Rick Stein’s India 2 Mumbai BBC2

TV series and book, Rick Stein’s India.

Episode 2 Mumbai Monday 24 June 2013  BBC2 at 9.00pm

In Mumbai the search continues . this evening bombii a fish.

The Parsee community and their cuisine.

Then Pondicherry and fusion cooking, southern Indian dishes and French influences.

In Mamallapuram a superb fish curry. Rick cooks a sali murghi dish based on a Parsee dish.


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Book background:

Want to discover the world of curries? Rick Stein’s India: The Search For The Perfect Curry is the new book and then a tv series due soon on BBC2.

Rick is intent on finding the perfect curry and seeks new dishes by going to India to seek out the curries we have never seen before.

For tv – Rick visits Calcutta, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Rajasthan and The Punjab.

A final tv episode sees a taste off in Bradford to see how folks react to Rick’s newfound recipes.

Rick Stein says: “No other food that I know gives the taste buds such a roller coaster ride long before you’ve even entered a restaurant. No wonder we, as a nation, have taken this amazing multi layered and multi-cultured food for our own. My gastronomic journey celebrates the best from the world of curry and dispenses with some of the myths – just the thought of flying to the Indian sub-continent to start filming is making my mouth water.”


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