2 day summer diet recipes free with Daily Mail 20-26 April 2013

2 day summer diet recipes free with Daily Mail April 20-26 2013

See the latest free booklet from the Mail:

The 2 day new year diet Daily Mail Sat 4 Jan 2014


A free 2 day summer diet supplement Saturday 20 April in the Daily Mail with new recipes, including lamb kebabs and char grilled Cajun turkey.

The 20 recipes in the glossy booklet are based on the 2-Day diet by Dr Michelle Harvie and Professor Tony Howell. A series of recipes are in a new book The 2-Day Diet Cookbook – published 25 April 2013.

The original book includes how the science behind the diet works and how to cut our risk of disease. Read reviews and see more information about The 2-Day Diet: Diet Two Days a Week Eat Normally for Five

Recipes in the glossy booklet:

  • egg, ham and mushroom muffins
  • English breakfast
  • broccoli and bacon soup
  • ham, apricot and camembert rolls
  • beef goulash
  • char grilled Cajun turkey
  • lamb kebabs
  • raspberry pannacotta
  • rhubarb custard
  • hash browns, smoked salmon and poached egg
  • English breakfast wraps
  • roast beef and mustard mayo sandwich
  • chicken mulligatawny
  • beetroot and carrot salad
  • vegetarian cotage pie
  • fish, chips and mushy peas
  • chicken and bacon pasta
  • stuffed pork medallions
  • mini banoffee pies
  • hot cross bun and butter pudding

The Daily Mail this week continues with how to get started on the 2 day summer diet and adds more recipes, including diet meal planners, family meals and dinner parties that have style.

Monday 22 April recipes

  • Smoked salmon omelette
  • Spiced scramble
  • Lemon and mackerel salad
  • Crab melon salad
  • Baked salmon
  • Chicken tagline
  • Blackberry yoghurt ice cream
  • Smoothies
  • Tortillas
  • Grapefruit salad
  • Quinona salad
  • Chocolate mousse

Tuesday 23 April recipes

  • Tomato spinach, ricotta pizza
  • Tuna tomato pasta bake
  • Chilli nacho bake and guacamole
  • Chicken jambalaya
  • Tomato ham and mushroom pizza
  • Rice pudding

Wednesday 24 April recipes

  • Turkey and spring vegetable rissotto
  • Melon mint and pineapple granita
  • Smoked trout fish cakes
  • Sweet and sour chicken skewers
  • Courgette cake

Also, the number of calories you need to eat each non-diet day is shown as a table – very useful.

Thursday 25 April recipes

  • Venison and blackberries
  • Roasted tomato soup
  • Red onion and rosemary bread
  • Berries and hot chocolate sauce

Included today is a guide to maintenance and how to keep at your target weight.

See the new cookbook for recipes that accompany the 2 day diet book. To read more about the new  2 day diet cookbook and see reviews  check out – The 2-Day Diet Cookbook

What is in the original 2-day diet book? Read about The 2-Day Diet: Diet Two Days a Week – Eat Normally for Five   What is in the book?

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Sample pages from the original 2 day diet book at Google

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For alternative diets consider diet books 2 day, 5:2, fasting diets

Sunday 28 April  The Fast Diet recipe book Dr Michael Mosley – recipes free in Mail on Sunday 28 April 2013

The overnight diet Dr Caroline Apovian a new twist on dieting that brings many dieting truths into one diet plan.

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