairy Dieters Eat for Life: How to Love Food, Lose Weight and Keep it Off for Good! (Hairy Bikers).

Background: The boys Si and Dave, realised a year ago that they were heading to an early grave. They had become very much overweight, were taking medication for blood pressure and high cholesterol. So time for a radical change of direction and food was the key.

The original cookbook and TV series led the way – Hairy Dieters – How to love food and lose weight + recipes – What is in the cook book?

So hence the new cookbook – The Hairy Dieters Eat for Life: How to Love Food, Lose Weight and Keep it Off for Good! (by Si and Dave the Hairy Bikers) which is the follow up recipe cookbook to the first Hairy Dieters series. New recipes that have the calories reduced but not the texture, flavour or healthiness.

See The Hairy Bikers, Si King and Dave Myers tell the Daily Mail about their new book of recipes and you can read about Si and Dave’s journey to lower weigh, better cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure, in  The Bikers quit life in the fat lane  – Daily Mail

To read more about the new book and see reviews: The Hairy Dieters Eat for Life: How to Love Food, Lose Weight and Keep it Off for Good! (Hairy Bikers)

Example recipes:



<<<<<<< Update New cook due 29 August 2013, Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Home Cooking!!!! >>>>>>

New TV series Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Home Cooking !!

New book offers – bread hairy dieters its all good 15 minute meals

A number of best selling new cookbooks are currently for sale at lower prices, to see reviews and best prices click the links below:

Bread by Paul Hollywood £7.99 best price

How to love food and lose weight by The Hairy Dieters £5 read article

It’s all good by Gwyneth Paltrow £12 read more

15 Minute meals by Jamie Oliver £11.96

The latest best selling cookbooks:

Some excellent new books and the prices are really good at Amazon.


Blog articles –

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The 5:2 Diet Book: Feast for 5 Days a Week and Fast for 2 – Lose Weight – Boost Your Brain – Transform Your Health

James Martin’s United Cakes of America program all episodes + recipes 24 Feb 2013


New Cookbooks published Feb 2013 on

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New cookbooks published from February 2013 to early 2014…

The Fabulous Baker Brothers: Glorious British Grub  Tom Herbert 28 Feb 2013
Rachel’s Irish Family Food: A collection of Rachel’s best-loved family recipes Rachel Allen 28 Feb 2013
The Hairy Bikers’ Great Curries The Hairy Bikers, Si and Dave 28 Feb 2013
MasterChef Cookery Course 1 Mar 2013
Atul’s Curries Of The World Atul Kochhar 14 Mar 2013
Skinny Weeks and Weekend Feasts Gizzi Erskine 28 Mar 2013
Delia’s Cakes Delia Smith 28 Mar 2013
Food Lovers’ London Jenny Linford 15 Apr 2013
Chocolat: Seductive Recipes for Bakes, Desserts, Truffles and Other Treats Eric Lanlard 13 May 2013
Too Many Chiefs Only One Indian Sat Bains 15 May 2013
A Passion for Baking Jo Wheatley 16 May 2013
Share: The Cookbook That Celebrates Our Common Humanity Meryl Streep 16 May 2013
Arabesque: Modern Middle Eastern Food Greg Malouf 1 Jun 2013
Food and Wine Annual Cookbook 2013 (Food & Wine Annual Cookbook) 10 June 2013
Bobby Flay’s Barbecue Addiction Bobby Flay 20 June 2013
Istanbul Rebecca Seal 1 Jul 2013
At Home with the Chiappa Sisters: Easy Italian Cooking from the Heart Michela Chiappa 27 Feb 2014?
River Cottage Fruit Every Day! Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall 12 Sep 2013
Rachel Khoo’s Museli and Granola Rachel Khoo 12 Sept 2013
The Key Ingredient Michael Caines 30 Oct 2013
Mary Berry’s Christmas Collection Mary Berry 10 Oct 2013
Mary Berry’s Family Sunday Lunches Mary Berry 7 Nov 2013
Bill’s Everyday Italian Bill Granger 10 Apr 2013
Great British Bake Off 2013 Linda Collister 7  Aug 2014

The Hairy Bikers Cookbooks – a list

A list of the Hairy Bikers cookbook and links to reviews etc…

Prolific pair – what energy these two have!

Latest cookbooks for February 2013

Time to have look at the newest cookbooks this February 2013:

Check out the carousel below:

Baking is making a comeback, so enjoy the wonderful breakfasts, breads and baking that the new books offer.

Paul Hollywood has a new TV series on baking bread due soon to BBC.

Paul Hollywood – Bread – new cookbook and BBC TV series Feb 2013

The Hairy Bikers’ Great Curries cook book

James Martin Slow Cooking Mouthwatering Recipes with Minimum Effort Oct 2012