Limoncello and Linen Water by Tessa Kiro

Limoncello and Linen Water by Tessa Kiro.

A new book by Tessa Kiro is a tribute to the women in our  lives and is based in Italy and its recipes. A very successful book worldwide with 700,000 sales, Tessa has created a charming cookbook and an ode to the mothers and women in our lives. To read reviews and see book offers Limoncello and Linen Water

The book has chapters labelled:

  • The Linen Cupboard,
  • The Pantry,
  • The Bread Oven,
  • The Snack Box,
  • The Vegetable Patch,
  • The Pasta Pot,
  • The Dining Room,
  • The Sugar Bin
  • The Ice Box


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