Ottolenghli’s Meditteranean Island Feast More 4 series 2 guide Nov 2013

Ottolenghli’s Meditteranean Island Feast More 4 series 2

A new series from the wonderful cuisine of Yotam Ottolenghi visiting Corsica, Mallorca, Crete and Sardinia.



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The new series will consist of four one hour episodes and Yotam is travelling around the beautiful Mediterranean islands of Sardinia, Corsica, Mallorca and Crete where he cooks up his own take on mouth-watering local dishes.

And as many will know and understand it is essential that we study the history and island people to get a grasp of how the very speacil and localised cuisine has developed.

So Yotam explores how invasions and trading from East and West through the years has been the reason for the varieties of unique food served on the islands today.

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Corsica 1/4 : Chef Yotam Ottolenghi continues his culinary journey as he visits four of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful islands, including Sardinia, Majorca and Crete. He begins on the French island of Corsica, where he discovers how its lush green landscape flavours the food, from cheese to honey, and meets its most celebrated chefs. He also prepares recipes including roasted fish with aromatic Corsican olive oil, Swiss chard and herb tart with local cheeses, honey and apricot trifle with walnuts and lavender, chestnut cake and a rich veal stew.

Majorca 2/4 : Chef Yotam Ottolenghi travels to Majorca, the largest of Spain’s Balearic Islands. He leaves the busy beaches behind as he heads inland in search of local cuisine and discovers a larder of local ingredients including roast suckling pig, tomatoes sweetened on the vine and oranges. He prepares a feast of Spanish and Moorish origin, featuring salt-crusted fish with fennel, a sweet and salty salad of caramelised oranges with goat’s cheese and a dessert of apricots, almonds and raisins. He also discovers ruby red prawns in the coastal town of Soller, which become the key ingredient in his deconstructed paella.


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