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30 Minute Curries Atul Kochhar

Atul Kochhar of Benares a Michelin-starred chef has 30 Minute Curries available this week the 18 May.

Curry is the nation’s favourite dish, not easy to ck properly at home. In his beautiful new book Atul Kochhar, BBC’s Great British Menu and Saturday Kitchen guides us to create simple curries in our own homes in just 30 minutes!

Dishes included showcase Atul’s trademark mix of using the best and freshest British produce and his modern Indian style, and ensure that this book is one you will cook from time and time again.

This is a book for curry lovers everywhere, Atul’s 90 curries, British ingredients, curries featured are accompanied by stunning photography by Mike Cooper.

Interview with Atul Kocchar in Fine Dining Guide @finediningguide


To consider purchasing a copy see 30 Minute Curries by Atul Kochhar


Atul Kochhar – The home of 2 Michelin starred chef Atul Kochhar

Benares – Mayfair, London | Bookatable

Previous book:

Atul’s Curries Of The World Atul Kochhar 2013 – curry recipes

Atul’s Curries Of The World Atul Kochhar curry recipes

Atul’s Curries Of The World Atul Kochhar due 14 March 2013  -Don’t miss it!

A new book from Atul Kochhar is an important event. This is Atul’s first book for a number of years. In Atul’s curries of the world, we are treated to the curries of his native India, also the curries of Asia, Africa, America, Europe and the UK.

If you love the enigmatic nature of spices, then this is a book for all spice lovers. Curry has been popular in the UK for so long and around the world, it remains one of the world’s most popular dishes and here Atul’s presents us with a serious collection of mouth-watering dishes. The exploration takes in 100 recipes + and we see mild to hot curries, visiting different continents. Meat, fish and vegetable curries from the corners of the earth.

Book details:

  • Hardcover: 240 pages
  • Publisher: Absolute Press (14 Mar 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1906650799
  • ISBN-13: 978-1906650797
  • Product Dimensions: 26 x 21.5 x 2 cm

Read more about Atul’s wonderful approach to curry cuisine at Amazon – Atul’s Curries Of The World

Atul Kochhar is one of the finest Indian chefs in the country, renowned for the vibrancy of his food and the subtlety of his spice mixes. Benares is his signature restaurant in London. He was one of the first two Indian chefs to be awarded a Michelin star and he has become the recognisable face of Indian cuisine on television. His innovative take on food has taken him through two whole series of the BBC’s Great British Menu and continue to win him an admiring public through regular TV appearances, including regular stints on BBC’s Saturday Kitchen.

New Year with Atul in Benares


  • Bengali Lobster curry
  • Chicken Tikka pie
  • Coconut fish curry
  • Grilled red bream with spice rub
  • Kashmiri curry

On BBC the curry recipes from Atul

Atul Kochhar’s restaurants:

Read reviews of The Hairy Bikers’ Great Curries cook book 

See also blog with recipe links –  The Hairy Bikers’ Great Curries cook book review recipes

Gary Rhodes ~ Rhodes Across India ~ Friday 17th Aug 07 Indian Banquet in London

Program Ten ~ The Banquet

The final program of the series and Gary and the sous-chefs prepare a banquet in Atul Kochhar’s restaurant in London’s West End. Gary is assisted by three ‘apprentices’, sous-chefs ~ Bushra Akram (a lawyer), Kalwant Sahota (works in the NHS) and Scott Davis (a chef). The sous-chefs do research whilst on tour for ideas.

The background to Gary and Atul’s friendship, also their rivalary when on the Great British Menu incidently on UKTV Food tonight at 7.00 pm. Watch the battle of Gary’s ‘UK’ food versus Atul’s Indian cuisine.

For  recipes at UKTV Food follow the links in the blogs listed below.

Competition ~ cook with Atul Kochhar in Benares.

Gary has been working hard cooking with very talented Indian chefs. Gary has been cooking with the help and advice of Indian chefs but you can see his approach and cooking instinct coming to the fore as well. India its cuisine and culture are vibrantly brought to our tv screens. Each programme sees a different Indian chef that assist Gary by guiding him through the prepararion of the spices and the cooking process. It puts Gary under some stress, but he copes with this well, in spite of the heat and I think he does so well. A true talent in the cooking world!!

Now for the moment of truth, how will the banquet go?

Don’t miss this program. Episodes will provide insights to the following food types and places : the Royal Palace kitchen, Punjab, Coastal, Mughlai, Gujarati, Parsee, Bengali, Marwari and Street food. List of recipes. See Sky Channel 259 and Virgin TV 260.

Gary’s new book ~

Program One Monday 6th Aug ~ Blog

Program Two Tuesday 7th Aug ~ Blog

Program Three Wednesday 8th Aug ~ Blog

Program Four Thursday 9th Aug ~ Blog

Program Five Friday 10th Aug ~ Blog

Program Six Monday 13th Aug ~ Blog

Program Seven Tuesday 14th Aug ~ Blog

Program Eight Wednesday 15th Aug ~ Blog

Program Nine Thursday 16th Aug ~ Blog

Final five programs this week, Monday 13th – Friday 17th Aug 07.

See the UKTV website for more details ~ Rhodes across India on UKTV Food and check out the website for recipes and video links.

Note: Repeated on UKTV Food this week is the Great British Chefs with Gary Rhodes vs Atul Kochhar!!!!!

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