Celebrate: Pippa Middleton free pull out in Mail on Sunday 21 Oct 2012

Celebrate: A Year Of British Festivities For Families And Friends (free pull out in Mail on Sunday – You Magazine)
by Pippa Middleton

The new book Celebrate (book offers), published on the 25 October 2012 by Michael Joseph is a 416 page volume, that is finely illustrated and is a beautifully designed book. You will find it is  packed with recipes, crafts and inspirational ideas. The Mail on Sunday has free excepts in a pull out booklet today, 21 Oct 2012.

As Pippa says: “The nurturing of friendship, family and home feels more important than ever to me in a world that sometimes appears to be moving so fast that we forget what really matters.

This sentiment is the basis of Celebrate and it is a guide to entertaining throughout the British year, starting in the most British of seasons, the autumn. Then winter, spring and summer follow. There follows a series of recipes, personal tips, even decorating ideas for Christmas and Easter. Parties, birthdays, weekend brunches, suppers and picnics.

You can read folks’ reviews or buy the new book, at Celebrate – a book by Pippa.

Pippa explains how to prepare successful celebrations and Pippa’s experience makes for easy and affordable ideas. Wonderful little-known facts and historical anecdotes are listed for each occasion.

The Mail on Sunday You magazine has the first excerpts taken from Pippa’s book with a free 24 page pull out in You magazine (21 October 2012) – providing help with ‘A magic Halloween‘ and ‘a brilliant bonfire night‘.

How to set the scene and welcome guests and great food ideas to capture the kids imagination. Get everyone ‘on-board’ at the start! Some lovely recipes and chocolate – I won’t spoil the fun!! Cocktails, fun and games: excellent, inventive, yet simple!

Bonfire Night: 
Creating the right atmosphere, the secret to a great night! Food for a cold night, again excellent ideas, soups, sausages, pies, warming drinks and games for the outdoors.

Next week with the Mail on Sunday:
Celebrate: Pippa’s supper ideas and a traditional Highland Tea.

What does Pippa do?
Pippa Middleton is the editor of The Party Times, the on-line party magazine from Party Pieces. Party Pieces is the UK’s leading on-line party-supply company, founded in 1987. She has organised many events during her career at London-based events company Table Talk, for luxury brand and corporate companies as well as private parties.

Not bad – a nice bottom and Pippa also has good family connections!! Oops!!

The new book cover looks very nice – it reflects the quality of the whole book. The link below provides book details and reviews:

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