Nigella Lawson – New Series of Nigella Kitchen starts Food Network UK Nov 2011

New Series of Nigella Kitchen starts Food Network UK Nov 2011 with recipes

Nigella Lawson – 

(Weekdays at 12.00 midday and 6.00 pm, see SKY 262, Freeview 49!!) Not available at the moment. Update 2012 – Nigellissima and new tv cooking shows for Aug 2012

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Seven episodes of Nigella’s new progam on Food Network UK listed:

Program One – You know it makes sense

Thai Chicken Noodle Soup

Chocolate Peanut Butter Sauce

Program Two – Hurry up I’m hungry

Lamb with Rosemary and port

Orange and blackberry trifle

Program Three – Inspiration Everywhere

Korean Calamari

Spatchcock Poussin

Program Four – Rags to Riches

Pantry paella

Beer braised pork knuckles

Program Five – Suppertime and the Cooking is Easy

Spanish Chicken with Chorizo and potatoes

Spaghetti Puttansca

Program Six – Don’t Knock it Till you’ve Tried It

Asian braised shin of beef

Squink risotto

Program Seven – Kitchen Comforts

Pasta alla Genovese

Strawberry and Almond crumble


Program Listing

Rags To Riches
Suppertime And The Cooking Is Easy
Don’t Knock It Till You’ve Tried It
Kitchen Comforts
Kitchen Tourist
Hurry Up I’m Hungry
Inspiration Everywhere
Can’t Live Without
Easy Does It
I Did It My Way
Devilishly Good
You Know It Makes Sense
Safety In Numbers

Nigella Kitchen program and recipe links.


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