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I Quit Sugar – Sarah Wilson- Simpilicious 306 sugar-free recipes

I Quit Sugar – Sarah Wilson

Well Sarah Wilson had a great book I Quit Sugar: Your Complete 8-Week Detox Program and Cookbook published 2 Jan 2014, now out in paperback for £4.99.

Sarah followed this up with I Quit Sugar for Life: Your fad-free wholefood wellness code and cookbook published 8 May 2014, also available in paperback now for £5.00.

But the best of all has just been published I Quit Sugar: Simplicious (£9.99 at the moment) – an excellent and very detailed book.

As the Amazon review says:

“Sarah Wilson, bestselling author of I Quit Sugar, taught the world how to quit sugar in eight weeks, then how to quit sugar for life, incorporating mindful, sustainable, whole food practices. Now with I Quit Sugar: Simplicious she strips back to the essentials, simply and deliciously. She shows us:

* How to shop, cook and eat without sugar and other processed foods
* How to buy in bulk, freeze and preserve, with ease and without waste
* How to use leftovers with flair

All three hundred and six recipes – from guilt-free sweet treats to one-pot wonders and abundance bowls brimming with nutrients – expand our knowledge of age-old kitchen processes and tend to our profound need to be creative with food.

Drawing on the latest nutrition research and kitchen hacks, this is the ultimate cooking guide for those who want sugar out of their life and are ready to embrace the life-affirming, health-giving, planet saving simpliciousness of real food.”

Book Description:

From the bestselling author of I Quit Sugar, the ultimate cooking guide for those who want sugar out of their life and are ready to embrace the health-giving simpliciousness of real food.

About the Author:

Sarah Wilson is an international bestselling Australian author and entrepreneur. She is the former editor of Cosmopolitan magazine and was one of the hosts of the first series of MasterChef Australia, the highest rating show in Australian TV history. She is the author of international bestsellers I Quit Sugar and I Quit Sugar for Life.
Sarah blogs on philosophy, anxiety, minimalism, toxin-free living and anti-compulsion on her website. She lives in Sydney, Australia.

This is an excellent piece of work! It is really alot of labour and effort to produce such a detailed and very comprehensive volume on how to eat Simply but heathily.

If you want to be healthy, live an active and long life – buy this book – it is as SIMPLE as that!

This is not an occasion to say pass on what could be life-changing – have a look at the book (in Amazon) and the reviews for a great set of comments and explanation of the scope of the book. The book is very detailed (lots of ideas) and does require application to prepare all the different preserves, frozen treats, use of herbs, grains, smoothies, soups, shortcrust pastries, pies, salad, tacos, pot stews, miso, slaw, noodles, cakes, omelletes, dosas, toasties.

How to buy in bulk, save money, prepare in advance…. all good stuff!

But the bottom-line is the food is very, very healthy and like everything in life, you don’t get something ofr nothing: in other words – to be healthy we need to apply effort, to the food we eat, the exercise we take, the sleep we need.

Easier said than done.

I hope you have a look at Sarah Wilson’s wonderful book.

As a a proof of the efficacy of these recipes – try the Chicken Bone Broth – it really does heal as you eat/drink it.

As an alternative try the new Marks & Spencer soup range with roast chicken broth:

  • Chicken & vegetable soup
  • Chicken & super grain soup
  • Chicken, mushroom & rice soup

and see if you feel 100% better afterwards. This is what Sarah’s book can offer us too!



Lorraine Pascale A lighter way to bake cookbook 14 new recipes 2013

A lighter way to bake – Lorraine Pascale

Lorraine Pascal introduces a new approach to baking. Lowering the fat, sugar and calorie content of cakes and baking generally. A Lighter Way to Bake

So just how do you lower the fat content of baked foods? It was not easy and Lorraine has developed a set of ingredients that can be used to replace butter – also to lower sugar and still produce tasteful cakes.

Recipes were printed in the Mail on Sunday You magazine 29 September 2013:

We have a link to the new book below with the best prices:


Lorraine Pascale Fast Fresh and Easy Food 2


The Great Comic Relief Bake Off easy recipes book £2 to red nose day

A small booklet with 13 recipes is now on sale to raise £2 per book for Red Nose Day 15 March. I bought my copy of The great comic relief bake off for £2.50 in Sainsburys (Click for Red Nose Day items).

The recipes are taken from:

  • The Great British Bake Off – How to Bake
  • The Great British Bake Off – Learn to Bake
  • The Great British Bake Off – Showstoppers

Recipes include:

  • English summer cupcakes
  • Squidgy brownies
  • Sticky orange marmalade cake
  • Stem ginger shortbread
  • Sticky confetti cake
  • Carrot cake muffins
  • Mocha marble loaf cake
  • Love heart biscuits
  • Sticky lemon cake
  • Aztec cookies
  • Simple scones
  • Giant cookies
  • Honeycomb crunchies

Why don’t you have a bake off sale or bake off party to help raise funds?

Go to the Red Nose Day website to donate or get involved.

Remember Red Nose Day is 15 March.

We will make a donation for each time this page is read up to Red Nose Day.

Delia’s cakes free glossy pull out You Magazine Mail Sunday March 3 cake recipes links

Delia Smith presents Delia’s cakes – a free glossy pull out with Mail on Sunday YOU magazine Feb 24 2013 and introduces her new on line cookery school. An additional pull out free with YOU magazine on 3 Mar 2013.

Read reviews and what people are saying about Delia’s Cakes the new book.

The pull out supplements in YOU  magazine features the best of Delia’s cakes over the years with new additions. Remember Delia was here first, she started in the 1970’s, see her book list below.

NOTE: More cake recipes in the supplement free with YOU magazine, 3 March 2013. A 12 page supplement of Delia’s fabulous cake recipes from her new book – Delia’s cakes. See below for more.

The new book is an updated version of the original Delia’s Book of Cakes which was first published in 1977 . It has never ever been out of print since then, due to its popularity. The new cake book – Delia’s Cakes will be the only book of cake recipes you will ever need.

Many favourites are included and new recipes such as Iced Hidden Strawberry Cup Cakes and Chunky Marmalade Muffins are added.

As you can imagine the recipes are tried and tested,easy to follow and delicious!

Delia’s cakes: Exclusive brand-new fabulous recipes

Cake recipes from Delia’s Cakes cookbook: in the Mail on Sunday:

From part II of the pull outs: 3 March 2013

Delia’s new venture includes an on line video cookery school, launches 28 February 2013, see below for video:

Watch a sample video from Delia’s cookery school

The new book Delia’s Cakes – published on the 24 February 2013.

Delia Smith is well known for her cook books and TV shows over the last 40 years, she has been the UK’s best selling cook book writer -having sold 21 million books! Delia is also known for her religious texts

She is also a joint majority shareholder at the Premier League side  Norwich City Football Club.

Read more about Delia  Smith’s life at Wikipedia.

Delia Smith’s cookbooks:

Big Book of Baking The Hairy Bikers

The Hairy Bakers – Big Book of Baking? Si King and Dave Meyers, who we know and love as the Hairy Bikers, with a heart for cooking – this recent cook book shows they have a love and understanding of baking as well. Based on their enjoyment of cooking combined with travel – a real treat for the eyes and good to watch – as we enjoy the interaction of Dave and Si together and also with the folks they meet. Good fun!!

Big Book of Baking Hardback edition          Big Book of Baking Kindle download

So it is off across Europe to visit Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Austria, Italy, France and Spain. A wide ranging journey that must have taken some planning and organisation.

The book was published 1 March 2012, with 256 pages by Weidenfeld & Nicolson.

Cakes, breads and pastries from the various countries are cooked by the bikers and the folks they meet along the way. Visually really good in HD, originally aired on BBC2 Bakeation as the guys motorcycle across Europe.

You can see a repeat of the show, if you stay up late – beginning with Norway on 25 Aug 2012 BBC 1 at 01.40 – so set your SKY+ or digital recorder.

Read all about the recipes, locations and people that the Hairy Bikers meet at the BBC2 Bakeation site. See programme links for the 8 episodes at 1 Norway, 2 Low Countries, 3 Germany, 4 Eastern Europe, 5 Austria, 6 Italy, 7 France and 8 Spain.
So back to the book. The bikers have always been into baking, since their early years as kids. They toured the UK with a baking in Britain series that was very popular.

The recipes are accompanied by details of the folks they met in the different countries and lovely images of the breads, pastries and cakes.

Examples of the recipes include:

  • Jarlsberg Twist Bread, Ryes breads, Flatbreads from Norway
  • Amsterdam caramel cookies, Dutch apple cake, Belgian potato tart.
  • Meat and cabbage buns from Germany
  • Slovak cheesecake, fruit crumble from Slovakia
  • Hungarian layered csasserole
  • Romanian sweet bread
  • Ham souffle from Austria
  • Focaccia, Lemoncello Babas from Italy
  • Provencal bread, madeleines from France
  • Galician pie and various Spanish breads

Make sure you watch the TV series as it is now being repeated!

Overall a value for money cook book, it will keep you busy for some time exploring the recipes and trying them for yourself. We all  love baking, but the smell of fresh bread  is wonderful. Hot from the oven… it is worth the effort, as all cooking is.

The Norway recipes are available on the BBC Food website with a link to recipes from each of the other episodes.
Enjoy, thanks to Dave and Si – putting a smile on our faces!

Good Food Magazine December 2011

We are now on Twitter @cook_bookreview, you can 

Good Food Magazine December 2011

This month all the recipes needed for a wonderful Christmas.

Christmas Turkey – Three special recipes with ingredient combinations to make the turkey a wow!!

How to buy, roast and carve a turkey.

Stylish starters – a Brie salad, a ham and mustard terrine, a prawn cocktail crostini

Festive potatoes

Special homemade sauces

Vegetarian pie


How to deck the table

Cakes, gluteen feee stollen, baking for kids, gingerbread house, cooking for a number of folks, John Torode and a Chinese banquet, Celebrating with Rick Stein, James Martin and a dinner party, smoked salmon.

Recipes by Gregg Wallace, Bill Granger, including canapes and Boxing day.


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