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Joe Wicks @thebodycoach free mini book new look as he strips off for Mens Health magazine July 2017

A free Joe Wicks @leanin15 mini book @thebodycoach borrowed £2,000 from his parents to set up his Rumble in the Park course and buy gym equipment, is a very successful fitness trainer whose company is one of the biggest fitness brands in the world.

Free mini book Lean in 15 as well!!

In Men’s Fitness magazine Joe Strips off for a unique photoshoot.

Read more: Daily Mail Joe Wicks new look

Joe’s books are all best sellers:

Get in shape for the summer with @thebodycoach Joe Wicks free in The Mail on Sunday

Joe wicks Cooking for Family and Friends: 100 Lean Recipes to Enjoy Together

Joe Wicks – Lean Shape Shift Sustain books for a longer healthier life



Clean Eating Alice Everyday Fitness: Train smart, eat well and get the body you love

I see that Alice Liveing has a new book: Clean Eating Alice Everyday Fitness: Train smart, eat well and get the body you love Paperback – available from 18 May 2017.

Book details below, please click the image….

Alice is well known on Instagram and a Sunday Times bestselling author.

Clean Eating has been getting some press recently with some folks attacking the concept. But Alice has a healthy approach – employs common sense – she shows an deep knowledge of diet and fitness.

Everyday Fitness, is a guide to get you moving and help you achieve results. How to incorporate exercise as a daily routine.

Using clear, simple instructions topics include:

  • pre- and post-workout foods
  • maintaining motivation
  • proper warm-up routines
  • easy-to-follow HIIT workouts
  • 20 recipes for power snacks and meals that aides your training

Alice was online for a week of events check out her twitter link for new posts:



Dr Hazel Wallace Recipes and fitness for healthier, happier living

Hazel’s mission nutrition! @thefoodmedic

A very good new book from Dr Hazel Wallace – a full-body guide to health and well being. The Food Medic – includes recipes and fitness for a better you.

Read about Hazel and her approach to nutrition and exercise in Daily Mail article The Food Medic with advice taken from the book.

I am looking forward to getting my copy, selling well in the UK and Ireland  – deservedly so!

Look, review or buy The Food Medic book by Dr Hazel Wallace on Amazon

Some example recipes from Hazel in the Daily Mail:
The Food Medic: Chocolate hazelnut protein oats | Daily Mail Online

The Food Medic: Chocolate swirl banana bread | Daily Mail Online

The Food Medic: Sticky soy-roasted salmon & aubergine | Daily Mail Online

The Food Medic Dr Hazel Wallace reveals how you can eat comfort food… – Daily Mail

The Food Medic: Chocolate orange sweet potato brownies | Daily Mail …

The Food Medic: Sweet potato nachos & chilli | Daily Mail Online

The Food Medic: Tandoori chickpea & courgette burgers | Daily Mail …