The Hairy Dieters – How To Love Food And Lose Weight recipe links from the new cookbook

BBC2 New Series – The Hairy Dieters: How To Love Food And Lose Weight with recipe links

Well over the past few series of Si (Simon King) and Dave’s (David Meyers) cooking shows, we have noticed a little bit of weight being added on – each episode…. The boys have recognised the need for change but will not compromise the quality of what they eat. The boys have adopted a no sacrifice of taste and quality to their recipes. Yet still have reduced the fat and calories… a timely warning of improper eating and the benefits of eating properly. We will enjoy four programs in the series.

To read additional reviews of the new cook book – The Hairy Dieters: How to Love Food and Lose Weight and for Kindle versions see The Hairy Dieters: How to Love Food and Lose Weight Kindle download edition.

NEW: The Hairy Bikers’ Great Curries cook book

We all want to live a bit longer and have good health so is it time to pay attention to what we eat…absolutely?

So the Hairy Bikers return to help Britain loose weight yet let us still enjoy cooking and our food. Watch a clip (while available) on the boys on ITV’s This Morning with Ruth and Eamon Holmes where they rustle up a lemony lamb kebabs and fruity rice salad.

Hairy Dieters recipes include:

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So what is in the Hairy Dieters lose weight book? Click to see some information about the Hairy Dieters Love Food and Lose weight book.

See Woman and Home for more Hairy Dieter’s recipes:

Follow the guys on BBC2,  follow Hairy Dieters via this link and the first episode started 20:00 Thursday 2nd August 2012, recipe links from BBC Food:

Program 1 of 4 review Thurs 2 Aug 2012 9.30pm  (blog review of TV show)

Program 2 of 4 review Thurs 9 Aug 2012 (blog review of TV show)

Program 3 of 4 review Thurs 16 Aug 2012  (blog review of TV show)

Program 4 of 4 review Thurs 23 Aug 2012  (blog review of TV show)

See the Hairy Bikers on their own website and information about their appearance on the One Show, BBC1.

The Hairy Dieters introduce their new book on You Tube.


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