Nigella’s Italian Christmas fabulous festive recipes you magazine

Nigella’s Italian Christmas – fabulous festive recipes. Nigella Lawson.

An exclusive 32 page special pull-out free with You magazine in the Mail on Sunday 25 November 2012.

The cook book Nigellissima is a wonderful guide to Nigella’s secrets, read about Nigellissima reads book reviews and book purchase information.

A really inspiring selection of recipes for Christmas, this is Nigella at her best.

See the recipes links at You magazine Nigella’s Italian Christmas:

Read more at Nigella Lawson Nigellissima in the Mail on Sunday You magazine.

Download the free Nigellissima app, see the new Nigella Lawson app.

Video clips from the BBC:

Nigella Lawson’s new book is Nigellissima  read reviews and book information and to purchase – offers on Nigellissima: Instant Italian Inspiration.

Have a Happy Christmas!!!

For the Kindle, Nigellissima on Kindle.


Episode guides to Nigellissima:

Books and cookware:

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