Gordon Ramsay 3 star chef cookbook

Gordon Ramsay 3 star chef cookbook

In ten years 12 Michelin stars!! Gordon Ramsay is amazing. This text will explain how Gordon came to cooking and develop his skills. He was fortunate to find a demanding career such as being a chef. In the demanding arena – that is found in the restaurants of today, especially London, Gordon shines.

Let his recent book, The 3 star chef, guide you to some of his many secrets. This is a beautifully produced cookbook.  Read more about Gordon Ramsay 3 Star Chef.

The cookbook begins with a description of the 3 star experience, with wonderfully photographed images of the food – life in a kitchen – the restaurant.

There are 50 recipes and the cookbook continues with recipes for each of:

starters- scallops, fruit de mer, ravioli of lobster, loin of tuna, carpaccio of tuna and swordfish, snails, beef fillet, asparagus salad, butternut squash veloute, chilled tomato consommé.

main courses turbot, John Dory, monkfish, halibut, sea bass, pigeon, duck breast, venison, lamb, beef, belly pork,

desserts- pear tatin, carrot and white chocolate fondant, toffee soufflé  sable Breton  tiramisu, raspberry lemon and basil millefeuille, chocolate parfait…. and more…..

Stocks and sauces then complete a fine cookbook.

Enjoy the cookbook and guide to the ways of the master, Gordon Ramsay!

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