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The 2-Day Diet: Diet Two Days a Week – Eat Normally for Five *
by Dr Michelle Harvie and Professor Tony Howell.

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Based on the evidence from their research, Dr Harvie and Professor Howell concluded that this plan was – a’ clinically proven approach to dieting that can reduce breast cancer risk!’

The new concept of how to eat for 5 days and fast for 2 days, is catching on, however this concept is different. This is a plan that allows you to eat a Mediterranean menu for 5 days and then follow a no carbohydrate plan for 2 days. This approach when followed closely was found to help reduce weight and increase health – protecting against many cancers including breast cancer – no calorie counting and the plan is simplicity to follow.

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Dietician Dr Michelle Harvie and oncologist Professor Tony Howell together run Manchester University’s breast cancer prevention centre. Over 12 years their research tracked 1,000 slimmers and in a study of 34,000 women they discovered a link between being overweight and an increase in cancer risk.

They found that losing weight and keeping it off will reduce your risk of breast cancer by 40%. On the new plan, 65% lost weight and kept it off.

  • To follow the plan spend two days consuming protein and vegetables, but no carbohydrates.
  • Then for the next five days follow a Mediterranean style diet.

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Read about broadcaster Jenni Murray’s experiences:

* Before adopting a new diet or change to your eating of any kind – speak with your doctor to ensure there is no risk to your health.

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The key to the health promoting diet is thought to be insulin control. When on the diet, tests show that insulin levels drop by 25%. The reduction in insulin levels is the key to cancer prevention. Many people have very high levels of insulin, leading to possible problems with diabetes, heart disease, cancer and even dementia.

As high levels of insulin is thought to stimulate cancer cells particularly in the breast, keeping insulin under control could be the solution.

It is the carbohydrate reduction on two days that kicks in the lowering of insulin.

Other benefits include lower blood pressure, a problem for many. Lower weight and better cholesterol may also be possible effects of the plan.

This is a revolution in healthy eating, easy to follow – but best of all tackles one of our most feared cancers – I lost my mother and father to this disease and only wish they had known what to eat to lower the risk.

Prevention is better than cure!!
I wish you good health and a long life!


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