Mark Hix – Fish etc – The ultimate book for seafood lovers

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Mark Hix – Fish etc – The ultimate book for seafood lovers

Fish! We all have different tastes when it comes to fish and some folks enjoy fish alot – while many others could be said to tolerate and eat just a little fish.

It is OK for many of us when we buy fish and chips! It is a favourite… not really the healthiest may I suggest?

Not always the subtle flavour either, read on and study Mark’s book and we both will learn to understand the sensational flavours and textures related to fish recipes. We can be educated by those who have gone before.

If you haven’t ventured this far before, you are in for a treat.

So I am suggesting we are missing out on many opportunities to enjoy tasty sun-kissed flavours. Mark’s new book is a wonderful and encouraging guide to those of us unconvinced by all the varieties of fish available in the fish markets, at the fish shop and at the supermarket counter. It also serves as a help to those who enjoy fish and all types of seafoods in how to prepare fish, preserve it and present it in ways that enhance the myriad of flavours and textures. So many possibilities.

Mark’s new book is beautifully presented and includes excellent photography by Jason Lowe.

The contents include~:


fast fish

fish soups

light fish

comfort fish

super-healthy fish

posh fish


Mark was brought up near the sea and was able to fish from the ocean basically for free. This is his background and it it is this that has brought him over the years to where he is now, an extremely talented chef whose speciality and deep knowledge is mainly about fish. Not to decry his other skills, but this is Mark’s area.

He is very keen to stress the problems we have toady, over-fishing has led to a steep decline and rise in cost of many fish species. The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) are promoting guidelines for maintaining fish stocks and we are advised to eat a wide variety of fish.

Guidance in Mark’s Fish etc, includes Storing fish, how to find and keep fresh fish.

Preparing fish, whether to eat on the bone or fillet. Something that has been a mystery to me for years! No fish gets past me with out being decimated… anyway bask to Fish etc…

Apparently keeping fish on the bone for cooking provides a more moist fish and results in a better flavour.

Mark explains how best to fillet different sizes of fish.

Shellfish a favourite of many is discussed: prawns, lobster, how to cook langoustines, crab, mussels, clams, cockels, squid, cuttlefish, oysters and octopus.

Presevring fish – a very important consideration – the use of salt in preservation.

The recipes follow in the seperate sections as listed in contents.

Scrambled eggs and smoked salmon – a favourite of many has a nice touch with pepper and chives.

Sashimi – uses fresh raw fish. Wasabi, pickled ginger and soy sauce – make the fish taste so amazing.

Fish Ceviche – a form of pickling fish.

Salmon tartare, spaghetti and bottarga, beetroot and anchovies, Ray and capers….Pollack and parsley sauce…(ah – my wife’s favourite sauce – author).

How to griddle, grill and barbecue.

A section on marinades to help the flavours.

Squid and chickpeas with pancetta.


Fish soups inlcude – Mouclade, shellfish bisque, Vichyssoise with oysters, shrimp and okra gumbo, ministrone with langoustines, Catalan fish stew, tomato jelly with crab, Cullen sink and fish soup, Thai fish with cocnut.

Also the neccessary accompanyments that go with soups.

Light fish includes lobster and asparagus, potted shrimps on toast…..Gravadlax, Salad nicose…

Comfort fish …Fishcakes, deep frying fish.

I am beginning to think this book should be call European Fish  etc, as the marinades and accompanyments in the recipes have a wonderful and mouthwatering effect when you read them, goodness knows how great the actual dishes will be when I try them.

I enjoyed reading and reviewing this book and my appetite for fish is growing…I need to go get some now…

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