Anjum Anand ~ Indian Food Made Easy ~ BBC2 recipes

Anjum Anand ~ Indian Food Made Easy ~ BBC ~ Recipes

Anjum is from London and she has studied in Geneva, Paris and Madrid. New book ~ Indian Food Made Easy ~ Anjum Anand (offer £6.75) and more details of Anjum and her background.

Episode One ~ Recipes

Anjum shows Panthea, a good friend who cannot cook, how to prepare various Indan foods and then they sell them at a stall at the Sherborne Country Fair.

Coconut and chilli pan-fried halibut
Quick pan-fried halibut
Potato and pea samosas
Savoury semolina cake
Succulent chicken tikka wrap
Tandoori lamb wrap
Paneer, mushroom and spinach wrap
Green chutney
Chopped salad with peanuts
Strawberry lassi

Episode Two ~ recipes

Anjum shows her university friend, Alex, how to cook Indian food and not to buy a takeaway for his boys’ night in. The highlight is watching the FA cup. 

Spiced lamb burgers with herbed yoghurt
Oven-fried chilli chicken
Smashed-fried potatoes
Paneer and vegetable skewers
Fennel seed drop-biscuits
Indian scrambled eggs
Mango smoothie

Episode Three ~ recipes

Off to the Charlton House hotel in Somerset to see how Indian cuisine goes down in the healthy spa environment.

Southern Indian mixed vegetable dish (Avial)
Sweet saffron yoghurt (shrikand)
Creamy lentil and rice dish (khicheri)
Peppery hot cabbage salad
Slightly sweet Bengal gram lentil curry
Spiced fried okra

Episode Four ~ recipes

An Essex firestation and teaching Paul Pemberton how to cook authentic Indian dishes.

Bengali-style aubergine cooked in yoghurt
Lamb with green chillies
Naan bread
Jaggery-caramelised walnuts

Episode Five ~ recipes

To Cornwall and help for two chefs when preparing a curry night at the Little Cornish Curry Company.

Green coconut fish curry
Lemon rice
Spiced crab cakes with tamarind mayonnaise
Mussels with dry coconut

Episode Six ~ recipes

A review of how each of the chefs has managed since Anjum had visited them.

Honey-roasted spicy leg of lamb
Wild mushroom pilaff
Paneer with spinach
Peshwari naan
Charentais melon rasayana
The ultimate masala tea

Indian Food Made Easy ~ Anjum Anand (book £6.75)